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  1. KaaleStroms


    RedMist (Cobalt EU) is a European based combined arms outfit focused on team play, we take pride in organized fast paced action and don’t shy away from uphill battles.
    We are focused primarily on infantry but we also make use of armor & air to complement our infantry play.
    We want members of RedMist we try to concentrate on Squad play, yes out of hours play for Directives, Solo or mess around with friends, we train for Scrims and Serversmash but evenings are for squad play.

    What can you expect with us:

    • We don’t mind if you’re new and make mistakes because everyone started that way in RedMist.
    • We expect members to stay active and remove inactive members until they return to the game.
    • We have good communication between our members using Teamspeak, forums and our own wiki. We encourage all members to keep up to date on events on our forums.
    • Nice and relaxed climate to talk and listen to your heart’s desire, unless you’re in official operations squad where you listen to your commander and talk when appropriate.
    • Twice a month on Sunday, we have a Call to Arms, when we fight a mass against the rebels and the crazy scientists.
    • We organize and participate in competitive play like scrims, server smash and PSBL and do this mostly for fun and to improve our skills (everyone can sign up and participate).
    What we expect from you:
    TeamSpeak is Mandatory. Join us at ts.redmistoutfit.com
    We want TR players who like to join squad based fights against all odds where glory will be fought for and not gained by following the Zerg.
    We expect commitment from new recruits (at least weekly play).

    Ready to Join? Then Join RedMist >> Here <<

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  2. Kefeus

    Great guys. They hit hard when attacking and their defenses are hard to break, if you let them set up.
    Definitely one of the top TR outfits on Cobalt.
  3. Bindlestiff

    Highly skilled, highly organised, great outfit.
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  4. Dualice

    Hi! I'm checking out a few small tactical TR outfits, and RedMist sounds like something I'd like to be a part of! Would you mind if I tagged along in a squad sometime this week and see how I get on?
  5. KaaleStroms

    No problem just join us on TS and poke Officer or Squad leader and we can invite you to squads.
  6. Dualice

    Thanks, will be on tomorrow hopefully!
  7. ReNz0r

    Its always great to fight against these guys! If youre TR join now
  8. JustMich

    Still looking for reliable MLG ready players! :p
  9. KaaleStroms

    Mich not every member needs to be Scrim team level :)
  10. ReNz0r

    These guys deserve more than a bump
  11. [RMIS] ExitSign

    Have a look at our two year anniversary video to get an impression of our community and coordinated planetside 2 gameplay:
  12. Freeloaderusa

    The only TR outfit I enjoy fighting against ;) see you guys on the battle field
  13. Zoobe

    Hi, I am having trouble registering on your website. Have registered, got confirmation mail etc, but it wont let me sign in. Would like to apply to join.
  14. JustMich

    Get on our teamspeak : ts.redmistoutfit.com
    And one of our officer's will help you.
  15. KaaleStroms

    Should be ok (check your PM)
  16. Zoobe

    Thanks it is fixed, and bump..
  17. JustMich

    We are still recruiting!
  18. shahafdive

    Bump, very active and the best option on Cobalt TR
  19. JustMich

    Summer is over, And Redmist is Back!
  20. JustMich

    The Dragon is flying again!