[Suggestion] Revert lancer damage

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  1. 23232Bleh

    Lancer is hot garbage right now, it takes 2 full charges to kill a single esf if they don't firesup and if you can even hit them. before it was a full charge and a half charge and that was a kill even through fire suppression. Could the lancer be brought back to it's former glory please.
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  2. EWanderer

    so what about the other factions. if you make your g2a tool better and lower TTK, what about Striker, what about Masthead?

    And what about the people in the air? They want to play the game as much as everyone else? You want to one-shot an ESF, A force multipler? Get together 2 Heavies and coordinate your attack then. Seriously strength in Numbers and all that.
  3. Botji

    Grab a Archer and go stand in a base or something with enemy ESF flying around.

    Take deep breaths and wait 3 seconds before you fire the first shot, now wait another 3 seconds and fire your second shot, then wait another 2-3 seconds and fire your 3rd shot.

    Did you hit ALL your shots and on the same ESF? congratulations, you might have killed a ESF with a Lancer but only might have, Archer has a higher projectile velocity after all so its easier to hit with it than a Lancer.

    Idk what it is with people thinking the Lancer is some sort of hitscan weapon so if it got some of its damage back it would turn the world upside down. Even before the nerfs when it had higher velocity, damage and max range it was one of the least used launchers.

    With how slow the projectile velocity is it deservers a big of a damage buff to make the hits count, it has no homing or proxy hit so it having a 8-9 second TTK against a ESF with FS even if you have 100% accuracy is honestly an insult.

    Lancer has 450m/s velocity
    Archer has 525m/s
    Masthead has 450m/s and flak
    Skyguard has 400m/s and flak
    If anyone cares about the facts rather than "my tummy tells me Lancers are scary so thats the fact of the day, Lancers OP."
  4. Erendil

    No, it's not. It got nerfed vs ESFs, but buffed vs everything else.

    Using single charges for your followup shots is the new meta. 1 full charge + 6 single shots will strip away ~40% of a Prowler's armor from the front, 50% of a Lightning's, 70% of a Lib's, and it will catch a Harasser on fire. In 6 seconds.

    Also, 1 full charge shot + 4 single shots will kill an ESF in 5 secs. The skill ceiling is a lot higher now since you have to hit 5 shots, so I think a velocity increase to somewhere around 500-600m/s should be in order.

    But I don't want the damage reverted. Before it was a one-trick ESF-ganking pony. Now it's pretty decent against everything.
  5. darktr00per4

    Dang i wish my annihilator was that good i'm usually 4 or 5 rockets in and still haven't killed nothing lol. but hey ill take the damage XP.
  6. nagibator

    you need oneshot esf with lancer or what? as me like veteran valkirie pilot biggest problem is not burster or skyguard. biggest problem insta hit lancer. when lancer more than 2 on crown for example. noone fly in 300m range
  7. 23232Bleh

    Making it **** against esfs was a horrible choice though cause esfs are the king of the sky's and are the best at everything, anti armor, anti air, and anti inf. As such they're the most pulled aircraft, as such they will be used the most. And honestly I don't really care if the lancer is mediocre against tanks, cause you can literally kill tanks with a deci or c4, you have other options. with an esf you have locks which hate to be that guy but don't belong in the game. Period. making drumfires 1 tap with higher velocity should be a better option but they want to cater to those who cannot aim so here we are.

    Point is it's annoying that the lancer is so **** compared to what it once was. Hell, the striker does more damage than it on average and you don't even need to aim.

    lastly the "Buffs to anti armor did **** all if you look at voidwell you can clearly see it's KPH against tanks remains roughly the same when it had a sizeable decrease to the air KPH. Thus it's a outright nerf.

  8. Mechwolf

    Velocity increase is needed way more than anything else, it shoots slower than bullets and is supposed to be a laser.

    Honestly, since the velocity nerf it's been the most frustrating weapon in the entire game next to the Slicer and Yumi, but the Yumi has more use.
  9. Erendil

    Yeah, it's irritating. One of the only skill-based infantry G2A options in the game and they go and nerf it against the most deadly A2G which also happens to be the hardest target to hit. They shouldn't have changed its damage type from "Infantry Rocket Launchers" to "Infantry lock-ons."

    I still prefer the current damage model over its previous iteration though due to the added versatility.

    Deci's are crap against moving vehicles past ~75m. C4 is crap against non-stationary vehicles outside of melee range, and you have to give up med/resto kits to even equip it. No thanks.

    It's unfortunate your bushido code prevents you from using the dedicated G2A available to infantry - as boring as they are to use. But the Lancer is designed to be both G2A and G2G, and its current damage model allows it to accomplish that. You can still kill ESFs with it. It just takes more skill.

    Yep on both counts.

    Not quite. If you shrink the time range to just go back to 1/1/22 you can clearly see that its vehicle KPH and vehicle KPU both jumped by at least +50% since the 11/17/22 change. So it's definitely benefitting from it.

    However, you're correct that its Aircraft KPU has seen a downturn of maybe 20-30%, and its Aircraft KPH has dropped in half. I think reverting its damage type back to "Infantry Rocket Launchers" would resolve this. Barring that tho it should at least get a velocity increase.
  10. Botji

    A common theme with this games balance is that in order to 'effectively' shoot at aircraft from the ground you need a super specialized wet noodle designed for that express purpose and is garbage at most other things.

    Meanwhile aircraft enjoy super omni-anti-everything weapons that excel in everything.

    Even Coyote missiles comes with 200 splash damage just in case you wanted to use them on infantry.
    Lol-pods are highly effective at farming infantry while still being high DPS anti-vehicle weapons.
    Hornets also not only come with guidance to make it easier to hit targets, like infantry, they also deal both comparable damage to vehicles as the Lightning AP on top of having splash damage just to deal with infantry ofc!

    Most of their weapons are also perfectly capable of being used against other aircraft while anything on the ground has to pick and choose between doing anything vs ground targets or being blessed by the gods with enough elevation to aim up but has to compensate with having wet noodle damage just to make sure pilots dont actually die to them without heavily committing to the fight.

    It has created a very one sided kind of game where pilots see it as a obvious fact that vehicles without dedicated wet noodles are 100% free farm and not allowed to survive and even the thought of a ground weapon that can turn that around on THEM is inconceivable, it wouldnt be balanced! how fun would it be to just explode in the air with no chance to escape!?

    As if that is not what happens to a tank that gets found by a ESF with Hornets and no support... which is another point pilots often use: "You should have friends/support/allied ESFs then it wont happen!"

    But again, its not like pilots require friends/support/allied tanks to clear out 'heavy' G2A vehicles like a Skyguard to stop it from one sidedly slaughtering them in the air.

    It only goes one way, always. Air > Ground.

    Its why I am still surprised the NSO Siren has not been nerfed into the ground yet. Perhaps the bad velocity is seen as enough of a skill wall to not become a problem... and yes this is related to the topic, its imo one of the main reasons the Lancer was hit so hard both on damage, range and velocity because a skilled user could deal considerable damage out of nowhere and out to very long distances(given the pilot flies in straight lines).

    The velocity and range nerfs doesnt really change anything for ground vehicles but it was a huge nerf for G2A use.
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