RIP Planetside. PTS update

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  1. RubeLott

    Regarding the tank turrets, some apparent winners/losers in the notes (esp. regarding AI capabilities):
    Prowler and Lightning HEATs are no longer able to 1-shot infantry even with a direct hit, this is not so much of a problem for Prowler as it can make a follow up shot rather quickly and it doesnt need to be direct shot either.

    Lightning HE(SH) will be the only turret able to 1-shot infantry with splash dmg, making it really stand out of all the other tank turrets. Taking in mind its AT capabilities are increased, it will be one of the strongest choices for Lightning.

    Prowler HE(SH) will be capable to 1-shot infantry with 2 splashes of the one reload making it much stronger against infantry than the other MBTs.

    The updated Viper Lightning turret seems much weaker against infantry than the current live version.

    The flak armor will probably make infantry able to withstand one direct shot from any tank turret, making it a lot more viable choice of a suit slot.
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  2. Villanuk

  3. WTSherman

    Honestly, a lot of these anti-infantry damage numbers seem like they're not going to make sense unless Infantry gets its HP reduced to 500 or so. But that means they'd also have to overhaul every single infantry weapon in the game.
  4. AllRoundGoodGuy

    So this means that on a direct hit it will deal 475(250+225) damage to infantry. Which means about 3 shots to kill a non flak planetman. However, with a potential damage of 1350(225*6) it will deal a lot of damage to vehicles.
  5. Templar Alpha

    To me, personally, there are a few things in this new update that make no sense whatsoever. Two really stand out. 1.) Buffing the mini-chaingun, an already OP weapon, and 2.) Removing infantry from vehicular Thermal detection. Both are ridiculous, but removing infantry heat signatures from vehicular Thermals is moronic and unrealistic. Human bodies put off heat, and therefor it made sense for foot-mobiles to show up in Thermal. So what is the logic behind removing that capability? I could understand perhaps making infantry heat signatures a bit less obvious, but removing them altogether? If the devs had added a module for infantry that masked their heat signature it would have made much more sense. Instead it feels like Daybreak caving in to players whining about showing up on thermals.
    Also, is it just me (and I know i'll get a lot of 'git gud' ******** from this), or does it seem like the devs are favoring the TR over the other two factions? I play all three, but my outfit plays NC, and we all feel the favoritism is noticeable. In large scale firefights with near equal numbers on both sides, it seems that engagements vs the VS are much more balanced, whereas engagements with the TR feel one-sided in the TR's favor, even when we have superior numbers and excellent teamwork. TR players, go ahead and let fly with the hate, I know it's coming, lol.
    I would like to thank the Devs for making biodomes opaque, however. It has improved performance drastically on the PS4 platform when in large-scale engagements near or in biodomes. Since I've pretty much written a book here, I'll close by adding a message to the Devs: Show the NC some love, how about it? Right now we're the most under-powered faction in the game, and some thoughtful balancing could fix that easily. Honor and Glory!!!
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  6. LordKrelas

    I think they removed it, since it made it incredibly easy for ESFs to fly by, and dominate any infantry let alone AA infantry in a second.
    But they could've just left ground vehicle's thermal alone, they are exposed & unable to leave the hex as quickly.
    - or just made them not neon, make camo useful or something like that.

    But making a module or similar for it, to reduce or block it? That'd force infantry to lose out a slot, or implant just to not be seen by a tank as quick or ESF fly-by in the sky by a mile, Not really worth it - As any of those whom can see would still see you properly.
    Aka would be a trap to use it really. And an excuse "Well you have a module for it"

    Also yeah it can feel like NC is screwed.
    But we sorta are - Most loses, least wins, against TR & VS.

    TR weapons have the ability to out DPS you, while you must stand still to hit, enabling easier deaths by head shots.
    VS generally have no troubles hitting a target at any distance, so they can fire faster due to less variables.
  7. JohnGalt36

    I've already been playing less and less. This will finally give me a reason to uninstall if it goes live.
  8. MichaelMoen

    I actually had no idea they had removed Thermal sights when I came back to the game a few days ago. Suddenly my Reaver wasn't highlighting infantry anymore. This new "Threat Detection" sights doesn't illuminate infantry AT ALL, it's useless when providing air support to an outpost being capped.
  9. Templar Alpha

    Perhaps just making infantry heat signatures less obvious but still visible would have been the best option. I agree with your logic on the modules, I was just trying to find a way to help infantry hide from thermal without removing it from vehicles altogether. I had thermal on all my Tanks for night engagements and because it made aquiring a target a bit easier on a 19" tv. Many people would say "just buy a bigger tv" but that's easier said than done when you're terminally ill and trying to survive on disability. I still love Planetside 2, mostly because it gives me and my Outfit the same feeling of tactical teamwork we had on Dust514 before CCP went all elitist on us and shut the servers down. Planetside 2 is by no means a perfect game, but it's still great. Hopefully the Devs will wise up and balance it a bit more, but until then, we'll just adapt and weather the changes as best we can.
  10. CNR4806

    You know what, this is worse than SOE-era vehicle nerfing. They at least had the guts to admit that yes, the changes they pushed were heavy-handed nerfs to vehicles.

    Now apparently Daybreak is so desperate, they need to sugarcoat these even bigger nerfs with the name of "combined arms" in hopes that vehicle players won't discover they're being royally screwed.
  11. TheZetifate1745

    Yes definitely rip planetside.
  12. Diilicious

    but their team doesnt know anything about the vehicle game (clearly demonstrated over the course of the entire games current life). also their team is too small to ever even hope to test even 5% of the changes they are making.

    So yea, im almost 100% certain the grand vehicpocalypse... the vehicalpyse is coming.
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  13. pnkdth

    It is more accurate to say the players do not understand how damage/resistances work and are flailing their arms in panic over nothing much at all.

    But forumside gotta forumside, I guess.
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  14. Corezer

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  15. Zagareth

    It was also usable on nodeploy zones in PS1, but it was not possible to kill anyone under hard cover (i.e. within buildings) - so I dont think it will be possible now.
  16. Liewec123

    it currently does :p
    target a biolab and everyone inside is dead, every vehicle beneath and around it is ash and every terminal (even the air terminals outside and the spawnroom terminal) is toast. :D
    the PS2 orbital strike is a deathray that goes through all terrain and kills everything from the top of the skybox to the bottom. :)
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  17. Liewec123

    its actually a really really good patch for tankers, HE is becoming almost as good as AP at tank battles while still being absolute DEATH for infantry, stepping outside as infantry after this patch will be hell, every tanker with a brain will be running HE now.
    some infantry weapons have also become viable AV weapons too, like marauder, expect to see plenty of HE marauder prowlers utterly obliterating infantry!

    the only thing that tanks need to worry about now is phoenix, partly because it is now much better and also because it doesn't require the HA to show himself and die under a flurry of HE wildfire.
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  18. LaughingDead

    "Doesn't know anything about vehicle game" does not mean it is negative or positive for tankers.

    You said it yourself, HE is just as good as AP for killing tanks and AI weapons now can be used on vehicles against vehicles. This means that topguns will once again be the determining factor in tank fights, previously if you ran HE you could do tank fights with a CQ DPS AV topgun and work out DPS issues with AP tanks that run long range options, but now full AI loads can be made without sacrificing AV capabilities. And yet, vehicle uses wanted more reasons to use other weapons over strictly betters, but this just made more strictly betters, it made no sense.
  19. JohnGalt36

    It's not just about resistances. It's about damage nerfs that make it so some of the tank cannons now can't OHK infantry wearing flak and nerfing velocity to make 200m be "long range."
  20. pnkdth

    You can pretty much count on one hand the amount of players who run flak. Infantry players are unlikely to run flak after this change unless the HESH primary ends up being the new meta.

    If what's long range is the same for everyone and that is 200 meters then this is an opportunity to distinguish yourself as a great tank driver. I hope they do this kind of balance pass on infantry small arms too because I loved playing a sniper back in the days when bullet drop was actually a thing. It was so damn satisfying to make those ranged shots.

    But from a vehicle perspective, I do enjoy the fact AP will not longer be ONLY way to use a tank. HESH/SHOTFUN(yes, fun!) on a Vanny, for example, might just become a badass brawler. So I dunno, I really think people are making way too much of a big deal about flak armour because I seriously doubt infantry are suddenly going to stop using bandoliers, nanoweave, ASC or whatever to survive a direct shot from a tank. They still have to hold points and fight other infantry.

    That and this whole process is not even finished yet.