'Revive' grenade worth it?

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by XanderF, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. XanderF

    So I'm leveling up my medic, to the point where I need to decide if I want to drop the huge pile of cert points on the 'revive' grenade. It'll be either that...or the 'heal' grenade and a couple weapon upgrades (it's much cheaper)...or a PILE of weapon upgrades for my engy and medic.

    Seems like it might be a decent way to earn its cert cost back in no time by massive group revives, but...well, you only really get 1 grenade at a time. That's not much! Do either of these grenades stick around for a long time or something to make them really useful, or...?
  2. Corltan

    Heal grenade is a waste of certs, the revive can be pretty sweet though. It revive on explode with a pretty good AOE. Heal, you already have a built in ability AOE heal.
  3. Metallideth

    I've only seen them in action a few times, usually only useful if there's a pile of bodies and you can actually get the grenade to land there!!

    There's video from beta, maybe now some since release of it's radius when it goes off. I think they did shorten the duration of it, since people were exploiting it.
  4. Morvar

    How much HP is left for people revived with the granade?
  5. Serafan

    Revive grenades rez people at half health. You also get reduced xp compared to a applicator revive(75 base if I recall correctly).

    That being said, they are great. Aside from the times when you have a pile of people to rez, you can use them to rez people you can not reach. The key is to really understand the range and how to bounce them off surfaces to place them where you want; if you can not do that you will probably be one of the scrubs that come to these forums saying that revive grenades need to be sticky or detonate on impact.
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  6. h1perkarma

    Heal Grenade is absolutely useless wouldn't suggest it since people always run away from it. Revive grenade is well worth the funds if you're a designated medic within a outfit/squad.

    Normally when capturing a base or defending my team will have air support covering and have 3-4 light/heavies that push in and capture the point, I tend to stay behind them giving heals. The amount of times they've been rushed and all died or had a max or two push in and go to town is uncountable, so it's easy to pop that grenade whilst on the run and provide cover fire while they rez.
  7. MaddBomber

    I would get med applicator 5 (not the last one, but the one before that). Then get your Rez Grenade. Then max med applicator.

    The Rez grenade is very very useful. Also, it is loads of EXP. See a pile of dead bodies? Lob your grenade. The comments about your squad being rushed is very true. Pop your rez grenade, pop your smoke, pull up your IR scope, pop your AoE Heal, in that order and go to town.

    As a note, it does cost resources, but just be mindful to constantly resupply it and you'll eventually have 40 of them.

    Another great use is on Medics. Your friendly medic died for a reason, no way the two of you should be on top of eachother. Just lob your grenade at your medic.
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  8. Noxx(ia)

    From what i've heard the only bad thing is learning how to get it to land where you want. I've never been a fan of grenade mechanics in this game.
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  9. Gary

    The Nanite revive grenade is a nice addition to revive people when your in cover. However it can net you some incredible amounts of XP if used at the right time. When defending a tech plant wait until an attacker gets the huge pack of defenders at the door with a hand grenade then following it with your revive grenade!.

    A guy i know now though carries 2 hand grenades and if he gets a huge pack of players he throws another one on the same spot. A few times he has got 5 or 6 kills then a medic has thrown his revive grenade they all accept the ress then get killed again by him.

    Your signature made my day!
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  10. XanderF

    Yeah, I've been bumping up the med applicator and AOE heal from the get-go. Obvious choices for good XP on the medic.

    This question basically came from the place I'm at, now - things are starting to get really expensive to push any higher, so trying to figure out which is the best thing to do first.

    Sounds like the rez grenade is the ticket (and, yeah, I'm familiar with the resource management - keeping 40 grenades and 40 AT mines on my various classes already...sounds like this will be another thing to manage, but that's fine.)
  11. Gary

    It is made so the first few ranks of everything are cheap allowing new players to catch up. The last few ranks have huge costs to seperate the players who have been playing longer :)
  12. Misteradd


    So I'm close to the 400 certs, and I'm wandering if Revive Grenades still worth it. Med App and Nano Regen are 5. If I take Revive Nades, what do you recommand next ?
    - bandolier ?
    - Moving from H-V45 to Equinox for the underbarrel grenade launcher ?
    - going to rank 6 for Med app and/or nano-regen ?
    - going Triage ?
    - upgrading vehicules ?
    - Buying pink and yellow flashing suit from the CS because now I can be a disco ball AND revive mates ?

    Thx for your advices.

  13. Ixidron

    Med app level 6 instead of grenades, med app is better than grenades overall since it restores people at 100% hp and it does not cost resources nor you lose frag grenades.
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  14. Raigir

    Dedicated NC medic myself, and here is what I can tell ya.
    1. Revive grenades are good, even if it is a rez at 50% health. I can't begin to decribe the kind of awesome these things can pull off.
    2. I have considered bandolier myself, but a dead medic is a useless medic so I suggest nano weave or flak armor. Once they buff flak armor, I would strongly advise flak armor more-so.
    3. The weapons you speak of are forum to me, but I can say the underslung nade launcher is a beast, and is invaluable when staring down a max. (still got some bugs about it though)
    4. Rank 6 truely sets you appart and you should strive for it. Rank 6 of the ability is less important since its a cooldown reduction only, get it when you don't really have anything else to get, but still want to be medic focused.
    5. Triage is utterly useless in its current state so stay away from it.
    6. Vehicles are unimportant, but I can understand the itch to drive a tank from time to time. If anything, upgrade your sunderer, they are always in demand (less so if your a loner with no outfit though).
    7. Disco is vanu specific, so no comment.
  15. IshanDeston

    1) Only if you run with the Zerg. Small Squads usually have no need for it. And even if you run with the Zerg, its usually better to rez people with your Med Tool for 100% HP. They died for a reason. Considering how long it takes for the granade to set off and the fact that it is bouncing (or at least used to be in beta, i haven't specced it now), makes it hard to use and usually takes longer than rezzing people yourself with your Maxed out tool.
    3) I advice against it underslung anything. The Smokegranade is nice, and yes the real GL can get you a few kills, but both options make you swap your weapon much slower. Since you'll be swapping a lot, you might want to stay away from the underslung options. Your handgun, even though it should be your prefered emergency weapon, only has a few shots and getting that Rifle out faster can save your hide. I personally don't consider the tradeoff to get a few more kills worth the amount of times i can't get my rifle out. At least that was my verdict during Beta.
    4) Maxrank on the healaura is "unimportant" its nice to have, once you have the Certs to spare, but until such a time, don't bother.
    5) Its useless, but then again... if you have rank 1, and are riding around in squads alot, sitting in those sundys you occassionally get exp. Not really worth it, then again.. every little bit helps.
    6) If you go for sunderer, take blockade armor or Steal (i prefer stealth, because people can't just spot and forget), as well as AMS of course. Personally however i much rather drive a Flash with Scout Radar. When running with the zerg, its sometimes nice to tie up some lose ends. And i find myself sometimes switching to engineer, if there are to many Medics around.
  16. Eshaede

    i love the rez grenade, even in a small group, 2 or 3 of you attacking a room, someone goes down.. "g". done. not standing there with your *** in the wind waving a rez tool at them
    plus you can get some sick xp, i think most i ever got was 19 people with one nade post a rocket-podding
  17. eXhale

    Until they fix the grenade physics avoid them unless you like throwing away your infantry resources. (I'll keep my C4 for doing that)
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  18. Eshaede

    why ?
    i just throw mine against a wall to get the rebound, works 90% of the time
    plus i run bandolier so i have 2, in case i miss :p
  19. eXhale

    Because even when they do bounce in your favor it's a novelty at best. If you have the time to aim the shot off a wall AND hit enough targets to make it worthwhile, you could have just revived them normally at 100% with the medtool.
  20. Raigir

    My "small" squad (read: full squad/platoon) has been saved on more than 1 occasion by me carrying these. Suddenly having 3-4 more people back in the fight quickly is often a saving grace. I don't disagree that certain mechanics of it are 'off'. I have already mentioned in another forums that these things really need to go off on landing, and for 400 certs there is no reason for them not to rez at 100%.

    Also, I sometimes accidently leave things out of my typing. I was specifying rank 6 med tool was important while the ability was uninportant. (you might have already caught on to my mistake though)

    After doing it a number of times it takes half a second to throw the grenade and land the 5+ revives. You simply learn and accommodate automatically. If your not, you have a problem.

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