RIP Planetside. Hello selloutside.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Illtempered, Sep 18, 2019.

  1. Illtempered

    PSA? Hah give me a ******* break. What a complete fad ripoff. Every new detail just screams "WE NEED TO BE MORE LIKE FORTNITES FOR THE MONEYS"

    Of course it has 3rd person now because you can't ***** out microtransactions when nubs can't see their cool new duds.

    I'll keep playing the corpse that is ps2 until there's not a drop of life left, but I'll never put another penny into the franchise. And I've been paying my dues to the franchise for almost twenty years now.
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  2. BamaRage

    I will spend more money when the devs actually start considering the player base.
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  3. Tigre

    that game sucks FORTNITE it is to lame. it is just like BF and the rest q in to game. worst idea ever
  4. Liewec123

    singing the same song as me!
    its so sad the direction they're taking, i've spent THOUSANDS of £ in this game,
    and if they hadn't done everything in their power to mess it up, i'd gladly continue to pour my money into it,
    but its mistake after mistake, added to a total lack of communication
    (seriously look at the pitiful dev tracker, there has been ONE post this year that wasn't patch notes or a PSA).

    and then we saw the dreaded "lifetime" subs for sale, you know that you're reaching the end of the line when a company offers those, when a game has barely a year left and they want to sell you a "lifetime" sub for the price of 4 years subscription.
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  5. Who Garou

    They first sold the lifetime sub in DCUO not long after it started, so that has been going on for a while.
    It just didn't happen in Planteside 2 until after the subscriptions merged for the games into All Access.

    So that the lifetime subs isn't really a good indicator.
  6. BamaRage

    From Base Building forward its been one screw up after another. And I am sad to say the NC still catches the brunt of it. The Vulcan seems more op today than ever. Prowler shield and we get the numbnuts reactor. More and more like the death cam ending long range sniping and stealth play all together.
  7. OneShadowWarrior

    Arena is already dead on arrival, it is a mere shadow of what Planetside is, they wasted time and effort when they could have either devoted more time to more maps, fixes and material to Planetside 2. Or worked towards Planetside 3. Sometimes I guess you have to take risks to learn a lesson. They should have paid attention Battlefield V lost miserably with Firestorm a Battle Royale, instead of the same thing and they are struggling with it.

    They have failed to listen to the Planetside Veterans and the only way I guess is if they feel it in the wallets.
  8. OgreMarkX

    On the bright side, while DBG was busy making PS:A (and making the Daybreak Cash that we've earned or bought with $ worthless in that game), they managed to screw up base jump pads in Planetside 2 over a month ago with no fix in sight.

    Oh also, Wrel's rather arrogantly stated "i'Ve aLreEdY aDdrEsSed tHe AsP reCeRt" is nowhere in site for PS2. You know, the ASP recert he said would be put in game, oh I dunno, a year ago?

    And we're supposed to believe ANYTHING these guys say?

    DBG, you need to have a heart to heart with yourselves.

    The very people WHO WANT YOU TO chose to ignore or ridicule.

    But by all means, hire more "Monitization Experts".

    Hint: People who sell themselves as Monetization Experts are snake oil salesmen and are 90% likely to sport goatees and open necked dress shirts.
  9. Kristan

    I'm glad that I didn't spend money on PSA and my previous preorder was refunded. Remember previous trailers and screenshots? There were so many other different guns. Now we have a couple of NS and, for some reason, VS guns. Where did the rest go?

    Also people don't understand mechanics of this game. Whenever they die they just leave the game immediately, without a chance of being respawned. I mean there could be a warning like "Do you really want to leave? Your teammates might bring you back into a fight." But nooo, minor inconvenience and half of squad is gone forever.

    Anyway, BR just doesn't fly with this game, should have started with something Tribes-like.
  10. TR5L4Y3R

    rather sometimes you simply have to take risks in general ...
    making a PS3 just after a PS2 ... sorry but that´s just silly ..
    you may see a modern warfare every year but dbg isn´t activision for one .. and making a iteration after you already made one doesn´t mean you suddenly get more players than before .. how much content did PS 2 start with before it build up the content it has now ?.. how do you want PS3 to start like? did you consider the available resources and time neccesary for another itteration?
    what would be the major difference between PS3 and 2 without just having it be the same game? .. cause a mere graphicsupdate is not what draws in new players and there also might be fatigue with veterans .. just saying "MAKE ANOTHER PS3" is not a save bet imo .. dbg is right going for different routes first before trying to make another itteration cause at worst and rather likely PS3 would end up much smaller than PS2 .. and fanbois would just go b itch and moan about it even more than with PS:A ...

    many of the PS playerbase are not thinking this through at all just wanting a sequel ..
  11. TwwIX

    H1Z1: Part Deux aka. The Misadventures Of Daybreak And Their Ill Conceived, Short Sighted Business Schemes Continues!

    It started with the waste of resources that's the PS4 version and their future's been looking bright ever since then. And here i was thinking that they couldn't outdo Smedley and his "think tank".

    I was clearly mistaken.
  12. f0d

    JUST AFTER?!?!?
    you do realize ps2 has been around since 2012? in 3 years it will have been around for a decade!
    thats a LONG time for a game - a very long time
    i played ps1 till the end and did not want to see a sequel (i still think its a better game) but i can understand that it needed one after such a long time
  13. TR5L4Y3R

    other games haven´t gotten a sequel for longer than that ... or not at all ..
    still not a good idea to make it now imo ... could as well be another 7 to 8 years to see a sequel especialy one from a smaller company like DBG ... and then IF it comes it better comes at a state were it offers enough content to get pleayers in cause people will ultimately judge it to PS 2 and PS 1, they will judge the content, they will judge the gameplay and the ballance .. and DBG will need some fresh ideas other than a graficsupdate to warrant such a sequel ...