Revamp the G5 Baron!

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by eldarfalcongravtank, May 11, 2014.

  1. eldarfalcongravtank

    right now, the new Baron semi-auto shotgun is pretty lackluster. it does nothing different than the empire-specific shotguns already -- except maybe have a bit tighter spread for midrange. if someone already has a semi-auto shotgun (and everyone has since you've given them out for free) there's little incentive to go for a reskinned shotgun again unless you do it for prestige/auraxium

    that's why i wanna discuss my suggestions here:

    - make the Baron full-auto
    - give it a drum magazine with 15 rounds (no extended mag option)
    - but give it rather low damage/pellet count per shot (4-5 shot kill at closerange) so that it balances out the high firerate and large magazine capacity
    - maybe give it access to explosive rounds that are effective for suppression but deal even less damage. at the same time you could remove slugs. this would give the new shotgun a defined role as squad support weapon which can lock down corridors with help of explosive rounds

    thanks! hope you consider any feedback regarding this gun
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  2. OddChelsea

    Yes please! Want, want, want! This would also please all the NC (myself included) that are upset over it being too similar to the jackhammer. Keep ES heavy weapons as unique as possible, jackies spread is half the reason (or all of the reason) to use it! This suggestion sounds unique and fun!
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  3. OddChelsea

    Sorry for the double post but to be fair to the OP I wont edit my post sense he liked it as it was.
    My suggestion to go along with his is to give it a medium to low spread of 3.0, like the mauler, barrage and thanatos but not as low as 2.5 which it is right now. If this is done along with the other proposed changes it would make it further unique as the longest ranged auto shotty but it would have less damage than the shotguns with the same spread.
  4. Xebov

    The Baron has 400m/s projectile speed wich enables the use of Slugs for distance. Current Shotguns only have 225-275m/s. For players wanting to use Slugs this gun is very nice.

    The Full Auto option would be nice, but everything else is not doable. The addition of a Drum Magazine would force a redesign of the model (wich will not happen) and the high RoF would cause problems with Slugs (there is only 1 Slug type used by all Semi und Auto Shotguns).
  5. Scientiarum

    Idk, although not hugely different than other shotties that little difference in spread and longer damage drop off is gonna make this thing a beast as is. I already suspect this is going to instantly become the go-to shotgun just like the vandal wound up the go-to scout rifle.
  6. Sagabyte

    NS guns take the middle ground. As it is, it's a very nice weapon.
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  7. KiwiChieftaiNZ

    I feel like your leaning towards it being the Planetside version of the AA-12

    And I like it! 10/10 Would buy if it had HE Rounds!
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  8. eldarfalcongravtank

    patch delayed. this is our chance to get actually good and innovative sidegrade weaponry instead of the current copy&paste gun

    revamp the Baron, SOE!
  9. WarmasterRaptor

    Revamp ? why not ask for another one instead? Two shotguns! :D
  10. Xebov

    I dont see how this gun is a copy&paste weapon, i realy like what i see.

    Your idea is nice, but not for the baron, it would be an idea for a new shotgun in the future.
  11. Mystogan

    Baron should not have jackie's spread, period.
  12. Xebov

    If i hear that from NC i guess you fear that you have to taste a portion of your own medicine soon.
  13. Bankrotas

    As a NC LA, I say, bring it!
  14. Sagabyte

    Oh s*** a storm is brewing.
  15. UnDeaD_CyBorG

    So, you say it's low spread is an infringement of the jackhammer, so instead you want it to have explosive rounds, which would be an infringement of the lasher. o_O
    In any case, I really like the Baron, though I agree it might be too close to the jackhammer.
  16. minhalexus

    Giving away the Jackhammer, will remove NC as the shotgun faction. Considering that they will not have any superior shotguns. Canister is garbage already, and airhammer is getting loads of hate which would eventually cause a nerf. (even though AH is not OP, its just not filling its role as an AI weapon it does the role of an AA weapon)

    That aside, the only problem I have with the Baron is that it will be available to all classes (not infils) rather than being restricted to the heavy.
    LA is the king of shotties.

    I hope SOE brings in an NS Orion or Carv (or something in middle), since NC heavy will totally lose its edge in CQC if the Baron is released.
  17. Xebov

    No faction sticks with its Traits, take VS for example, the No Bullet Drop Trait is not available on some weapons and got removed from some due to balance. Also VS has the "most mobile" MBT, wich is actually the slowest and has the most bullet drop on its main gun. TR on the otehr hand used to have biggest magazines, but also have some reduced sized due to balance. Everything changes at some point.

    If you ask me, i would like to have all guns that are not direct copies simply copied over for each faction (with a faction specific model) so that everyone has access to everything, it would solve some issues and would also help players to perform better, because some players would be way better if they had access to a weapon from a different faction. And faction specific stuff is only ~25% of all stuff anyway, the rest is eitehr common pool or simply copied (like shotguns).
  18. LibertyRevolution

    I agree, it should have a tighter spread as it doesn't have a 3 round burst fire mode. :p
  19. minhalexus

    Its not about "not sticking to the traits completely" its about "removing a certain trait"

    VS actually do have the most mobile tank. The magrider is more mobile than the other 2 MBTs.
    Definition:- Capable of moving or of being moved readily from place to place
    Mobility does not mean that it should be the fastest, it means that it moves readily from one place to another. As far as I know the magrider is the one Tank that moves around the most, then the Vanguard, then the Prowler (due to anchor mode).

    VS main cannon has the most drop, but it does not have any angle to it. Prowler has a left ward angle to its main cannon, Vanguard has a right ward angle to it. But I do not mind if they buff the MV slightly, it would not be game breaking.

    TR does have higher Magazine size on all their equipment, other than maybe the LMGs.

    I stated a possible solution for the copying stuff thing, and that was too create a custom gun that costed 3000 certs and a 1 week period wait. Although you will not be able to create any faction specific weapons such as the JH, Lasher, MCG.

    NC has shotguns written over its description, along with slow hard hitting weapons.
    NC has a faction trait of having more armour, that is not implemented a 100% but it is implemented a little bit so I'm oKay with it.

    NC at the moment does not have any better specifications on its shotguns. The one shotgun that NC has, that is actually useful and good is the Jackhammer. Remove that, and NC will not be the shotgun faction at all.

    Canister is ****, airhammer depends, ATM it does not do good AI work but does better AA work.

    I'm totally fine if they give us a MCG and a Lasher, for making a NS variant for the JH, but I see nothing happening at this point.
    And yea, make the Baron heavy only.

    Or they should make the Baron a 3 shot kill in CQC if they do not change anything else. (considering that it will be available to the LA)

    Not implementing faction traits a 100% is fine by me, but removing a faction trait is not.
  20. Kunavi

    Improve and build upon Faction traits, accentuate them more and delete all CopyPasta. NS material(Current Libs, Lightnings, NS rifles ETC including equipment that is similar among Factions like HA Shield modules) should have been mere PlaceHolder items to cover for SOE launching PS2 sooner than they should have. The more into Faction traits a weapon is, the more it should cost. So as TR, the closest to +HipFire +ADS Mobility +Bullets + ROF(With the appropriate disadvantages so that they are balanced) you get the more expensive the weapons should be, with variants for each Cert Cost Tier of course.
    As VS, the closest you get to +Accuracy +Rel.Speed and less kick and less bullet drop you get, the more expensive the weapons should be. Again, with variations and the appropriate disadvantages.

    If NS stuff absolutely need to be in, they should be the starting weapons and units or very cheap for EVERYONE as they are a bit of this and that and quite viable as well. If SOE is lazy they can add specific Chasis, Frames or other slot items for each Faction instead of scrapping the NS units and weapons. An example would be, equipping a Vulcan instead of a TB on a Lib. A Vulcan-L, with a bit tweaked values to match the role. Or allowing a Marauder-L for the tail. The TR Lightning could have the option to be outfitted with a Quad-Fracture and so on. Cosmetics for each NS unit for each FACTION should also be different, so that again, TR as an example would get different body kits for their Harasser than the VS. I could go on and bring up so many examples and ideas, but I think the point made it across.

    Until such a transition occurs we're better off with Xebov's advice, CopyPasta EVERYTHING for EVERYONE so we can all at least play on an even level.

    When I log on my VS and get an Orion, Serpent or HV425 on my hands it's like EasyMode, literally HitScan at least for me. The NC come after, though definitely the trade off for being a little more difficult to control is totally worth it. Last come TR with CQC bullet spraying from the hip, fighting to gain the favour of the RNG Gods. Not worth it.

    I recently tried 1Hr TR then 1Hr VS, then 1 NC and then repeated the cycle. There is no question for me on who is hands down THE best and in fact playing as VS I feel my skill translates a lot better into the results I get. Do note that I barely have any Certs/Items on my VS and NC soldiers while my TR one with which I'm struggling is the one I've poured ALL my efforts in. Time, Certs, SC, practice, all gone to my TR. I realized it was not worth it after this little experiment. This whole "Dakka" thing, it doesn't work, only in theory. I get more bang from my Dakka while playing NC in fact.

    I wish the Factions had NO LORE so I could just pretend VS, NC and TR were simple palette swaps, because I can't stand either the VS nor the NC ideology. And that's the only thing that ever stopped me from joining them actually.

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