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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by marcelomormaii, May 14, 2014.

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  1. marcelomormaii

    Planetside 2 is a fantastic game , but I do not understand why developers hate both NC faction and reduce the damage of weapons , vehicles leave the worst among other issues causing great anger player in NC .

    1 Why have you reduced the speed, accuracy , damage from bazooka gd 68 Hawk ( NC ) ? Now it is impossible to hit the mgraider or hit the enemy aircraft .

    2 Why besides reducing all specifications that bazooka gd 68 Hawk ( NC ) reduced the time you sync the crosshairs ? (really you hate CN aim to harm us every update )

    3 The max Tr and Vs are unsurpassed in long distance , medium distance and short distance, max enemies at any distance can cause critical damage or kill as many enemies have in place independent of distance. The maxs Tr and Vs need not aim to hit their opponents , they shoot to all sides and can knock down the enemy without aiming accurately . The Max Tr and Vs has 50 , 100 shots in each arm and throw infinitely beyond recharge (on recharge ) incredibly faster compared with NC Max . The max NC can only kill at close range and the shot must be accurate , Nc The max is 6 or 12 shots with each shot goes 3 or 4 , is a very big disadvantage compared to the max tr and vs . The max Tr and Vs is relentless in all away , I wonder why the developers have left much downside to NC . The max NC takes almost an eternity to reload even if we put additional items .

    4 Every Player of Fps know that one of the most important things in arms is not exactly the damage it causes , but the amount of damage that can cause the enemy in a short time, and this short time is called Fire Rate or Rpm then realized that the rpm is the speed at which the gun launches projectiles , the Rpm is especially important to short and medium distances . The highest Rpm NC is the Blitz Gd_10 845rpm ( walking distance) and the second is of Carnage Air 750RPM ( NC doctor) , in other words, we have only a weapon of good rpm 's weapon NC ( blitz gd_10 ) all other weapons NC have 620, 650 600 RPM while the other factions , TR and vS is the lowest RPM 750 all weapons vs TR and have a much higher rpm and accuracy of the CN .

    Note: This is my angst about the countless disadvantages NC features compared with other factions . Why are harmed every update ? have slower and without any precision weapons , while other factions are incredibly higher in this issue. Reduce all specifications of the Hawk 68 gd made ​​me very angry developers , this is not fair .
  2. Trudriban

    This here is a troll thread
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  3. Paragon Exile

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  4. Beeman

    I would say that you ought to spend a bit of time playing the other factions in Planetside 2 before complaining that NC is underpowered in any way.

    I mean, on my TR or VS characters, it often feels like NC is too powerful, always rockin' my team's world-view. But then when I'm playing NC or TR, it feels like Vanu are the powerful ones. I pretty much always feel inadequate compared to the factions that I'm not playing at the moment, I guess.

    Anyways, it's time-to-kill you're talking about with point number four, not fire rate. Fire rate is only a part of time-to-kill stats and in a decent FPS, the feel of a gun is more important than the TTK of it - that is to say that the TTK of any two guns would be relatively similar.
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  5. Devrailis

    Found in this forum, conclusive evidence that the devs hate, in no particular order:

    1) All VS Players

    2) All NC Players

    3) All TR Players (when they remember TR exists)

    4) Puppies

    5) Kittens

    6) Infantry Peasants
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  6. Epic High Five

    This is just silly

    NC is the best

    Your judgement is clouded somehow. I recommend a montage of self-discovery involving lots of meaningful gazing out to sea, staring at the depths and seeing your true nature reflected back as you as you try to come to grips with what it means to really be alive.
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  7. Trudriban

    You forgot the inspirational speech that comes after that montage, luckily I come prepared
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  8. Ronin Oni

    You forgot how they hate Tankers and Airboys too
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  9. EliteEskimo

    That's not even a joke though. Botched Liberator and ESF update + Almost straight tank nerfs for an entire year+ unasked for ES AV/AI secondary nerfs that leaves NS weapons to be the better option the majority of the time.
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  10. Dead soldier

    They Hate PILOTS, not randoms who hop in an ESF. The updates came with nothing really good that added a fun new method of flying.

    Coyotes were added causing rage because little aim required and completely reduces the need to dodge excessively.
    Hornets just move to slow and I'd kind of like them not to be guided.
    Antares/locust/kestrel are meant for new players yet cost 1000 certs

    Liberators gets Krap Duster and spur.
    Completely uncalled for lib resistance to tank shells
    Nerf on dalton vs libs
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  11. Epic High Five


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  12. Paragon Exile

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  13. Devrailis

    Tankers maybe, but the devs clearly have a Lib fetish.

    There must be something about the way that Dalton juts from that taught, shapely, Liberator belly, thrusting proudly from the Indar night sky as it releases its piercing, explosive payload unto its unsuspecting victims below, again and again, before turning upright to deliver a stream of hot, glowing death to the helpless ESF flyboys who underestimate its reach, accuracy and stamina...

    I mean, yes, the devs hate everyone. EVERYONE.
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  14. Nerp

    wah wah wah higby pls buff nc
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  15. Kulso

    Why not use shotguns like every other NC kid out there?
  16. RenegadeHelios

    I'm sorry, I can't hear your whining over the sound of my freedom.
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  17. Jachim

    Higby plz

    plz Higby

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  18. Phyr

    According to the forums, Devs hate everything, especially You (yes, You specifically)
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  19. The Rogue Wolf

    Create a TR character and then try typing the words "precision weapons" without your head exploding.

    I will not be cleaning up the mess.
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  20. Paragon Exile

    The TORQ and SABR

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