Rework the guerilla warfare mission

Discussion in 'Light Assault' started by Akashar, May 18, 2022.

  1. Akashar

    Not sure if I should post this here, but I complete everyday my different missions, and one that I struggle mostly with is Guerrilla warfare. Killing 15 people is fine, running around is also fine (even if a bit pointless as objectives go) but it's the last one, damaging people while flying, which really grinds my gears.
    A good LA never goes for a fight mid air, it's really where they're the most vulnerable. He uses the jetpack to flank and attack from unexpected (often high) angles.
    My suggestion here is to replace :
    "damage people while flying" by "kill 15 people from at least 5 meters above"
    "kill 15 people" by "destroy 3 vehicles" => no emphasis is put in this mission otherwise on the LA role of burst damage on sundies and MBT which is often a good use for it
    "run around 500 meters " by "fly around 100 meter"

    What do you think ?
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  2. Liewec123

    its a fairly easy mission, it doesn't matter how much damage,
    so if you're VS use drifter jets and horizon and you can get 3 'ticks' every shot at 600 RPM.
    for NC i've found lasersight bandit with drifters to be a good one
    and for tr you can't go wrong with a fast RPM carbine like kindred.

    but yes i keep saying it'd be better if all of the class missions were turned into percentages,
    so you can do any of the tasks to complete the mission.

    Guerrilla Warfare for example could change from:

    Kill enemy players as a Light Assault. (0/15)
    Damage enemy players while airborne. (0/30)
    Meters travelled on foot. (0/500)


    Kill enemy players as a Light Assault. (5% per kill)
    Damage enemy players while airborne. (0.5% for each tick of damage.)
    Time spent airborne. (0.1% per second in flight.)

    the walking around one was pretty stupid anyways so we should replace it with time spent airborne,
    but with a change to a percentage based system you simply play whatever class you want
    and you will complete the mission for that class after doing whatever you want for awhile.

    just fly around getting damage ticks but not many kills? don't worry you'll complete the mission.
    not flying around at all but you're farming kills? don't worry you'll complete the mission.
  3. Akashar

    Globally a percentage would also be good, but i'd really like to get rid of the flying thing, it's not that interesting, and hard to fit in classic playstyles.
  4. Zazamel

    I think having it being "damage enemies while airborne OR damage enemies from above" would be much better.