Rocket Launchers

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  1. applepienation

    Well I died probably 150 times yesterday, maybe 2 of them were to rockets. Once to an S1 and one to annihilator. An allied one, at that.
  2. gh05t

    it's not nearly enough to complain about and the fact that Higby tweeted he was thinking about how to change it, just shows the game taking a bad direction.

    the only place you can really farm with the launcher is in bio labs, when people are popping in and out of shields.

    i even tried playing NC and was disappointed that the Phoenix launcher couldn't even kill with 1 hit, it's a joke.
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  3. Corporate Thug

    Ease of use. Instead of making certain units rare, they will make them flimsy and destroy all realism or make them powerful glass cannons. I prefer things to require skill to even be able to operate, never mind mastering. I've only ever really played Eve Online and Battlefield games. In Eve Online, when you kill someone, it means something. In Battlefield I learned to appreciate vehicle combat and all out war. My hopes were that in a MMOFPS I would get the best of both, but instead it feels more like halo. Both of those games has it's flaws and I suppose there is a lot on SOE's shoulders to get it right, but as you stated you can't go with real world vehicle performance models and expect them to work. All or nothing, tanks should be tanks, not just look like them and have all these non functional parts. I should be able to climb steeper hills than a flash or harasser when in a tank(besides the swagrider). Currently it seems as if we can spam tanks and they are balanced because everyone has a way to destroy a tank, which is just stupid IMO and contradicts the whole class system. Every class has to be good at everything with the exception of a RL and BASR. I realized awhile back that I can do pretty much the same stuff or be the same level of effectiveness with all classes in most situations that involve killing because the lines defining those classes were so blurry.

    All access membership matches their all inclusive game design. I simply think they try to hard to make it so everyone can be good at everything, to not ruffle any feathers. IDK man, I'm tired of even thinking about ways to improve or things that are wrong with this or any game. Until we have simulators that can emulate the real world, we will have to settle for these types of games.
  4. \m/SLAYER\m/

    but there much more threads about Liberators then rocket launchers
  5. LT_Latency

    It's fine.

    Explosives are suppose to be limited. That is why you only get one grenade and it cost resources. People have been replacing grenades with RPG rounds because they are free
  6. NC supporter

    Ironeddie you are 100% elitist. Just because you find something annoying doesn't mean it should be nerfed. Problem is we have so many Ironeddie clones in this community that poor nerfs go through no matter what. The day when forumside gets shut down or when the devs stop depending their decisions on the community is the day this game will change for the better. The rocket launcher should be used in any way, who said anything about restricting. Anything can be used in any way and if people like rocket launching it is fine. I will take a one hit kill easy kill over a kill that needs precision and 5 years of practice. Why would I do something harder when theres an easier path next door. We as humans are designed to take the easier route and you saying more restrictions should happen is highly elitist and facist. Is it right if I tell you that you can't use a gun to kill a teamkiller because the gun is only allowed to kill enemies? Ironeddie do us a favour and get out of your elitist state.
  7. z1967

    I am more likely to be killed by a holiday gun than a RL primary. No joke.
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  8. LT_Latency

    People don't like RPG cause you can use them real dirty. You wait in a Hallway. Pop out shoot and take cover real fast.

    Because this game has a long time to kill you can do this without being in danger of getting killed by gun fire.
  9. doombro

    Very rarely. Maybe once every two or three weeks. I do it myself several times a session though. Odd.
  10. Marxsbeard

    If I'm playing close to medium range, 1:50ish. If I'm playing medium to long range, 1:200ish.

    I caught a couple rockets to the face this weekend, while playing LA shotgun hero. Otherwise, it's pretty easy to sidestep out of the way.
  11. AdmiralArcher

    thats actually debatable, most RLs IRL and RPGs have an arming timer to prevent a round from activating too early or too close, and large missiles like the javlin are incapable of hitting infantry, AT4s are capable, but its too expensive to do it
  12. Ronin Oni

    Just looked through killboard of all 3 classes

    out of 150 deaths, 3 were to RPG (and one of those as a MAX to a Deci)

    So <2% of the time.
  13. LT_Latency

    They don't want to nerf them. They want to make them fast so that don't actual suck against tanks.

    The side effect of this is they would because much better against infantry as well so OHK my no longer be a viable option.
  14. Flying Mug

    It would be tough to hazard a guess. Looking at my death feed, I have 0 deaths to dumb fire launchers in my past 100. Someone got me with an Annihilator and I assume I was in a vehicle at the time.

    Three instant deaths to sniper rifles though.
  15. Torok

    On a daily basis, I'd say 2-5 times out of 50+ deaths
  16. DFDelta

    My last 100 deaths have exactly 1 rawkit lawnchair in it.

    I actually have more suicides in there.
    Nerf suicides.
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  17. VanuFTW909

    This statement is sadly true.
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  18. Fenrisk

  19. Krayus_Korianis

    Every few days I'll have someone rocket me to death. Meh, no skin off my back. Go back and kill'em with a rocket if it bothers you so much.
  20. minhalexus

    They cheesy part about RL is the splash.

    Just nerf the splash, and leave the direct damage alone.