RIP Planetside 2

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by CactusLynx, May 14, 2014.

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  1. Badname707

    First one to claim death and call it at the right time gets a prize!
  2. daniel696

    Half of the team fired, the game had peaks of 50k with updates, now gets only 13k, 20k players played in march 2013, now only 10k, one of the most visible and beloved dev of Planteside 2 gone, now in h1z1, a tentative to bring players to the new game making believe that SOE don't care much about Planetside 2 now with Landmark, EQN and h1z1 coming, the game is dying, in tecnical terms you can't deny.
  3. Badname707

    They've been saying the same thing since release.
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  4. daniel696

    And it's becoming all true facts. The game is dying and not dead yet, which means that slowly the game will lose his players, when half of the forums in every thread begins to speak about bored, not nice, lack of gameplay, lost of players, necessity of merging servers because there's no one around, and the youtubers begin to stop making videos and when does it's saying how bad the game is, it's because something is pretty wrong, you just won't see.
  5. MrMurdok

    Game has been dying since it's release. Like us, humans, dying since birth.

    We would appriciate some new content once the fires are over.
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  6. xThundergodx

    PlanetSide is losing players quite fast, it has being only a year and a half and we already had a bunch of server merges. Every online game tends to lose players overtime the problem is how fast they leave, and on this case it is rather fast. Hard to tell when the game will die, alot of its longevity is resting on the PS4 realease if it successfull it can increase the game lifeline alot but if it flops i wouldnt really see this game lasting anymore than 2 years or so.

    Unlike any other FPS game on the market that can survive with small populations so long there is enough people to fill in a couple matches PlanetSide depends on large populations to keep the game viable and that works heavily against its longevity. Say we were down to 300 players spread across all 3 factions all day on 1 server do you think it would be enough to keep the game fun? I dont, 300 players is alot for match type FPS, but here 300 players spread around 3 soon to be 4 continents and dozens of bases to fight on amounts to nothing. People would soon get bored because they cant find a good battle and big fights that are this game most attractive feature would be non existent.
  7. Tommyp2006

    I think that, plus limiting players to a single continent would be a nice help to off hours play.

    You're right. While PS2's concept is fantastic in theory, it tends to fall flat once the game's population falls off. Really hurts the longevity of the game. This might be why there are so few MMOFPS games out there. At least MMORPGs have NPCs to keep the players buisy and make the game feel alive. NPCs wouldn't work in PS2s enviroment so it relies entirely on player population.
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  8. omegaflarex

    RIP to Planetside 2 as well; the first year was a TOTAL BLAST! We loved it! Now the dev decided to cater to whiners and completely decimated the whole faction. Favoritism fell to devs as well like Higby -- he should have gotten fired a LONG TIME AGO! He needs to go!

    Planetside 1 was the best! Planetside 2 was nothing compared to Planetside 1 in terms of replay and contents!

    Mistakes (con):

    - Should have introduced content locks in the first place.
    - Made VS looks dumb.
    - Sony made faction a theme-less faction.
    - Barely any contents added.
    - Cosmetic was a big mistake.
    - Made VS squishy, very squishy. Offensive power is a complete joke.
    - Zen Overdrive was good for a while until devs caters to the crybabies.
    - Armor Piercing ammo like in PS1 for VS? They didn't add it.
    - Made this game COD-ish. This is one of the biggest mistake.
    - Made this game into Major Gaming League - another big mistake. Battlefield 4 and COD belongs to that category.
    - Armor and shield is useless, even for MAX. Planetside 1 did this correctly with three layers: shield, armor, and health. Planetside 2 only had shield and health.
    - This game intended audience is for die-hard battlefield and COD fans. Another big mistake.
    - No contents, nothing.
    - Factions aren't really balanced. But it was okay.
    - Orbital Strike?!?!?!? Devs, again, caters to crybabies.


    - Graphic is amazing!
    - Game engine handled population very well.
    - Tank-fest onslaught!
    - Good sounds.
    - Fun and good replayability until it turns to crap - blame Higby on this one.
    - That's pretty much it.
    - Weapon add-on is a plus!
    - New weapons every month or so - fantastic!
    - Marketing system to buy weapon is a plus!
    - Zerg-fest (depending on the time of the day/night).
  9. Raka Maru

    I'm seeing youtubers jumping ship, I'm seeing things being brought in that are not relevant, I'm not seeing the playerbase being listened to, I'm seeing this evolve into a generic FPS with more people.

    What happend to the Planetside ruleset? What happend to PS1 mechanics? We're just another FPS now...

    Make this game stand out. Give us depth like we had in PS1 minus the hackers and imbalance.

    Can't think of much more to say that hasn't been said already. Get some minds on the team that built PS1.

    The people who wanted a "new" Planetside that wasn't PS1 got what they wanted, and now we have this... At least it's not a 12v12 deathmatch, but behaves the same way. Go find the old devs and designers and you can recover SOE. I wouldn't even be here (on forumside) if I didn't care.
  10. Mystogan

    Well, game maybe wasnt so balanced long time ago (Harassers etc) but it was FUN. The problem is: they are nerfing fun things becasue they try to make this game competetive and even. But players didnt come here to be "competetive" but to have fun, to kill ,destroy to have a nice time after work with friends. And SOE is killing their strongest sides becasue they are nerfing everything that is working and players have fun with it. If people want to be competetive there are MUCH more FPS games that are better at it. And PS2 was suppose not to be CoD or BF.

    But right now: People are upset. PS2 is Combined Arms game. Means that there is a LOT players that enjoy doing here ar particular thing (ESF, Tank, Harasser, infantry, MAX etc)- and that is fun for them. Few people play EVERYTHING. Most stick to favourites that other games do not have.

    So- if they are nerfing ESFs, nerfing tanks, wanted to nerf HA shield, nerfing LMGs, nerfing Harasser, nefring Harasser weapons, nerfing tanks and do not try even to buff and revamp things that are broken (Canister, Marauder, many weapons)- people quit. Becasue in "balancing" in game worst thing you can choose is to nerfing things that are working, not trying to buff those that are weak. People dont like playing what is weak, they want to play what is EFFECTIVE.

    PS2 is not material for MLG or E-Sport game. It should have just stayed as it was, fun game to destroy enemies and force them to use counters. But Devs thought "so many players are crying on forum- lets nerf all those players who learnt how to use all good things becasue the cry babies will leave!!! $$$ is leaving". And nerf, nerf, nerf. Results- all dedicated players who are great at what they are doing are getting bored, upset and they are leaving. Cry babies- they left, becasue even after nerf they still suck. And so SOE lost first part of players. And it still continues.

    If everything is nefred to the level of "non effective" things- players quit, because why bother?

    Same is with me- if they wont revamp TR and NC AI secondaries and one more tank nerf or they will do this HA nerf- I also quit, becasue they are killing all the fun I have in this game.

    But they are blind and Everquest showed that they are bunch of chickens.
  11. Crashsplash

    I must admit I was shocked at Miller populations last night.

    I already knew that day-time pops had fallen of but last night for the first time in quite a while I was logged on from just after 11pm to 12 midnight.

    Amerish and Esamir was absolutely deserted apart from a few ghost capping for xp (shame) and one mcy in a lib (shamex2).

    There only appeared to be one Indar fight and a small one at that.

    The thing is I don't recall ps1 being as bad as that at a later stage in that game's cycle. I think the absolute populations would probably not be a lot different but the metagame* allowed more engaging fights to happen.

    Again and againf I have to come back to the metagame issue. ps2 needs it, it has needed it for a long time but now it is becoming urgent. I am generally not a 'catastrophist' ie one who see catastrophe everywhere but I waqs truly shocked to see the state of the server as it was.

    * (inter-continental lattice plus command+cooperation)
  12. FigM

    Many old players are quitting out of frustration cause they see SOE keep moving in the wrong direction. Sometimes they improve things, sometimes they mess things up. In the long term, the gameplay itself doesn't seem to get any better. There's no real vision, there's no real commitment

    it's like this game is being designed by a committee
  13. Crashsplash

    I'd say it's more like they've done what they want to do and the only thing left to do is to keep it going as long as they can, which means adding weapons and cert targets to encourage spending and grinding.

  14. eldarfalcongravtank

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  15. DG-MOD-04

    Locking this up for being non-constructive.
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