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  1. L1ttlebear

    Now i know that many of you want this game to go in the OPPOSITE direction of BF3 and COD and I 100% agree! BF3 does have the occasional gem idea though that i think would be a good addition to the game.

    A lot of people complain that the HA is the ultimate class. they are strong, have great guns, shields and rockets. Is there anything that they CANT handle?!?!?!

    I play HA a lot, i love it but i feel as though the HA needs to be a little more specified so what i suggest is making the HA's rifles act like they do in BF3! While standing and running the gun is worthless and jumps a LOT but while against objects like windowsills or boxes, the gun would bipod into an extreamly accurate and devastating LMG. This would make HA's really good at pushes and supporting fire in a way that no other class can aside from the engineer MANA turret but would keep them from being OP in CQB.

  2. VanuSovereignty

    HA can't handle a lot of things
    • Shotgun to the face
    • 2 pistol shots and a knife to the back
    • Battle galaxy
    • Liberator
    • Good ESF
    • 2-3 AP mines in the same place
    • C4
    • Prowler HE/HEAT
    There's a lot more to list. It would probably break the forums if I typed them all out.
  3. GSZenith

    throw conc nade number 1, rush in rocket someone, throw conc nade 2, empty your 100LMG, throw conc nade 3, empty your pistol, knife whoever is left, unless NC then you never made it pass the door.
  4. SgtScum

    Accourding to the devs they initially have the game running with bf3 like mechanics to draw in the hords of brain dead quick scope cod junkies.

    Then over time the devs want to slowly bring in more and more strategic options so as not to scare the coddies away.

    A good outfit can probably reform many coddies well before then too.
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  5. Tantal

    I think the biggest problem with this idea is that we don't have prone or that many things you could deploy on.

    Additionally, deploying and using environment for aim stability is not something that BF3 invented. Red Orchestra had that and it was released in 2006, and I wouldn't be surprised if one or two games had that before.
  6. Zaik

    We don't and most likely won't have prone ever, making bipods equally pointless.

    Also they already tried having LMGs being useless as far as accuracy goes to keep the HA spam down, we would just all pull heavys, shoot rockets at armor, then pull medics so we could actually play the game. That was back in beta.