Revive Grenade a bit ****, needs to explode on Impact, cost less resources.

Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by bit_crusherrr, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. bit_crusherrr

    Feels like a massive waste of certs, bounces all over the place and by the time it's gone off everyone has been ressed due to the massive amount of medics. Quite a waste of 400 certs and 100 resources.
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  2. KodiakX

    Yea that's why I've decided to skip it for now.

    1. With a maxed out Medic Tool it takes around 1 second to ress someone. In the time the grenade would go off (presuming you can land it perfectly) you could have just ressed 4-5 people in most cases.

    2. Even with really good skill it's hard to short throw a Grenade with pinpoint accuracy. For 400 Cert points they should have really made this thing percussion and explode on impact.

    3. As cool as it sounds to ress someone around the corner, the reality is that in the current game ressing people who you can't get to often times means they are going to die a few times before they make it to safety. This means you'd have to be able to get to them around that corner anyways because they'll end up requiring a few resses.

    It makes it one of those things that are good in theory and discussion but ultimately are lack luster in real game play situations.
  3. Dornez

  4. Verinas

    I agree, make them explode on impact or even let them stick to surfaces so we can at least aim these things.
  5. heatproofsean

    do they still revive at 50% hp?
  6. Kaldurenik

    Grenades in general need to be fixed... If you throw a grenade at your feet it should not end up 20+ meters away from you.

    They are very good and very useful. The main problem is the random physics and the fact that it take so much time for one to go off. However if you are in a large battle whenever it be at the front lines or at a base they will give you lots of experience and help your team greatly. Reviving 15-20 people at the same time... It saves them like 20-40sec to get back in the fight.

    I also used one to help capture a location... 8 team mates had died at a capture point... So i threw in a revive grenade into the window and revived everyone and we captured it.

    You cant have shorter time or explode on impact as they would be way to overpowered at that point. However i would like them to fix Grenades in general.

    Prices are fair for them also... Im maxed out on both reviving and normal ones. Its very fast to regain inf points. Just check if you can buy them everytime you die or complete a objective.
  7. Locke

    This should be an obvious fix for the development team. I used this in BETA and rarely found a use for it then and that was when you were giving out free certs. Its better to have normal grenades at present. While I never used the healing grenade I heard it was awful and I can see almost no reason why you would ever use this in game either.
  8. Grotpar

    I'd rather have this thing as an underslung attachment.

    I just don't want to give up regular grenades, but I'm willing to part with a frontgrip.
    Just make it a medic cert that can be attached to any assault rifle, without needing to unlock it on every specific gun.

    Exploding on impact would be very nice, too.
  9. Swiffle

    I'm happy with the rez grenade as is, but if it detonated on impact or had less bounce I can't be opposed. Took me awhile to get used to how far grenades bounce, it's a lot more than it should be? Anyway, I'm still always using this grenade on medic, might take grenade bandolier too. Personal resources annoying though, since it costs 100 resources and these cap at 750 so you have to remember to spend them before it maxes.
  10. saltin

    It's been asked many times in beta but no dice.Although i would ask: you are using the grenades to take all the revives for yourself instead of sharing with fellow medics? lol
    Revive grenades intended use is to be able to revive teammates in an area that would instantly get you killed if you were to attempt doing it the regular way, not so one person can take all the revive experience for themselves before his teammates get a chance at it.
  11. CrimsonDaemon

    I would like to see an option for medic where we can get an underbarrel grenade launcher that shoots explode on impact revive grenades
  12. KodiakX

    After playing around with it a bit (I had nothing else really to unlock in the Medic) more I have to say I reverse my verdict on the Ress Grenades and consider them a must buy for any serious medic.

    1. The bounce is awful but if you practice enough you can get really good with placing them where you want. This is mostly done by being able to properly gauge how the bounces will react. For example if you throw the grenade out a bit (look further not down) there's far less of a bounce and you can pin-point where you want it to land. You can also use corners of walls/buildings to eat up most of the momentum by bouncing it off the ground into the wall and having it thud there as a result (again mostly depending on throwing angle in which you hit the ground to wall). The more down you throw it the more it'll bounce.

    2. The area of impact is HUGE. Even if you land in the general area due to a bad bounce because you aimed a bit wrong it's decently forgiving.

    Ress Grenade definitely has it's place if you're a dedicated medic. A great example of this was last night where we were driving around in an AMS, it blew up, and I was able to ress our entire Squad:
    (@5:23:00 - WARNING!!! LANGUAGE!)

    Another great example was when we were trying to take a point and I threw a grenade and ressed 8 corpses on the point. Yes, most of them died but they all got up and we overwhelmed the point back.

    Yes, in situations where there's 10 medics waiting to ress players it's not going to be worth it but that's not what it's for. It's for those times when you need to get people up quickly and you can't do so with Medics. It's certainly not an every situation kind of deal nor is it really worth grabbing a Bandolier and equipping 3 of them over Nanoweave Armor. However used right they certainly have their place in the dedicated Medic's tool chest (especially if you use an Underbarrel Grenade Launcher anyways).
  13. Patooie

    +1 on this for the cert cost and the resources it's a real disappointment that they aren't more reliable. Sticky please!

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