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    About RIP:

    RIP is a competitive, "point hold ops" style PlanetSide 2 outfit that is based on having fun, improving skill sets and winning. While our outfit is all about having fun, when it’s time for serious gameplay; all players are expected to be ‘switched on’. Although we are a competitive outfit, in the end, it’s a game and we are all here to have fun in a great community. We are first and foremost a group of friends, and will only let members in who get along with everyone.

    If you like big outfits that use overwhelming numbers, then RIP isn't for you.

    We will usually run ops lasting 2 hours on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6.00 p.m. till 8.00 p.m. West Australian timezone (GMT +8). Please note that it is not compulsory to attend, However if you are in game you must attend on ops night.

    Here are a few basic guidelines for being a member of RIP.

    • Play your class and follow the leaders orders. These are the foundations.
    • TeamSpeak is MANDATORY, do make sure you have it installed, this is for the ease of communicating with one another, especially during ops time. Microphone is preferd however exception can be made.
    • There is to be no casual chatter while we are doing a point hold or any form of ops, however between bases its okay
    • Be active with squad ops/teamspeak etc etc. Pleblicant members will be removed from the outfit after 1 month of inactivity (ingame or teamspeak) unless prior arrangement is made.
    • Avoid conflicts with squad leaders and among your outfitmates as this is a tight-knit outfit compared to most, it's important for us to keep things smooth between all members.
    • Have at least a level 1 spawn beacon.
    • You will have to run AT LEAST 2 squad-ops sessions with us before your application will be accepted. This is to see if you suit our fast paced style; and mesh well with our existing community.
    To apply, Please fill out an application here or message Pedrotski in game:
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  2. pedrotski

    New year, New season. Want to be apart of a tight group team? Drop your application in the website or come and run with us ingame!
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