Rework MAX: More HP, More expensive, Less speed

Discussion in 'MAX' started by Cheers, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. Cheers

    MAX is a tank.
    Really? Is it...
    Haven't seen any of those yet.
    Heavy Assault is way much better tank than MAX,
    MAX is pretty mobile, it's shame (I play MAX alot) because it is counted as heavy infantry.
    MAX can't take same punishment than Heavy Assault can. HA's Shield even block fall damage (... why?).
    Heavy Assault can be "repaired" healed much more easier and faster than max.

    Make MAX more heavy, slightly more hit points. Make it also much more expensive. Double it cost, or even triple it if needed. It's almost vehicle, why it is even so cheap? Slow it down, it's tanky class, not a race car.

    About weaponry wont even say a word.. At current state MAX is horrible class to play (without personal engineer babysitting you)

    If you are going to keep MAX as it is, please switch position between MAX and Heavy Assault because heavy assault is real tank at the moment. Nuff said!
  2. mareign

    The MAX isn't near mobile enough at the moment. In PS1 those ****ers could damn near run as fast as tanks. If MAXs were more mobile they might be used more than just guarding or pushing through a doorway. As it stands you pretty much just pull a MAX and sit there with it. It could use a damage reduction against infantry weapons but a HA isn't ANYWHERE near as durable as a MAX. It's just not. Bad exaggeration.

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