Rip Terran infantry weapons Jan 22 patch

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  1. BlueyTheWolf

    Dear SOE
    Please Nerf terran infatnry weapons even more ,we still can struggle agaisnt other 2 factions and they cannot get easy victory.Terran players doesnt care about these silent buff or nerfs anymore,

    Seriously why do I have to change my weapons and their setup daily.WHY so many tweaks on TR weapons.
    All the weapons we bought acting different each and everyday.A standart day of TR soldier starts with testing out weapons in warpgate to see todays changes.

    TR weapons were performing great before hotfix ,why you had to ruin that and now it wasnt fun to play as terran.I HAVE RIFLE MISSES EVERY BULLET ON RANGE EVEN WITH PERFECT AIM.

    I see reduce of range from Carv9s, Carv9 and MWR.Impossible to shoot medium range now.
    Carv9 is a total garbage about bullet damage now.
    T16-T32 total garbage at long range, bullet spread and terrible damage.
    TMG50 is only weapons barely keep up with monsters of other 2 factions yet its damage is too low for that.

    VS is now king of CQC and NC king of ranged.


    Get your heads straight.
  2. ent|ty

    i hope not.. my BR 32 HA and other TR classes already feel like I'm shooting rubber bullets as it is.. Way too many bullets to kill someone..
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  3. St0mpy

    What? is there any data to back this up?

    Or just someone having a bad game?
  4. NoXousX

    I don't recall reading any changes in the patch except the missile buffs.

    Having said that, I don't see how SOE can justify making a single change without refunding every single bit of station cash spent on weapons. When we pay for a product, we payed for it as is. Yes you can argue TOS this and TOS that, but at the end of the day $ to Smed bucks is basically a currency exchange. Rather than putting dollar signs on gear, they are putting station cash instead.

    It's pretty jacked up to see them change items that were previously payed for without refunding them. If the players still think the item is worth it, they can buy it with their refunded money.

    I would love to see a class action lawsuit because what they are doing is unethical.
  5. An Hero

  6. Dixa

    i'm sorry but..what?

    sum up - lynx > vx6 > gd7
  7. QuantumMechanic

    The last time they nerfed TR weapons, they actually stated the changes that they made.

    Recently there's been a lot of raging about "ninja nerfs" (NC) that never even happened.

    You have proof that the weapon stats are different now?
  8. PharmD

    I don't have proof but I could instantly tell my carv was nerfed after that one infamous patch. The only listed changes in the patch notes in relation to the carv was reduced equip speed. So it was a stealth nerf and I was not the only one to notice it. The recoil pattern was completely different from what it was before, along with accuracy.

    The only evidence I have is that after the patch, EVERY tr was talking about it so I don't think it was just me.
  9. R-A-B

    It is impossible for games to function like this unless perfectly balanced for the masses on release of a £ for items system. That is unreasonable.

    The way these items are tweaked is both reasonable and expected within the games industry. There is nothing more unethical here than store vouchers that can be made irrelevant paper at will.
  10. Obscura

    Onyxia also deep breaths more
  11. Ganelon

    TR weapons have been ninja-nerfed before (Carv S CoF increase). Other than that, I don't know what he's talking about, haven't played much since the hotfix.
  12. NoXousX

    It's completely unethical. I'm not going to sell you a car capable of 180 mph and then recall it lowering it to 165. And like I said, if the weapons are still good and still make sense, the players will make that choice.

    They should refund their station cash for every nerfed/changed item. It is the right thing to do.
  13. R-A-B

    Actually it's more like when they force a redesign of a race car because it breaches guidelines and makes the car unfair to the other drivers/teams. That team doesn't get a discount for the wasted effort and a punter doesn't get a refund on his bet.

    Better yet if a sports team buys a player and that player is found to be on drugs and banned, the team doesn't get a refund either.

    You need to understand you haven't bought anything. You have effectively hired an item for the lifetime of the game and that item is subject to changes.

    If your serious then put a claim in with the courts.
  14. NoXousX

    Tell my bank account i haven't bought anything. You'd make a good lawyer, but a terrible human being.

    I don't have the time, money, or desire to take them to court. But I'd be backing anyone that did. SOE has been lying to us, outright misleading and treating the community like trash since PS1. That's why they are done getting money from me. I should have known this would happen again. I experienced it far too long in PS1.
  15. PyroPaul

    And absolutely No proof of any of the claims stated.
    no hard concrete data or math, no ripped game files, no nothing.

    I could jump onto a game and say that the AH Feels like it's been nerfed, but with out definitive proof of that, it is just a feeling. We all have our good days and bad days, and on one day you may feel like your weapons are blessed by the gods themselves, and others you'll feel like they are made of cardboard.

    yesterday when i was sporting my Sweeper Shotgun on LA i dominated an entire bio lab, racking up like 35-9 kdr.
    Today i was running the same gun on the same set up in the same bio lab. And i couldn't get a single kill at all.

    that doesn't mean the gun has been changed between now and then.

    Until you PROVE what you claim, don't expect to be taken seriously.
  16. R-A-B

    Your own damn fault for not understanding the economics of game purchases. Sure I can see why some people think it may stink, but to go through with the purchase and then be surprised and complain about it.

    Sucks to be you.
  17. Kronic

    The only TR guns I've used since that patch are the LC2 Lynx, Trac-5S and the MSW-R and they feel exactly the same to me. Stop whining.
  18. Zanduh

    I chuckle every time I read this.

    Also, no TR guns weren't touched. Stop whining.
  19. Littleman

    Sueing over any changes won't happen (what weapon changes? My guns still suck, WTB DMR Reaper/SAW/AC-X11 for TR.) We as players paid for station cash, not the guns. Station cash is what is paid towards any virtual goody in any of SOE's games, not just Planetside. Is it ethical of them to refund the certs/SC for changed weaponry, sure, but they don't have to either. Always buy with a silent agreement that whatever happens to weapon X later, you paid for it now and it's yours. As a rule of thumb: if it's a "must have" it's probably OP, and if it is OP, it will get nerfed.

    Notice how I spelled "paid?"
  20. Wibin

    Another looser complaining about his faction, but doesn't post his server.

    Come over to Connery where the TR will hold all 3 continents at the same time and shut out the VS and Nc working together.