[Suggestion] Rework MBT Accessibility

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Alarox, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Alarox

    1.) Increase MBT cost to ~750 nanites.

    2.) Allow MBTs to be pulled at tank terminal's outside the warpgate regardless of Tech Plant control.

    3.) Change the Tech Plant benefit to: "reduces MBT cost to 450 nanites".

    MBT acquisition with a Tech Plant would be exactly the same way it is now.

    What would change is how MBT aquisition works without a Tech Plant. Instead of only being able to pull at the warpgate you would be able to pull at any tank terminal. However, it would take all (or nearly all) of your resources.


    There are two reasons I propose this:
    • Factions without a Tech Plant are at a massive disadvantage.
    I do want base benefits to be a major strategic objective. However, right now I think not having a Tech Plant is too significant a disadvantage. I think that my suggestion will alleviate this while keeping Tech Plants imperative to hold.
    • As a tanker, if we don't control a Tech Plant on a continent then I probably can't play there.
    If the battle is closer to our warpgate then it isn't as much of a problem. But often times I have to drive 3-5 minutes just to get to a fight (which may end or become bad for a tank by the time I get there).

    The best example is Esamir which is a great continent for tank battles. The problem is that only one faction can have a Tech Plant and Esamir's control is usually split 33/33/33. I can drive for 5 minutes to get to the fight or I can stick with Indar and get into a fight right away. Unfortunately it is almost always the latter.
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  2. Inex

    Is this actually an issue anywhere but Esamir? For the other continents there's always a Tech close enough that if you don't have it, then you're close enough to the Warpgate for it not to matter.

    It sounds like you're getting easier travel times on Esamir, but trading away cost on all four continents to do it.
  3. Alarox

    Ex: Having NE Amerish but not having Heyoka (happens all the time and mountains increase travel time from warpgate).

    Ex: Having any warpgate on Hossin but not having your respective Tech Plant (they're designed to be far away).

    Ex: Esamir of course.

    Ex: Having northern Indar but losing Mao Tech (your SW front line is kilometers away from the warpgate and Mao).

    I probably notice this more because of all the times I see places I want to tank, but situations like the above occur.
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  4. Inex

    A bit of that is fight choice though. N.Indar - Mao is a problem if you want to go fight at Quartz Ridge, but Mao itself almost touches the Warpgate. I could just as easily argue that taking Mao back should probably take precedence over the Quartzgrinder.

    Hossin is actually a perfect example of what I was talking about. The tech plants there are nearly dead center between the WGs, so once you've lost one falling back to the WG isn't that bad. Again, assuming that you aren't trying to fight at Offal Pit from the South WG while not owning a Tech.

    That being said, I get that having to do the solo drive out to the front lines is a pain. Especially because you know that all it takes is some Lib to be wandering around looking for free certs and you've just wasted your time and Nanites. Hurting the ability of people to pull tanks from the WG in order to make an armor push to retake the Tech doesn't seem like the right answer though. Maybe that's solvable by just saying WG is always 450 though?

    Or maybe even make it so that MBTs are always available from tank terminals, but are also available from regular terminals if you own Tech (perhaps with your suggested price modifier?).
  5. Alarox

    That's what I was thinking, although I can't edit the OP.
  6. 159123

    your in the wrong game if you don't want tanks In this game. what you suggested is a bit insane.
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  7. FBVanu

    Alarox, not a bad idea. But isn't the second phase of the resource system going to change things? (if and when it gets implemented)
  8. Alarox

    How so?

  9. DFDelta

    Accuses one of the premier forumside tankers of not wanting any tanks in the game because he made a suggestion which would make tanks more easiely available.

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  10. AshHill07

    Maybe not 750, and maybe make it 450 from warp gate regardless of tech plant (So factions shoved to the warp gate actually have a CHANCE to push back), but I can definitely get behind the idea that this suggestion is trying to bring forward.
  11. Hoki

    I'm against this idea because if lightnings are not an adequate fill-in, something is wrong.

    That being said the lightning is badass. I often prefer it to the prowler. I sort of treat the prowler as a lightning with a walker turret.

    I don't feel that TR is at a massive disadvantage when only lightnings are available. If NC or VS have become so reliant on their secondaries, then I think having to cope without them from time to time is a good thing.
  12. doombro

    I like this, however, I think it needs to go a step further.

    450 MBT price across the board, Tech plants give discount. And the discount stacks.
  13. Alarox

    I wish.
  14. vanu123

    I want my tanks to be "tankier". I just have a problem with tanks fearing infantry and not the other way around. I hate bringing realism into video games but what sense does it make that infantry just mindlessly charge vehicles without a second thought. No one in their right mind would try to charge an M1Abrams would they.
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  15. vanu123

    Raise the cost to 700-750, restore HE/HEAT to their former effectiveness, give tanks blockade armor (wouldn't stop C4 but would grant slightly more resistance to rockets, AP, turrets, etc.), give tanks a coaxial LMG/HMG/PewPew to aid against infantry and light armor.
    Tanks need to be more effective against infantry not the other way around.
  16. CWorth

    Of course they would'nt charge the tank because modern infantry actually have proper anti-tank weapons to knock a MBT out from hundreds of yds away in a single hit aka..Javelin Missle, Carl Gustav, Dragon just to name a few
  17. Inex

    The MBT is already competing with the Harasser for price. If anything needs a discount, it's the Lightning.
  18. Sixstring

    Honestly tanks just need major durability buffs outright,especially against infantry, Lately I've realized I get way more done in a Harasser simply because of how the game works,you can't soak up tons of infantry AV attempting to get into range to kill the enemy in a tank but in a Harasser you're usually moving too fast for them to target you,also people are more likely to fear harassers and are more likely to just outright run from you where as in a tank they are more likely to confront you head on because they know their numbers will easily overwhelm you and you're too slow to get away in most cases. Compound infantry AV is a problem in this game when everyone can just pull a heavy assault (especially with lock-on's) and virtually shut down enemy vehicles at longer ranges than the tanks can effectively fight them.
  19. LT_Latency

    The would have to make resources mean something before they would work.

    Everything is almost free right now
  20. KnightCole

    Or Esamir could be redesigned, remove several smaller bases and add more then 1 tech plant.