Revive icons for fallen mates gone after update

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  1. EViLMinD

    When allies get killed, there is no longer an icon over their body

    Was this an intentional change from DB? Why? Reduce the visual clutter? Improve performance?

    This is not a good idea. The average medic isn't too aware of their tasks/surroundings to begin with (oblivious). Having no indicators will just lead to medics becoming less helpful; less likely to make those heroic saves for the dead players tucked into corners... or even out in the open.

    Whenever I'm a medic, I don't stop looking for the revive icons. If I don't see any, I draw my gun and fight. Now, I have to be constantly looking at all the dead bodies to determine if they are friend or foe. I'll be damned if someone gets missed. This makes my job more frustrating.

    This change sucks. DB needs to reverse it asap.
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  2. Nabil1998

  3. EViLMinD

    I didn't see anything in the notes about this. Have the devs commented about it?
  4. cyb_

    Also: when you get killed you no longer see medic symbols on the minimap, so you do not know whether or not a medic is near -> result: most people just respawn and do not wait.
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  5. Lord Justinian

    Why did this happen? This makes being a medic and helping those who need help, really impossible frankly. I hunt those who need healing and are dead by the am I supposed to know someone is dead and they are right next to me?
  6. Movoza

    Did you all report the bugs?
  7. Lord Justinian

    I put a thread in the support forum. Thank you for the suggestion. I wasn't sure if it was a bug or intentional.
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  8. Hatesphere

    pretty sure its a bug.
  9. Lord Justinian

    Here is hoping. To clarify, the skull symbol is on the mini-map, but not on screen. Makes being a medic almost useless as I don't know where my people are or where I am needed most.
  10. Slipknot

    This needs to get fixed immediately. Makes playing medic useless. You don't know who can be rezzed. And no one is going to run around, hunting for corpses, and guessing every single time whether it is friend or foe, and guessing whether the person is still within the rez window.

    Fix this. Now. Or delete the medic class.
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  11. EViLMinD

    What a strange thing to bug out. How can the devs overlook this? It's one of the most obvious bugs in the game's history (the ejection bug was the worst. took 'em months to finally fix).

    It sucks when medics within a few meters of bodies yet doing nothing to help. Revives improve team unity and can have a dramatic impact on the outcome of an engagement. Medic support is vital. DBG has to fix this asap.
  12. Shwalanlaka1

    This is really annoying. Can't really really on minimap due to dead corpses can be several flours up or down from my position. But without dem little skull icons it's really hard to see somebody who needs reviving.

    I also noticed nearly no revives after the patch, compared to the usual.
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  13. \m/SLAYER\m/

    each patch medics getting nerfed
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  14. FLHuk

    If you wear cammo near enough the enemy you're fighting be a little more forgiving on voice ;)
  15. Alchemist44

    Look, I know its a little bit frustrating compared to how it was, but seriously...

    I mean... take a look maybe?

    Its not really a big deal imo, minimap icon still works, people just need to be a LITTLE more aware. I wouldnt mind if this would be permanent (regardless its not contributing anything to gameplay)
  16. EViLMinD

    No, it's a big deal. Since the updated, I've seen too many instances of medics standing on top of bodies yet doing jack (that **** vexes me). Medics are reviving far less than before. Far less.

    There simply aren't enough experienced players, who give a damn about being good supports, for this to not matter. Average players are just too dim/careless. They need such mechanics to help guide them. We all do.

    I've played this game too much. When medics don't support, teamplay is lessened. That's how it is. There's no real advantage to not show the icons, so DBG has to reverse this.
  17. Lord Justinian

    I understand what you are saying, but no need to be condescending. There are a lot of nooks and crannies for people to die in. If I am standing on three bodies two are from another faction and one is mine, I am not even able to tell if the person who is on my team, if I can see them, is still able to be revived. Should I take a risk and pull out my medic tool every time I see dead bodies now just to check? Should I throw a revive-grenade into a room if I am not sure what the result will be? I can guess based on the mini-map, but that does not give me all the information I need to be effective. As EViLMinD said, "There's no real advantage to not show the icons..." Thank you for both of your input though.
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  18. EViLMinD

    The skull icons still work for squad/platoonmates, apparently. I didn't realize this sooner because I don't play in squads. Last night, I did however (every now and then I need to remind myself why I don't bother).

    I guess DBG are using this bug change to further steer players towards joining squads. Lame. As a medic, I want to be helpful to all teammates. I might prioritize squadmates (on the off chance I have them) but I'll always give my love to randoms. Nubs, pugs or elites. Don't care. I want certs, and for NC to win as much as possible.

    DBG need to reverse this bs. It's a stupid thing to change... or let become a bug and then not fix asap.
  19. AlterEgo

    Radar released a thread about fixing it. It shouldn't be a problem for much longer.
  20. EViLMinD

    Ya, I just read that. Good news.