Revolt Against Developers

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by marcelomormaii, May 14, 2014.

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  1. EliteEskimo

    (adds Paragon Exile to the *players to seek out and destroy* list on the inside of my Prowler) I hope your violin is made of nanites or at least immune to Prowler Shells...;)

    On a more serious note though look at the list of updates and changes over the last year, almost all have been direct or indirect nerfs to tanks.

    I'd like to think that since they did such a piss poor job with the Liberator update and the Liberator update was more or less a complete joke content wise and the Dalton also got nerfed was evidence for them at least not really caring about Liberators. The buff they gave their armor was likely just SOE trying to get more baddies to fly so those baddies would also purchase the new composite armor so they could try and enjoy those new weapons whiling hovering in place without the worry of getting Instagibbed by MBT's and infantry who know how to aim dumbfire rockets. It's just a theory but not super far fected in my opinion.

    As for hating tanks.... well if you're willing to overlook all the nerfs for tanks for a straight year, the completely unnessary nerfs to the tank secondaries making most of them a downgrade to the Halberd, the massively broken beyond infantry render distance infantry AV weapons (Lancer and AV turret still don't render consistently past 300 meters), Flak armor buffs, and Esamir the tank continent getting transformed in Wallamir the "Walls, Walls Everywhere!" continent then yes I guess you could say the developers don't hate tanks at all.:rolleyes:
  2. Paragon Exile

    Bring it on TR dog! We will tear you into bloody ribbons!

    But yeah, that was in jest; tanks should be buffed. To what extent, I'm not qualified to say, but they should be more flexible and able to contribute directly to the fight rather than being purely support.
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  3. KnightCole

    They just hate tankers....they buff the Flyboys...then havent done the tankers any favors since.....ever really..
  4. Tommyp2006

    True... They did buff lockdown once! And then it was nerfed 3 times in a row...
  5. KnightCole

    Buffing lockdown!? Isnt that like buffing the reverse speed of the Vanguard? Pointless!?

    Lol....wouch...yeah, SoE hates tanks...
  6. Tommyp2006

    No actually. When the Prowler was origionally released, lockdown only gave a reload speed buff, and it wasn't a very big one. And no velocity buff at all. Prowlers weren't pulled very often at all, and when they were, they rarely used lockdown. Then they increased the reload speed buff and added the velocity buff in GU02 I think. After which, lockdown has gotten nothing but nerfs.
  7. JackD

    NC is fine, there was a time when we were UP but that time is long gone.
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  8. MostlyClueless

    Or like, half an hour using the Reaper DMR. Which is basically the same thing.
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  9. Epic High Five


    As though it'd even take that long. 30 minutes of Reaper DMR exposure would have him switching to the NC, 5 minutes is the maximum dose for theraputic value and no anti-spandex side effects
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  10. DFDelta

    SoE doesn't hate the NC, tankers, flybois or whatever.

    They hate EVERYONE. Equally.
  11. Udnknome

    The issue with our high recoil and high damage is that we get better with the weapon and figure out how to compensate for the high recoil. With the recoil negated, we seem OP with the high damage and get nerfed.

    Unfortunately this punishes the new players who haven't had enough experience to control the high recoil yet. Eventually the pendulum swings the other way, and we get over buffed and start the nerfs again. It's nothing personal, it's just part of being NC.
  12. Plunutsud pls

    Revolt Against Developers?

    inb4 lock
  13. sucoon

    the NC has on most Server Overpopulation and this anger is used to balance the factions /ironie off
  14. Kaegix

    Same old "Grass is always greener" mentality. Actually PLAY with the other factions and you'll see that things are equally hard (Unless you're a lib gunner, noob)
  15. MostlyClueless

    Uh. Which faction has the Jackhammer for Close Distance and the Reaper DMR/Gauss SAW/Razor for long again?

    I mean I love the TR's mid and Short don't get me wrong, but our Long Range is horrible thanks to our Horizontal Recoil faction trait. The only way we even got a good Long Range Carbine is by getting a copy of an NC one and the medic has to settle for a Burst fire weapon to get the job done where Horizontal Recoil won't factor in. Our Long Range LMG options are just all lackluster.

    On the flip side VS Short Range is lacking too. Their steady damage guns and low DPM don't suit the high damage burst "Reload and you die" area of close combat.
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  16. Loeffel

    Love dat post! So true...
    Every day one idea comes into my mind. A coordinate longtime operation! Every nosegun pilot should use coyotes to score/hour limit and weapon hold between them. Simply farm any ESF coyote noob until SOE will be forced to nerf them to death.
  17. TheFamilyGhost

    Remember when PS2 first started? The NC were the ones who began the culture of crying to get what they wanted. Look at where we are now, and here we go again.
  18. Rodinvac

    200dmg rounds of pure joy.
    All we need is to have the Gauss Burst be as good as the SABR, and I would play NC medic forever.

    ..well, except when I'm flying around with my ACX-11 and Razor.

    ...or melting faces with a Jackhammer.

    ...or Falcon-punching and slugging it up in a FREEDOM MAX.
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  19. Devrailis

    NC is truly blessed. We are Higby's chosen and the Auraxis Master Race. No one is as sexy as us. No one is as free. Our men are manly and our girls are tough. Our tanks are tanky, our MAXes buff. When we fight, our Phoenixes fill the air with the anthem of freedom and our Ravens, the chorus of victory. We march Into battle proudly wearing the Blue of our enemies endless tears and the Gold of our endless cert gain. There is no better faction than the NC, there is no real choice, only freedom.
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  20. Paragon Exile

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