Revive Grenade

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Dennie, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Dennie

    How does it work and is it good?
  2. irishroy

    like a nade.
    u throw it, it explodes, it revives every dead guy of your fraction in its radius
  3. Mabo

    Pretty much like irishroy said... You throw it like a regular grenade, it explodes with a green concentric circle emanating from the grenade, every dead team member within the circle has the option of being revived. Each grenade costs 100 infantry resources, so they are not cheap. Also throwing them exactly where you want can be taxing with how much the bounce/skip. They are very situational, great in places like bio-domes or heavy trafficked areas. You do get the exp from reviving each person who clicks "revive" so you can get some nice exp from them.
  4. Blitzkrieg

    I will suggest maybe carrying the grenade bandolier. Carrying 3 of these around is quite helpful
  5. desktop

    im on the last level of the medic tool or revive grenades and like blitzkrieg said the grenade bandolier. what one should i get?
  6. MortarionX

    Definitely the final level of medic tool. Revive grenades have always been iffy in the beta and they still are. Considering the risks of using them and the potential versus the negatives, the revive grenades aren't as reliable as the medic tool. To me at least it's not worth it, because you have the potential of not reviving anyone and that's a waste of 100 inf resources.
  7. AirFell

    they where very... "situational" in beta... I'd just carry nades playing solo or with a small group, but bring em back out when rolling with a large squad/zerg.
  8. Pyros

    They're not "iffy", but due to grenades being made of rubber they tend to bounce around a lot so landing them in the right spot tends to not be that easy. Still they're pretty good for getting a bunch of people who just died to a tank shot or a frag grenade without having to run too close. Last medic tool does rez them pretty fast but you still need to get out there and do it and say there's 4people, a single grenade will be a lot faster.

    They're not vital but a pretty nice tool to have. Also lets you rez people without switching weapon in the heat of combat.
  9. saltin

    I you like to follow the zerg as many do the revive grenades are a very tool .Needs a bit of practice as far as throwing the grenade though.I would not recommend getting them right away, get everything else 1st as the 400 cert cost is pretty high.
  10. Dennie

    Does it give a explosion that deals damage?
  11. Maderas

    They're aggravating with how grenade physics work. They have a lot of potential if you enjoy small scale squad play and your squad sticks together, though. I've been in a couple situations where I wish I had one. I think they're less useful in facility zergs. They're good for getting you a lot of revive XP, but if there are piles of dead friendlies around it's usually because of tank or grenade spam and most of them will just immediately die again when taking the revive.
  12. framperton

    No, it does not.

    I would definately go for this over the healing grenade, as I find people don't know what the healing effect is and often run away from it, or just run away in general, same as when you regularly try to heal them.
  13. Ashur

    You can't really aim the grenades reliably, they like to bounce around for no reason so your moment of triumph might just turn in to a wasted grenade.

    It's decent when you're zerging a base indoors but don't really expect much from it, it was buggy in beta, probably still is.
  14. Funkapus

    I love them.

    Yesterday I was following a platoon+zerg trying to breach a tech facility through those 2 small doors on the backside which leads into the main area. TR had it locked down tight and people were getting cut down in the doorway and respawning 20ft away at our sundy in an endless cycle.

    I was just standing there lobbing revive grenades one after the other and netting like 10-15 revives per grenade, I nearly made back the certs I spent on the damn things during that engagement alone. very fun item and really really cool to see like 15 players all stand up in the green glow of nanites.
  15. Xonal

    They're nice but a little too bouncy - maybe even would be nice to have a tier 2 res nade that is sticky or something.
  16. Rory


    exactly what he said, i wish i didnt get them. if they were a sticky grenade they would be pretty awesome
  17. Patooie

    +1 on this for the cert cost and the resources it's a real disappointment that they aren't more reliable. Sticky please!

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