(Review) Minor Cloak and Athlete on PTS as of 7-29-18

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  1. ParakeetLord88

    Minor Cloak:

    1. Tooltip needs to be edited as follows on account of how using an ability will reset the time for minor cloak activation (healing tool, repair tool, shield gen unit, etc. etc.)

    ... Firing a weapon OR USING AN ABILITY will reset the 8 second charge cooldown.

    2. If you are infiltrator-cloaked and Minor Cloak takes effect, OR activate infiltrator-cloak while Minor cloaked, you will end up in a very badly cloaked state (very visible). This can only be cleared by moving and thus removing the Minor Cloak effect. To fix the problem:

    a. Make activating Minor Cloak clear any Infiltrator cloak state fully first (i.e. make it so that you are not cloaked when you enter Minor Cloak).
    b. Disable infiltrator cloak activation while minor cloaked (I'm not even sure why this is possible now, other abilities don't work).

    Athlete - Bugs:

    1. This implant needs to have a HUD icon to denote when it is in effect (after sprinting for six seconds).
    2. Tooltip needs to note that Athlete sprint effect does not stack with Adrenaline Pump (tested. no speed increase over base adrenaline pump).
    3. After testing this I see no material difference between using this implant and not in terms of movement adjustments (acceleration, etc.). I am genuinely not sure what the benefit of this implant is other than a weaker, non-stacking version of adrenaline pump.
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