[Suggestion] Reward for playing 1st person View Harasser.

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  1. AuricStarSand

    First person view for harasser is pretty much the only skill evolution to harasser driving; after you've flipped; juked; jumped off mountains; & all that with normal 3rd person view. Their's nothing left to do skill wise.

    Harassers aren't very good verse tanks anymore; for the same level of vehicle killstreaks that tanks go on these days. since rumble repairs were taken.

    So the only 2 evolutions for harasser vet skill lvls:

    1) Turn harasser to have some type of 6 speed shift

    Or / And

    2) Allow 1st person view to have perks.

    While some may argue that 1st person view is possible to kill with; well earn kills for your gunner; yes.
    However it is by far a more awareness demanding view point that has limitations; unlike 3rd person view.

    Meaning I just drove my 1st person view harasser into a gulch and 4 prowlers shot me to death; because I couldn't see them. Meanwhile 1st person view is funner to drive, for practice's sake or to try something new for harasser.

    So The only justification to pick 1st person view over 3rd person for a daredevil harasser; who flips over most hills. & can't see a damn thing when I'm landing. Why would I pick 1st person view? It def requires flat ground, not tons of Amerish Silver Valley grass hills.

    Simple suggestion: " give buffs to 1st person view practicers for harasser? "

    & If sunderer gets wayyy better turning + gets more movement speed + hill climbing without switching specs. Then toss sunderers 1st person view buffs.

    Speaking of Sunderers; The sunderer drive spec has to have +20 mph; +40% better hill climbing with no slip traction tires; & +60% better turning; all for one driving spec. Has everything one spec.
    Fyi; no their should not be a individual hill climbing spec, thats too boring to switch to.

    What are other driving specs for if not movement? Idk for added defense; for stationary extra battle bus slot for offense. Literally anything; tho the driving spec for sunderers has to do everything for one spec.

    What kind of buff does 1st person harasser get? Well the kind that would have 99% of Harasser drivers use 1st person more often then 3rd. & since 1st is so obstructive to see; you'd need to take some hits.

    99% of harasser's are only ever using 3rd person view. It's quite evident. Just go see any Harasser video and you'll almost never see the driver using 1st person view. It's for one too difficult & not rewarding for the added difficulty.

    Solution? Buff 1st person view with +1000 hp & +30 mph max speed. +20% turning rotation & +30% turbo.

    Even if that sounds like a lot; it's not. It'll still make most harasser not attain much with 1st person view & most won't go on killstreaks that rival tanks; even after mastering this view. So no this is not op. & would give harasser more reason to vet the style.

    Why +1000 hp, +30 mph, + 20% turning & +30% turbo? Because your view is limited with first person; you often have to rely on sound & intuition alone. Yet the mode is fun for driving; with gravity sfx.

    Yes 1st person has to have some turning buffs; because that's what makes that mode fun; turning. Dune buggie perspective = buff turns.

    I don't really play the turning spec ever. Only racer & daredevil.
    If anything I think the regular turning spec should turn to a drifting spec & give the other specs better turning.

    Would I play 1st person view with anything less then these buffs; anything less than 1,000 hp? no. You'll die from tanks; and stuff you don't see; maybe even c4 you can't see, can't see HA launchers.

    Buffs for 1st person view Harasser mode.

    From 3,000 health Harasser; to 4,000 health.

    From 99 / 124 mph top speed. To 130 / 154 MPH

    +30% turbo +20% turning.

    Or they can just make a spec for 1st person view, if that's too tough to implement. Seeing as the game would have to register when the person is in 1st person view; to gain said buffs.

    I think a mode that is mostly only allowing you to use 1st person view; yet still allows you to use 3rd person view for 10 seconds sounds good. So you may still see angles you can't see when driving, over hills, and avoid c4.

    I mention this for chat; near a 96vs96 fight. Everyone seems to find this idea sweet.