Rocket Launcher Primary needs to go

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Clay, May 12, 2014.

  1. MajiinBuu

    It kills Hunters in one hit, I'd imagine a MAX would be blown apart :eek:
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  2. VexTheRaven

    I'd take 100 "RL Primary" users over 1 lib/ESF/tank primary user any day.
  3. Takoita

    Speaking of Halo's rocketlauncher, Decimator could use some of that juju to make it more different from the default one. More damage per reload but only if you land both shots?

    (Sounds like TR's weaponry now that I think about it; maybe it's not such a hot idea after all... :D)
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  4. TheFamilyGhost

    Right. Because I want to control other people's gameplay, unlike you that celebrate other people taking advantage of in-game options. My need to control things to gain my own benefit is so strong that I come into the forums and create arguments that have no foundation in common sense or logic, but instead are firmly based in an arbitrary value set of my own creation. I have decided how other people will play, and even assign "skill values" to weapons based on my affinity for those weapons, or how much they scare me. I've done it many times, and I encourage my friends to flood the forums and create shill personae as well.

    Trust me, when you get older, you'll look back on your JEM (like 99% of humans do) and become much more interested in what you can do for yourself than what others can do for you. Don't worry, its not as scary in the present as it looks looming in the future.
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  5. William Petersen

    You really gotta watch the whole thing, because the first minute or two, half his kills are against vehicles or MAXes.

    I don't really see how anyone can watch this and thing rockets aren't IMBA. Of course, I'd say the same thing about a number of liberator videos...
  6. Cyrek

    Nothing wrong with rocket kills, look at Battlefront II, rocket splash damage can 1 shot you and mines regenerate on spawn, it is certainly worse on the other side of the fence.
    I can say rocket kills are happening in a factor of 1 of 10 in regards to gunshot kills so these are healthy working as expected numbers.
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  7. Clay

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  8. Pikachu

    I hope it happens just to see the reactions.
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  9. SirTekno

    Clay, clay, clay. What are you doing? ******** about being killed by weapons that are meant to be better at instantly killing than bullets. Stop being so ********. I mean guarantee you've at times abused the **** out of the PPA being VS and all. I mean come on, they are weapons and we use them to our strengths, whats so wrong with that? Why don't you do it? I mean really. You are just another one of those people that complain when they get killed alot my a weapon.

    Grow the **** up, and move on.
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  10. SirTekno

    They gave us the option to use a rocket launcher, so we do and we will. No one said it was specifically for vehicles. I can do waht I want with whatever weapons I want in this game, that is the freedon that comes with it. And you, you sir are trying to take that away from us.
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  11. MrJengles

    This is good to see. And they picked up on the painfully slow velocity as well :)

    Now they can look at the reasoning and decide for themselves.

    Would it be fun? Well, less rocket spam fests, more intuitive aiming and a little more competition with lock-ons at range so ... yes.
  12. Radiant Stranger

    Because MOST kills in this videos were against:

    1) Stationary targets -> Standing still is still a bad idea in this game (=> See also: Snipers)
    2) Targets so close that a shotgun would have the same effect
    3) Targets that should have already known there was someone in that direction after the first rocket, but no, 3 more die in the same place (=> See failing situational awareness OR stupidity)
    4) Targets that could have been killed faster with other weapons
    5) Targets that could have been as easily killed by a close range sniper (=> See fitting videos, reloading time is even shorter)

    Of course there were some nice tricky shots in that video, and its a very skilled player, but everything looks deadly in the hands of someone skilled.

    When I die against rocketlaunchers, its about 80% my fault, for not evading, standing infront of my own people with the rocket launcher, ignoring the flanks (other weapons kill from there too), or standing still while a fire fight is going on close.
  13. Clay

    I am mostly an infantry player and although I use the PPA from time to time I am not riding on it through the blood and tears of Newbies.

    I will do my best to grow up. Until that I will keep posting in this forum to tell people what I think about this game and what I like and dislike. If the rocket launcher thing is so important for the infantry gameplay for some players I would agree with you that in that case they could leave it as it is. If it really takes the fun out for you and other players I dont want that change. I want everyone to have as much fun as possible in this game. So please Higby, think about it again.

    They gave us the option to use a forum account, so we do and we will. No one said it was specifically for people that have the same opinion as you have. I can do what I want with whatever arguments I want in this forum, that is the freedom that comes with it. And you, you sir are trying to take that away from us.
  14. Haquim

    OH, its a list again, I love those. Bear with me while I enjoy answering this.
    1.) Yes stationary targets are easy to hit - but you might want to watch the vid again, because it was certainly a lot of those but not mostly. And they were usually aiming at something and not moving to improve their aim. But unlike a hit of a RL, guys that come under fire by a gun get a hitmarker and MIGHT be able to take cover.
    2.) My favorite argument. So... when will my Knife be upgraded to OHK an overshielded HA? I mean, I have to be even closer than with a shotgun to hit anything at all! If its so easily possible with a shotgun why don't HAs take a shotgun? Why should they, when the RL can fill this role while still having a LMG as backup? Heh. LMG. As a BACKUP.
    3.) So what? You think the sight of a RL made them stupid? Im pretty sure they would do the same thing when you mow them down with a machine gun. That doesn't tell us anything about the performance of RLs besides that they don't survive the first hit - see last sentence of point 1.
    4.) Really? Show me the gun, and a vid as proof! I daresay that there is no gun in the game that can kill more efficiently and with less risk to the bearer.
    5.) Snipers can OHK at (almost) any range if they manage a HS and are using a BASR. I think that most HAs will just laugh in your face when you bodyshot them while they riddle you with bullets/plasmabolts. You're comparing headshots to quickscoped bodyshots. Sometimes not even bodyshots, since the damn RL deals 1k splash in 0.5 mtrs.

    Lastly let me add, that most of the RLs annoying power (in MY opinion, doesn't have to be yours) stems from being able to unleash 2k damage while being exposed for enemy fire less than half a second.
    Now try to kill somebody with your LMG (or anything else, really - MAX units, especially NC ones don't count) in under half a second and get back to cover.
  15. Posse


    Btw, playing rocket primary (and by this I mean, literally using the rocket as your primary weapon and switching to LMG only when you need it) is not effective at all, that doesn't mean the point-blank OHK shouldn't go away of course, it should because it's BS, but I definitely wouldn't like 50+ meters OHK that actually require skill (and luck, because if the other guy sees it, he can dodge it easily) to go, at least as long as all the other one hit kills remain in this game when most of those other OHKs are easier to do.
  16. Haquim

    Ahh damnit, I tried to be as precise as possible and still forgot something. I meant at 20 mtrs, which i consider the beginning of medium distance.
    I don't mind skill getting rewarded, but I do think that playing rocket primary can be VERY effective. All you need is the right fight:
    The fight is 48+? Great!
    The fight is mostly indoors, so the only thing you can't OHK around are MAX suits? Almost perfect!
    You can spam a place where a lot of enemies tend to gather from the spawnroom or a similar safe place? Perfect!
    BONUS LEVEL!!!! Youre attacking a ******* Biolab!
    Last week I got fed up and pulled my decimator out when we assaultet a 'lab. I got 60 Kills in, let's say 10 Minutes, at the price of maybe 7 deaths. Mostly because I popped around a corner and an ugly blue smurf MAX was looking back.

    EDIT: I got those 60 kills while basically sitting in the shielded teleporter room, only popping out, taking a shot, running back and rearming. Very skill, much reward :rolleyes:.
    EDIT2: The reason why I don't hate falcons that much (technically its a twohit, but since a MAX units got two arms...) is because the platform THEY are mounted on is
    A) A lot slower
    B) Has resource cost
    C) Has a cooldown timer
    D) Flak armor actually makes you survive it!
  17. Govedo13

    I love how pathetic this place ticks.

    RLs were always 1 shot to kill since launch. Their were infantry damage never buffed or changed. My question is why when some players decided that the RLs are OP vs infantry just now? How the said thing was not OP for one and half year but it is OP now?

    Because some good player made some video? Really?
    Are you stupid enough not to realise that good players would kill bad players regardless the tool?

    Edited videos cannot be proof of anything:
    There are enthusiasts that love to save and show their gameplay. Not even a gameplay session video but cut directed showing only the RL kills? I mean he could picked 10 hours gameplay and cut 100 RL kills out of it put it in 6 min video np. How the hell one could care about video that includes edits and more then 1-2 lives in-game?

    What If I recoded my 1600 Magrider Supernova kills and put them in 20 min video claiming that the said gun is OP because I made a lot of kills with it.

    I would of course conveniently forget to record how many times I got C4ed, Rocketpodded, Liberated, Tank mined, AP tank ganked, Rocktet launcher ganked, AV mana sniped etc etc.... Also would forget to mention how many hours I needed for the kills.

    Many different weapons that deliver some results in skilled hands:
    What if we change the rocket launcher with bold action sniper? There are good players that do headshot after headshot with the thing especially now with the new add-on.

    According to this flawed logic every tool that one-shot kills infantry should be nerfed because good players use it.
    Nerf Skill.
  18. leo4444

    I kill ten people with the Msr-w reload switch to rocket get an 11th kill then a hate tell from the 11th guy. People really need to stop worrying about how others play the game. Just don't stand still and you don't have to worry about getting killed by rocket launcher.
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  19. Posse

    Yes, in those situations it's definitely a bit OP at the moment, I agree.
  20. Thrustin

    Just when I thought forumside could not get any more stupid, you guys continue on surprising me.

    But then again, more people like you with ****** suggestions means this game will die faster and hopefully the terrible devs will get fired for their incompetence.
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