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  1. ParakeetLord88

    Deep Operative - Bugs:

    1. This implant needs to have a HUD icon to denote when it is in effect.

    Given that being uncloaked is very time-sensitive for stalkers in particular, it is a matter of game balance that they know when DO is active and they should then activate cloak.

    2. Tooltip needs to be edited as follows on account of how non-enemy damage does NOT end the DO effect:

    ... twelve seconds outside of cloak without taking ENEMY damage ...

    3. Tooltip needs to reflect that resupplying (even to same spec) DOES break DO effect and requires it to be renewed.
    4. Tooltip needs to reflect that Deep Operative does not apply to Minor Cloak (as some hunter infiltrators do use this).

    Deep Operative - Balance issues - Rank 5 benefit:

    Any stalker or hunter using Deep Operative is going to "charge" it directly after they spawn in 90% of situations (the last 10% being "hot" (under fire) spawns that are a terrible idea for an infiltrator in general). This means the Rank 5 benefit as it now is will only be of use AFTER you take enemy damage. In many cases, if an infiltrator takes enemy damage, they're dead, so they'll just charge it back up after they respawn where twelve seconds is fine. As such, the current Rank 5 benefit is too weak to be worth even considering.

    A good alterative would be to change the Rank 5 benefit to a static 37.5% passive cloak improvement, which is a bit of an improvement over the current 30% (which has been stated to be too weak to matter). This is exactly half the "charged" bonus of 75% and would NOT stack with it. I have noticed quite a few people asking for the current bonus to be preserved in some form, so this would work for them, and I personally would spend iso on this benefit. This way, if I either "hot" spawned or somehow survived enemy fire, I might have something to help get me to where I could charge the implant properly.
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  2. CoopTang

    All of the above is great, though I honestly believe the live iteration of DO needs to be preserved in some way, either through the passive at rank 5 or just straight passive through all ranks. An uncloaked infiltrator (especially stalker) is a dead infiltrator, and thus should not have to be uncloaked for TWELVE seconds to receive any benefit. That passive 30% from live DO has saved me countless times.

    Also, are infiltrators really deep operatives if they have to retreat to charge their cloak after every time they take damage?
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  3. Liewec123

    While they say that the current version does nearly nothing, I definitely find that it helps,
    I can have enemies run through me and not realise I'm there!

    I agree with your idea that a slightly better version of the current DO should be the rank 5 bonus,
    The current PTS version would be of absolutely no use to me, which sucks because I've invested in rank 5...
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  4. ParakeetLord88

    Depends on what you think a "Deep Operative" is. If it's a super stealthy type, then avoiding damage would be in line with it. Also, finding a place to uncloak for twelve seconds is usually doable, if a pain in the butt. You'd have to ask the devs what their exact rationale is for this mechanic.
  5. CoopTang

    If you're being super stealthy, then of course avoiding damage is what you should be doing. However, taking damage, even while being extremely careful, is going to happen. Fall damage, stray bullets, explosives will inevitably end up hurting you. Stalkers already have low engagement times due to just trying to get into position and not get caught. Making them go to a safe location, which is far seeing as the cloak sound is loud, to recharge the timer is only going to worsen the problem with stalkers. The live iteration of DO is not broken, so don't try and fix it. If the devs truly think the live iteration is weak, then add the test mechanics on top of the live iteration instead of destroying a functioning, and objectively beneficial, implant.
  6. ParakeetLord88

    Fall damage and self-done damage doesn't. That's why I am requesting the tooltip adjustment above to reflect ENEMY damage.

    As to stray bullets and explosion, if you want to avoid those, stay away from the firefight. Stalkers are supposed to be ambushing people from the back or sides - you know where the stray bullets and grenades are going to be landing and if you can't deal with mines, don't go indoors (I like them, they help me kill the enemy).

    I feel it is a very common misconception among stalkers that you need to engage the enemy at point blank range in all cases. Unless they're alone, you shouldn't, and sometimes not even then. The Inquisitor or Desperado can easily kill at 10m with a silencer, so why would you be closer? Your enemy is only going to duck behind you if they know what they're doing, so you need some distance. This distance also conveniently gives you space between yourself and your target to avoid most stray fire and grenades.

    Of course, I would recommend using a Blackhand or (even better) a Crossbow instead. Then you can kill them from 40-80m on average and not even worry about any of the things you discussed, but I recognize that sometimes you need a rapid fire weapon instead. That's why I use my Inquisitor too sometimes.
  7. Scatterblak

    Good viewpoint, but this is far from the intended behavior or use case - else, there would be a mechanic where a 'deep operative' could can significant xp's for not taking damage, not being detected, etc.
  8. SashsaACIII

  9. Silkensmooth

    Would really be nice to have some indication of when this implant is working. Otherwise its just a guessing game.

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