(Review) Some implant suggestions re PTS as of 7-31-18

Discussion in 'Planetside 2 Test Server: Discussion' started by ParakeetLord88, Jul 31, 2018.

  1. ParakeetLord88


    1. Get rid of Electrotech - it still encourages TK damage (knife me bro for a free repair HoT!). Also, the fact that it can't be constructively controlled by the Engineer is problematic, and the rank five effect could cause serious problems (their shield shatters, it detonates an enemy tank mine, this kills either them or their allies).

    2. Turn Firewall into the new Engineer Implant instead.

    While infiltrators hack turrets, Engineers use them more. They would benefit from hack resistance and the 25% hp boost more than infiltrators would.

    3. Turn Critical Chain into the new Infiltrator Implant instead of Firewall.

    This is obviously oriented towards snipers; shotguns are excluded from the implant which pretty much leaves sniper rifles as affected. This would also remove massive OP issues from weapons like the Jackhammer burst mode (which currently IS affected by this implant despite being a shotgun).

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