[Suggestion] Revert Quartz Ridge Camp

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  1. Skadi

    During Beta Quartz Ridge Camp was not the base as you see it today, actualy it was nothing like it, previously it was a base on the other side of the mountain range, and that giant gap that i provides into territory did not exsist.
    This forced the opposing faction to go for West Highlands Checkpoint if they wanted to move armor colums into the north west territory.

    A side effect of this also was that it caused massive battles in that section of the map, making it a excelent hotspot for great battles.

    Video showcasing old quartz ridge:

    Now we have new quartz ridge, which terminates the entire point of west highlands checkpoint, now we have multiple entrnaces into the northern territory, eliminating a vital chokepoint from the game.

    Not only is this base a Tactical Flaw, but its also a horrid design, its a just a bowl which can easily be fired down upon, aircraft can hide behind the mountains beside it and poptart in and out to destroy you with relative safety.


    Also sorry for ****** post quality... but i think i managed to get the point across here...
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  2. Village

    I think that was the idea behind Quartz ridge camp. It makes it interesting and i would rather certain bases had high strategical importance to attack quickly or defend. I would rather every base was not easily taken by a zerg.
  3. Skadi

    Well now West Highlands meens nothing, it WAS the chokepoint, now who evers on offense can roll up, rofl stomp quartz ridge, and move thier armor through, or they can just go to west highlands checkpoint and no one will give a crap, before West Highlands was the ONLY way to access the north from that side, now its just... "Lol go around to the zergcap base", it removed all the strategic value from either of those bases... and imo if we are to keep it with 2 passages, improve the design of the new quartz ridge, because it is horrendous.
  4. Village

    So that TR can have their entire faction at a single choke point to prevent people getting onto the lowlands and further overpowering their position on the map? No thanks. TR has owned Indar on Briggs basically since release simply because of the their position and the fact that NC and VS are forced into common lanes when pushing through the centre of the map.
  5. Marked4Death

    I would agree that there is less fighting at west highlands as a result of this change, but there used be very little fighting at quartz.
    For me, I love fighting at quartz ridge now and feel it's far more interesting that fighting at any of the surrounding territories, including Hvar.
    Just after the last esf nerf / flak buff My first fight was there, and with one turret up + 2 burster max's and a bunch of infantry we held that place off against a huge air zerg. All the ESF were toast before they could even fire 1/2 a salvo of rockets and as a result, the libs kept back a little.
    I love the change, and the equivalent change on the other side of indar, @ NS material I think.
  6. Skadi

    What Advantage? imo if anything the magrider benefits more, the prowler is forced out into the open and subject to sniping from afar, also realy VS on indar can just magride down the mountain range, so it shouldne be that much of a issue for you.
  7. AnnPerkins

    if they just go around quartz ridge punish them by taking HVAR. It's a thorn in the Vanu side they have to remove or they'll lose the ability to spawn their precious skillriders.

    The only problem I have with the territory is how ridiculously easy it is for one unskilled lib to camp the spawn and hopefully some of the spawn room changes they have planned later in the month should fix that.
  8. Village

    Because of the height of the mountain range you cannot snipe down with a Saron HRB unless you come down the ridge and onto the flatlands. TR have a massive advantage on Indar because their entire half of the map is separated by a very tall and steep ridge, VS and NC are forced to fight each other constantly because of common lanes to the centre of the map while TR happily maintain their territory that can easily zerg from any angle on the lowlands while we are forced through Quartz ridge camp. The moment either NC or VS attempt to push north they get pushed all the way back to their warpgate in the south by NC or VS.

    The maps should have had a circular design instead so each faction has equal proximity to each other and surrounding territories. As it stands TR has owned Indar on Briggs since release. The only way it could be taken is if NC and VS agree to a cease-fire, and there is no population advantage for any faction. Do NOT open up Quartz ridge camp again so TR can have another territory in the north they can easily zerg and control.
  9. Skadi

    ... You do realise the point of this thread is to CLOSE quartz ridge camp? creating a bottle neck for all TR tanks through westhighlands checkpoint? This would allow the VS to stop them at west highlands instead of having to focus at either bases, essentaily making your territory easily defended from tank zergs.

    As it sits Quartz Ridge IS OPEN, it eliminates defensive capabilitys for both the TR and VS when it comes to pushing back tank zergs.
  10. Bill Hicks

    interesting idea
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  11. Skadi

    Aye, if i had my way i would close howling pass checkpoint as well and revert it back to just being a mountain range, this would also provide the NC with a way to bottle neck the TR tanks.

    (Despite the fact i actualy like this base's design, there can be some rather nice fights that go on there but still, i rather move it to somewhere usefull, potentionaly replace a horrid base.)
  12. AUSGrizzly

    Howling Pass is the perfect bottleneck. TR tanks cant aim high enough to shoot at our HA. Personally I would want only Quartz, Howling ang The Crown as the only path into the upper and lower parts of the map. By making those places as chokepoints both the east and west need to be properly protected while The Crown being the central staging area that it should be. THAT IS...
    If TR wants to attack NC they need to either hold the Crown and attack from there or move up through Howling. If the TR wnt to attack VS they need to move through Quartz. If they have The Crown theb they can attack from there but would have to have attacked by either foot or air to capture it. So shutting down all paths that allow you to pass through the center of the map.around the Crown would be a wiser move... And FFS move Zurvan so we can have some damn defendable Areospace generators...
  13. Skadi