RIP Planetside 2

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by CactusLynx, May 14, 2014.

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  1. CactusLynx

  2. Tommyp2006

    Welcome to middle of the night european time.
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  3. Deax18

    Hi, pls i need know if the server is down?, i cant play.
  4. Beeman

    Those charts show me that Planetside 2 isn't looking as grim as people seem to think it is. Instead, it's maintaining pretty steady numbers. The servers just thin out a lot at night, which we already know.

    So...I don't know, things are fine. Movin' right along~
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  5. z1967

    Well, pops are slightly lower by about 100 players compared to a few days ago. Which was a double xp weekend. You can't just hold people to standards like that :|
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  6. Divinorium

    These charts shows players of all plataforms, Steam and no steam users, or just one in specific?

    Because if it's across all plataforms.... 1600 top when we are supposed to bet 500x500x500 per continent makes me wonder.... why they are doing hosin? It's not about time to merge server in the same coast/place?
  7. UberBonisseur

    Do you think SOE aimed to reach a critical mass of whales a year after release ?

    Neither did I, for a game that was supposed to change the landscape of the FPS genre forever.
  8. LibertyRevolution

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  9. Beeman

    I'm not sayin' there's no room for improvement, I'd love to see those numbers get tripled or even quadrupled. But Planetside 2 is far from dead and those numbers kind of show it.

    That said, I think we can all agree that they've got a lot of work ahead of themselves if they intend to increase player populations and make this a truly groundbreaking title. I still say they should consider doing what FFXIV did >.>
  10. Divinorium

    I'm curious what FFXIV did?
    I mean i was on the beta and didn't like it.... it was so much hype some time ago and now i barely see anyone talking about it...
  11. Beeman

    When FFXIV first went into beta, people were unhappy with it. I played it...for only like an hour so I didn't really form much of an opinion on it, but a lot of people found it to be...disappointing, I guess. They released it anyways because Sony had confidence in the brand name, I guess. FFXIV flopped...hard. Months and months of patches, content updates and promises later, it was still struggling to survive.

    SO, they reverted the game back to a beta state, effectively un-releasing it. Then they started revamping a lot of the mechanics and what-not to make it more...acceptable based on user feedback, testing and whatever else. Then they re-released FFXIV and it was and is rather successful. Not the most successful MMO out there, but it's doing a lot better than it was originally. Closing things down for a year-ish to focus hardcore on development really helped reinvigorate peoples' interest in it.

    Kind of like Vista and Windows 7. Vista came out and had so many problems, people learned to hate the product based on its name...even after it was all fixed up and great. SO, Microsoft re-released Vista with some core tweaks and additions as Windows 7 and's a beautiful thing that people can really get behind.
  12. UberBonisseur

    The best option to bring players back would be to pull a re-release, getting a lot of videogame press covering it, backed up by good word of mouth. Right now I have a hard time recommending the game because I'd have to pretend really hard to entirely ignore the flaws.
  13. Divinorium

    Interesting.... and indeed a thing that could be done... But let's be fair.... Planetside name doesn't hold enough "power" to it to happen.

    IMO Planetside will live more 2~3 years because of the PS4 release, then they will move to the next project. Sad but it's true.

    PS: Talking with some friends that played in the BETA with me i think the general opinion of non players of Planetside 2 is: "The game who promised alot and didn't deliver 1/10 of it."

    I mean look at the Planetside2 website, they still brag about 123156489789 awards won while in the beta.... when for players on general it was a HUGE let down in the release....
  14. Leftconsin

  15. Morchai

    As a night owl, I advocate encouraging night time play with double experience late nights. :)
  16. Beeman

    I'd support a re-release, but unfortunately...I don't think they'd go for it just yet. The Playstation version is just around the corner. If that flops, then perhaps they'd consider it...but that would be a year away from now at minimum for them to come to that conclusion.
  17. Pikachu

    I want release level populations again. -.- I couldnt even log into LithCorp because all 3 continents already had 2000 players. 6 EU servers instead of 4. 3 USA west coast servers instead of 1. 4 USA east coast servers instead of 2.
  18. LibertyRevolution

    Since off peak players have less targets to kill, I agree that off peak player should get an XP bonus.
    You have to work way harder to kill 100 guys at 3am than you do at 9pm, due to the difference in volume of players.
    There should be some form of compensation.
  19. Tentakewls

    Current pop is around half of what it was in May of last year. Im expencting pop to keep going down thanks to balance ( or just libs really ) and the fact that the two most important things in the roadmap keep getting delayed ( continent lock and resource revamp ). But hey, new ( irrelevant ) guns are coming!
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  20. smokemaker

    Nerf something quick!!!!!

    Nerf something.....then the players will come back...

    Ya nerf'ed me right out of the game....

    Enjoy your squirt guns.
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