[Suggestion] REWORK SKILLS - Fire Suppression System/Rampart Projector/Nimitz Reactor

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  1. 4EMODAN

    ampart Projector:
    separate the health of the shield from the tank, make the shield susceptible to small arms damage, remove the addition of armor, give the shield 250 health so that shooters can remove the health of the shield from conventional weapons (the principle of the collos's shield) and the shield disappears when receiving 1 tank shot, do not damage the health of the tank taking 15 seconds to recharge.
    Fire Suppression System:
    replace with invisibility of the tank for 4 seconds with a reload time of 50 seconds.
    Nimitz Reactor:
    remove the regeneration recharge, make the regeneration 20 units per second.
  2. RabidIBM

    The last thing this game needs is more invisible vehicles.
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  3. Liewec123

    Why did you make a new thread on the same topic as the one you made yesterday,
    When you haven't even responded to anything in that thread? o_O
    Should we all just copy and paste our answers from there?

    Also separating the rampart shield health from the tank would seriously nerf it.
    It currently turns your tank into a meaty 6000 heath wall which can be repaired,
    If they seperate the health they would need to seriously nerf the shield health, and it probably wouldn't be repairable.
    If you read your thread from yesterday I gave a few scenarios that I like to use rampart in which it does really well,
    Your change would make it sucks in those scenarios where it is useful,
    it isn't supposed to be a damage mitigation cooldown.

    The only change I would like to see is for the shield to not be affected by directional damage,
    Perhaps this would require making the prowler always use forward resistance while shield is active,
    And I'd be OK with that.

    What I will say though is good idea for Numbnutz Reactor, it should definitely be a constant regen.
  4. Demigan

    250 health Rampart is nothing. A commisioner could ruin it and since you are likely to deploy at range the secondary of an MBT is more likely to hit the shield first (besides that it would be more efficient to get out, fire 2 or 3 shots with your Engi weapon and then get back in).

    Fire suppression needs a buff, but a moment of stealth? I would rather combine it with smokescreen and make smokescreen more useful to boot. Like the smoke removes all spots from people inside and you can leave a trail for X seconds. At low graphics it should just create a blackened dome instead of smoke.

    Your suggestion for the Numbnutz reactor makes it worse. 20 health per second means 50 seconds to regenerate to full. At minimum it would need to regenerate 50hp per second to be equal to current regen times, and then its still a numbnutz reactor.
    I would rather push the Vanguard into the "slap on prototype weapons" role that NC is supposed to have rather than "make it tough". Lets say you can electrify the hull and cause electric ablation on enemy infantry and tanks within X distance? Or we get Sabot ammunition allowing our shots to penetrate one target (but for balance reasons the AOE happens only on the first target hit).
  5. Liewec123

    I think 50 would be a bit too high demi, if we make it constant it will pretty much work like damage reduction,
    So regen needs to be fairly low to not make it op, I think 30 would be about right to warrant the defensive slot.

    I'd absolutely run Numbnutz if it was a constant 30 regen.
    Although I shouldn't need to, since vanguard is the only MBT without a built in ability
    we should make Nimitz constantly repair for 20-25 and make it baseline :)
  6. Demigan

    I wouldnt like it either way. Toughness is not the NC traits we should be looking into. Toughness is an ability that is only active on vehicles that are being hit while maneuverability and increased damage output are abilities that work for every vehicle on the field. The Vanguard already has some extra health as its toughness, having both a shield ability and the numbnuts reactor just forces the Vanguard into facetanking everything and forcing enemies into a facetank attacks as well.

    Give the Vanguard some nice abilities! Like the ability to hit shift and boost your engine for a short while, increased ram damage to enemies, decreased damage from rams, the ability to push away vehicles and an increased reverse max speed.
    Or the penetration ability to try and hit vehicles or infantry behind the target.
    Being able to charge up the main gun for a lower DPS but highee damage and velocity shell (they had this ability on the PTS for the VS secondary gun).
    I think the concept art of the Vanguard had a bulldozer to clear mines with. Thats too niche and as passive not very balanced. So instead we metal it up and use the Sherman Crab system*. However instead of actual chains it uses hardlight chains to whip and ram anything in front of it. This clears mines... or infantry and can even deal (light) damage to tanks. Hold shift to activate it, limited energy.

    Get the Vanguard something that fits that prototype vibe NC is supposed to have so we can move away from "just make it tougher" ideology that has been the staple for NC for so long.

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  7. 4EMODAN

    250 health will increase the tank's survivability, as the shield disappears and does not become a huge red spot
  8. brutes359

    Fun fact, the NC Vanguard in its concept stage was supposed to have a deploy feature that turned it into an artillery piece. I would personally settle for giving it a charging rail cannon, like a mini version of the one we see on the colossus.

    The prowler meanwhile was supposed to have a three shot burst cannon and be able to carry infantry who could fire out of weapon ports.....I wonder were that design got shunted to.....oh right, the new NS tank.

    If we are to give the vanguard a unique ability, I think it should be artillery's. slow fire rate, cant aim downward will unpacked, but can fire arcing shots into enemy positions. Or how about a mine dropper feature where it blasts out a spray of low damage mini mines over a large area. They wont likely kill a tank on their own, but they would definitely benefit the vanguard when its fighting other tanks in CQC like the magrider.

    Or we could give it a stealth generator....that only works when its standing still. It would give the vanguard some excellent ambush potential, allowing it to get closer to magriders before they can bug out.

    or we could give it an overcharge feature like the colossus, where it gains faster projectile speed and damage, but also damages itself with every shot. Good for those long range tank battles.

    a radiation emitter could be another one. Doing light damage to infantry that get too close and disabling vehicle abilities such as magburn. Or even an EMP field that causes any nearby enemy vehicles to move more slowly, allowing the vanguard to catch up. would be good for stopping magriders from running away.
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  9. 4EMODAN

    It would be cool