RIP Planetside. PTS update

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Villanuk, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Villanuk

    This must be an all time April 1st delayed pathetic joke of all time..... i mean its a complete joke regarding the game balance. Who the hell has ever asked for such a pile of rubbish to be introduced into this game.. Im actually still reading the most utter bile, the most incredible way of killing a game, that has ever been committed ever.

    What logic in your brains think i will so want to play this game now, what in this game now inspires me to pay money for this, what are your thought patterns that you thought you needed to make such drastic changes to move the game forward, what was so bad.

    You took away thermals for the none hackers, but the hackers still have theirs and now you have just killed the game... and you now think after all the time and certs in vehicles we would waste time using them.

    Honestly...... im laughing,, its like Turkeys voting for Christmas, never has i ever in 20 years of gaming have i seen such a pathetic attempt......... Im am lost for words
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  2. Jahsol

    Must have missed Star Wars Galaxies New Game Enhancement.
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  3. csvfr

    Don't think its a joke, not at this stage no, especially considering the recent patch-series.

    The ''combined arms'' idea is where the joke lies, remember the goal is that infantry or vehicles should ''not feel like either side gets destroyed too quickly''. However I could not find any reciprocal nerfs to C4 in the patch notes other than some vague mentioning of ''a discussion''. Additionally giving the ESF rockets the damage of small arms fire makes it clear that this patch only favors the infantry player. Seriously its like a stage IV cancer diagnosis to those who have not auraxed the pods yet.
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  4. Villanuk

    I did...... but i think this is historic...... what were they drinking or smoking.
  5. zeroxpain

    I said this was gonna happen when they nerfed the thermals a deve group willing to nerf somthing thats been a solid part of the game for years will have no issue with ******* eveyone over
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  6. Pikachu

    Good point. When I think about it I'm surprised the C4 didn't get any vehicle damage nerf. The whole rest of the patch seems like it was intended to smash vehicle's farming of infantry, something people have complained about since forever. Now they get what they want with all the damage nerfs.

    Edit: Surprised they didn't make AP cannons require 2 shots to kill infantry.
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  7. Villanuk

    I dont think anyone, even those that hate zergs would wish for such a stupid game breaking solution.. Most moan with mild intent, but never to this drastic action.. it is without doubt a game killer, thank **** i am not a member.
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  8. WTSherman

    Actually, looking at their numbers, if you're wearing flak armor you'd be able to survive a Titan AP round.
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  9. Pikachu

    Hah. Can't wait to see people's opinions on all this in game. Also I have not seen WTSherman in a long time.
    Updated sherman, super sherman. :)
  10. Liewec123

    some good changes, some bad changes, some "WTF were they thinking?" changes :)

    the standout crazy stupid changes were things like orbital strike being useable on nodeploy zones (IE a biolab to nuke everyone inside.
    also HE becoming nearly as good at tank killing as AP, EVERYONE will be using HE, it'll be hell for infantry.

    some good changes are things like Mjolnir getting splash, Viper moving to an awesomely powerful AP weapon with a super cool effect.

    some bad changes are things like Cannister being absolutely aweful outside of "c4 me plx" distance.

    the thing to remember is that it is PTS, we can hope and pray that the bad and utterly insane things won't make it to live.
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  11. PanzerGoddess

    lol well we saw the changes from round 1 and just about everything that was on PTS went live :p. Theres what Wrel and how many devs deciding our fate lol, because you know they are the mainstream for this game and they speak for all of us....
  12. VeryCoolMiller

    they nerfed the freaking i win button.... i m happy
  13. Nody

    I just love how they want the Magrider to fight within 150m (Saron's new engage range); are there suddenly going to be rocks EVERYWHERE to dodge behind because at that range you can't miss a mid body shot on the Magrider? And since it has the shared lowest health, lowest DPS while being the slowest MBT who can't dodge sideways due to engagement range (150m or less) while making turning your behind to the enemy to use your booster in combat even more dangerous a wonderful combination (oh and Saron needing 5 shots out of 6 to kill infantry; because we have not nerfed that one enough yet)...
  14. CaptCran

    Make it so. Just patch the live server and we'll all adapt;)........ at least the players that want to stick with the game and not 8itch with every little change.
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  15. Villanuk

    Well DBG of late, have a track record of not listening.. its shocking to even contemplate that anyone would do this, but as this is so comprehensive, its fair to say its going to happen.

    The striker, Direct damage from 200 to 150, well i better use my pistol, it give more damage than a rocket launcher....... what a ******* joke......

    Ammo capacity from 5 to 12 and then, Direct damage from 750 to 875 which is amusing as MBT's have an increase in Armour but the Vanguard get a grater resistance and then now has the better launcher, oh this will be fun.......

    Never have i read so much BS ever.. its comical
  16. pnkdth

    Have anyone done any actual testing on PTS yet? I mean, the changes to resistances and overall damage/health might make sense on a large scale. Put simply, I'm not going to lose my mind before I actually see the impact.

    For example, this;
    The Striker does not work on the same resistance as a side arm. Looks like it would actually be more effective as an AA tool than before.

    Then there is this quote;

    "There is still a lot left to be done on both the infantry and vehicle side, and this update is not intended to be comprehensive for what you’ll see come to Live. A few cert lines are unfinished, potential changes to C4 are being discussed, and aircraft hasn’t been given a hard look yet. As always, the Test server is a fluid environment, and will continue to be iterated on as we move through the combined arms rebalance."
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  17. Villanuk

    I know, i was taking the pizz..

    Ive been on the server but i was testing rockets, but i see no need to why they have changed the game to such an extent..
  18. pnkdth

    Fair enough. For now, given the volume of changes, I find it difficult to pass judgement. Especially not knowing what else is coming.
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  19. RubeLott

    Hm, I think you are reading really wrong into this. These changes should have been in fact done a long time before and it is really good this is coming, because as it is now on live, the damage numbers on most of the AV and vehicle weapons are totally useless as most of them use arbitrary resistance values. The damage values you state here just can not be compared to each other because of this.

    What I read from the notes is the launchers will be much less effective as RL primaries, save the G2G lock-ons and the Annihilator, all of these lose the OHK capability on infantry. To balance the resistange changes they had to lower direct dmg on most of the vehicle weapons so the primary way of dealing dmg with these to infantry will be now splash dmg, which they even improved in many cases (see AP MBT turrets). That is the case of rocket pods, they left the indirect dmg the same as is on the live, so the AI capability of those will not change as much as you would think.

    The biggest change I see in the notes is the change of the tank turrets balance, which I see as a really interesting thing. They obviously decreased lethality of the HE turrets to infantry (you can not OHK infantry with HE now, but you can still mow down groups of infantry with splash dmg of multiple HE shots), but dramatically increased their capability in tank vs tank combat. And I think that is a really good thing, making the turrets more versatile and distinct at once.

    Just keep in mind the dmg changes might be really off of the actual effect due to the stupid original system of weird resistances separate for each weapon-vehicle combination.
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  20. Villanuk

    I dread to think, more nerfs :D