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  1. lyravega

    36kmh = 10m/s.

    How can afterburner help you outrun a lock-on missile? Sorry; I lack a bit of knowledge, but to my knowledge, rockets fly at 100m/s right?

    Does it allow you to outrun these by making rockets run out of their lifetime (fuel) due to increased deltaV? Or, is something missing :p
  2. Aesir

    You probably missed the AV Mana Turret nerf down to 4,75 seconds life time on a missile. Not to mention that AV Mana Missiles have an average of 100m/s, they start and end at different speeds.

    Edit. stupid me this is about LockOns ...
  3. teks

    I don't think it does outrun lockons....
  4. Flag

    Predictive tracking on the missiles + terrain + ability to "maybe" put the terrain between you in the time it takes the missile to hit you (not long) = maybe evaded missile.
  5. GoyoElGringo

    Indeed the G2A missile does, but you need upgraded fuel pods to so. In a Reaver, watching the red dot on the minimap, it appears that the missile goes at about the same speed and eventually runs out of fuel and dies.

    While I'm definitely on board with a debate over whether or not a G2A missile should have a maximum travel time, I don't think debates about realism have any place in PS2. Obviously, the game style is influenced by modern wars to a degree, but at this point, the focus should be on balanced gameplay, and not making the game more realistic. I know the whole theme is about a futuristic war where, one would assume, weaponry should be more advanced and effective than modern weaponry, but being that it's already an arcade shooter, realism takes a back to gameplay.
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  6. Kurohagane

    if you are far away from the lock-on source and have full afterburners you can buy enough time to make the rocket disappear before it hits you
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  7. MajiinBuu

    If you are far away you might be able to last until it the rocket runs out of fuel.
    I use racer 3 and max afterburners, G2A rockets still eventually hit me at full speed
  8. IamnotAmazing

    you can't, but you can get out of their range (450meters) causing them to loose their lock and afterburners help a ton with this
  9. Flag

    You can evade it with help from the terrain, but ... it's not reliable.
    But you can!
  10. IamnotAmazing

    it's reliable if you get behind the mountain before the missile starts following you around the side, if that happens it's going to hit, but if you can get there in time it's reliable.
  11. Flag

    I believe they changed all launchers to be predictive in their tracking, for better or worse.
  12. GoyoElGringo

    You should be able to outrun G2A rockets every time. However, if the rocket is too close, it eventually catches up. But if you start to fly away once the lock-on starts, you can easily outrun it. I do it constantly....like every couple of minutes in a hot area. I tend to save my flares for those moments when I know I'm gonna get hit.
  13. lyravega

    Hmm, I've done some testing.

    -If you "wobble" a little bit while flying, the rocket will go nuts, and waste extra time trying to catch you.
    -If you are flying straight, depending on the point of launch, missile will catch you.
    -However, if you managed to start afterburning in time, and the launcher was not close to you, it will not be able to catch you in its lifetime.
    -+25m/s for Striker means that the dude locking on you is exposing himself for at most 5.3-8.6 seconds (still easy pray)
  14. MajiinBuu

    BTW what is the life time of a G2A rocket?
    I've afterburned hundreds of meters from the HA but the rocket still catches me.
    I'm gonna try that
  15. Pixelshader

    i've had rockets hit me on the last few bars of ab in a racer 3 reaver doing over 360, by which time i'm sure that i was moving exactly directly away from the rocket so they would have to be moving at more than 100m/s to close the gap

    i mean, doing the math, the angle would have to be over 12.7 degrees to get the speed of a 369km/h reaver below 360km/h away from the rocket, and i'm pretty sure it's at most one or two degrees off perfectly straight after near a full tank in a straight line, starting from close to a straight line directly away, so i have no idea what is going on if all the g2a launchers bar striker are listed as 100m/s

    either the speed reading in the esf is wrong somehow, the listed speed for g2a launchers is wrong, the game doesn't use the same units for meters and km the world does, or i'm getting the estimated angle really wrong
  16. GoyoElGringo

    Yes, but if you are paying attention the rocket won't be that close most of the time. It's easy to create enough distance before the rocket even fires. I'd say that most of time I'm able to outrun them.
  17. MajiinBuu

    So every time you see the little warning in the corner you leave the battle to avoid that one rocket that might hit you?
  18. Tar

  19. GoyoElGringo

    Depends. If I know where the rocket is coming from, I can usually hide behind something to block it, or even kill the person shooting it. If I have flares, I can pop them to finish what I'm doing, and then run until my flares are ready again. Or if It's just one person, I know I can eat the rocket and finish what I'm doing if I don't have flare ready. But as a general rule, if it's a big battle, then I either need to pop flares or get away because I don't know exactly where the rocket is coming from, or if it's just one rocket.

    And besides, leaving the area takes me out of the fight for such a short period of time that it's not even a problem. It's usually far worse to eat a rocket for numerous reasons.