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  1. Chenjesu

    I play with my girlfreind whos computer is adjacent to mine. I can see her screen because its right next to mine. I can tell you that you don't have to hold the heal gun until they click accept. When you finish healing it comes up on thier screen and you can leave.

    Stop spreading lies.

    Edit: Ps your math is wrong, You DIED, thats why your death counter went up. Being revived does not undo the death that occured, that guy still killed you.
  2. JokeForgrim

    Well I have had the "Accept/deny" option disappear when the medic got shot, then it came back when someone else revived me.

    You stop spreading accusations.

    Does the option stay on your "girlfirends" screen when you stop holding the beam out?
  3. WaRadius

    That's not quite right. While you're reviving one person with your level 1 applicatior, a maxed medic can revive up to 4 of them. Less time to revive also equals to less time under enemy fire. Not to mention that upgraded healing tool has a greater range.
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  4. Chenjesu

    Yes, but im not the medic she is. She will revive me, and move on to other ppl, i can wait and revive when i click.
  5. Bilc0

    The only thing that really pisses me off about revives is the small delay after you accept for whatever reason.

    Also, loading screens that leave you wide open for free shots for deployments 3 feet from where I just died are just abso****inglutely ******** and uncalled for.
  6. Bavieca

    As a medic, it kinda pisses me off that I put myself at risk to revive/heal someone (often getting hit and pulling some ninja crap to stay alive in the danger zone) and someone doesn't accept it. I am there, taking risks to keep the rest of my team functional. It is fully my plan to keep them alive once I rez them. They gotta learn some self preservation too. Run your happy butt to cover and I will finish healing you IF I survive the rez attempt. Can't do anything for you MAXes once I bring you back but I still tried to keep you from having to spend resources on another one. Most of the time this works out, especially with friends providing covering fire.

    Some key things though-

    1. medics need to spread out. 3 guys dash for one dude, you are asking for a grenade in the mouth.

    2. people need to utilize cover, you get brought back up, you need to get behind cover, so the unspecced medic can finish healing you. Though I really like that cert mentioned above. I can't wait til I am bringing people back at 100%.

    3. If you got a medic healing you, that medic is looking at you, which puts him in a highly unsafe position. It is rude to let him get shot to death by the enemy. You need to have your eyes out for enemy soldiers compromising your cover (hint: you also need to shoot them). The medic surely can't when he is looking at your ugly mug.

    4. If you are wounded and want healed, don't make me go out into no man's land to heal you. Being dead lowers the amount of healing I can do by, like, a lot. See point 2.

    Oh, and that KDR crap? F you all. I am a damned dedicated medic, my KDR is roughly 10%. I spend all my time healing, I enjoy shooting people too, but seeing an assault fall apart because noone heals is not my idea of a good time. Quit crying about KDR and grow a mustache, the other two factions aren't killing themselves.
  7. Campor

    My K/D ratio is through the floor because I spend my time dying and making sure other people aren't dying. I do tend to kill people to clear a room or take an objective, but my primary focus is getting people back up and fully running to continue an assault. More often than not. reviving a Heavy Assault who got taken down while capping a base means he's up and wiping out the defenders quicker than if he didn't get rezzed and healed.

    You died. It counts as a death. So what? You don't lose XP, you don't lose certs, you don't lose resources, you lose absolutely nothing for dying. That's kind of the point of this game- You lose nothing but time and perhaps a tactical position if you respawn God knows where. That's why Combat Medics exist- To make sure you don't have to respawn and can get right back in the fight.

    What IS annoying is reviving someone and then having them run off like my Gun-O-Life is suddenly going to start harming them if they don't get away from it as fast as humanly possible, and then die promptly because I haven't gotten enough certs to fully upgrade it. I get free revival XP, sure, but I'd rather be healing people who aren't going to just be bullet sponges.
  8. NorthPlum

    I get that a lot. I understand if you are running off into cover or something like that, but randomly running off into the direction of tracers is a bad idea if you are 25% health. lol
  9. Zaik

    Should have never allowed players to see k/d. It's almost as bad as when they were going to put a killcam in.
  10. Thardus

    Then go play Call of Duty. A good K/D means nothing if you're not an asset for your team. Try to remember that the next time you're sitting outside of a Tech Lab door, taking the occasional opportunistic shot and accomplishing nothing in terms of actually assaulting the base.
  11. maxkeiser

    I was wondering this as well. If you are revived it should not count as a death because you are not dead (Duh!).

    It should operate in the same way as BF2/BF3. Revived = no death.
  12. Cyba

    Well I don't agree on the last part because we do need soldiers killing the troops storming for the base, or inside the base..
    SO either way everyone can say we have objectives and such, killing the enemy is in all points of view.. Positive for the outcome of your own team.. being it sitting still camping and shooting, or running for a base cap...
  13. Cyba

    You are making assumptions I haven't even mentioned or said so..
    If you read the previous posts I've put up, you would've seen my statements about it, INCLUDING the fact that I didn't even disagree with the guys' comments about it..

    Leave your pre assumptions behind, or don't post at all.

    Besides, if you don't care about negatives, you're denying to be a human.. It's in human's nature to want to see positive outcomes and performance..

    >> Those who don't care about K/D Are either dedicated medics, Focused support units or people with other goals.. Even those people care about stats, because they grow Certs, Skills, Base Caps, and Points.. So if K/D is not their priority, other numbers are.
  14. TheEvilBlight

    When I get rezzed, I usually break contact and hide, wait for shields to regen and wait for a medic in a safe position to heal me. Not sure if I would want to stand around in a killzone while a medic healed me with my shields down.
  15. Campor

    Medics who revive people in the middle of hails of gunfire are not intelligent medics. They're more likely to die again than be an effective use of revival time. In the middle of heated combat, the only people I rez are people who are already behind cover (likely killed by grenades/tank fire) who won't die if they did stand still.
  16. TheEvilBlight

    That's especially true when they start shooting while standing up, holding left-mouse...
  17. Dornez

    Your HP reached 0, that is a death. If the KDR ratio or death count is a measure of player skill then it is doing its job by counting the ammount of times you had your HP reach 0. Just because someone else revived you does not mean you are not directly responsible for your HP reaching 0. Revives not counting as deaths would mean that the death counter no longer reflects individual performance as it takes a seperate player to revive you.

    KDR sucks and should be removed
  18. Rune

    We shoulndt force ppl into outfits if they want a stellar kd ratio and thereby delute the meaning of that number even more.

    Stupid suggestion is stupid.
  19. NorthPlum

    The typical, "go play CoD" reply. I'll have you know that I have not even played one iteration of CoD and don't enjoy that type of game play, so I'll stick to this game, thank you. Maybe, you should go play Tetris?

    I enjoy working with the team, but I also try not to die so often and try to keep my KDR in the positive. It keeps me alive more often, and I don't go around doing tardy things, like rushing the enemy or anything like that. KDR should be something in the game which changes the theory of the game. There are many people who do care about KDR, and if they can be revived, they will be, rather than respawn on a nearby spawn point. I mean, what's the point of accepting a revive, if there is no benefit. - As said before, there is usually always a spawn nearby, and you don't have that risk of dying again; especially being revived in the same spot you died.
  20. Thardus

    You should be rushing the enemy. This is not a single-player game, you're allowed to die. You'll kill the enemy a lot faster, and probably take a lot less casualties in the end, by charging forwards en masse. And you'll gain ground. You never gain any victories by waiting for the enemy to come to you.