[Suggestion] Revamp the Engi Turret

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  1. Cyridius

    Right, so let me start off with how the Engineer Turret can be useful right now;

    1. It can be used as a shield, not even occupying it, you can hide behind it as a piece of cover(And repair it for XP)
    2. You can use it as it's actually intended, it makes you very vulnerable to snipers and the like, but it can be used to somewhat hold down an area(Until more than 1 person comes at the same time)
    3. It can be used as a distraction - just place the shield at a door and someone will probably think it's occupied, they might even shoot, alerting you to their presence - or it could even block the door forcing an awkward entry or forcing them to go around.
    4. The ammo box.
    Okay, so first thing's first. I think the Turret should become a Utility Tool and that the slot it takes up right now should be come a utility slot. Right now, the turret is extremely lackluster, and things like C4 and Mines, or even the ACTUAL ammo box could take it's slot. It would also give the Engi more variety to his tools - right now he's ALWAYS got an ammo box in the form of a turret, which I don't agree with(You can the ammo box and the turret deployed at the same time btw) - not to mention the ammo box for the turret is better than the rank 1 ammo box.
    After you make it a Utility Tool, revamp the certs entirely. Right now we could put 100s of certs into this for what? An extra 0.5sec per upgrade on the time it takes for the turret to overheat. It's not good enough, and to add it's really, really boring. Right now the Turret is kind of useless in TRUE function. The ideal changes I'd like would be this;
    • Rank 1; Increase damage
    • Rank 2; Increase time it takes to overheat
    • Rank 3; Give more health
    • Rank 4; Add a face shield to stop your head being so easily blown off by a sniper
    • Rank 5; Allow you to cert into an anti-vehicle(AA/AT) upgrade(A WEAK one)
    Now these are just general ideas - It doesn't neccessarily have to be these ones and it doesn't neccessarily have to be in that particular order. I just think that - while the Engi is a good class now in its current state - the class needs to actually have a solid, common use for the Turret other than as a step ladder. The overall strength gain this would get is balanced out by making it a Utility tool, so Engis will actually be forced to think about what they want - the Turret or something else. We could even have more variety in the future by having that deployable shield again, etc. All I know is that right now the Turret isn't really that useful, and alot of the better players, and myself, will say that the Turret TRULY does nothing more than make you a target and damage soak. It's not the WORST function in the world, but it's a gripe I seriously have.
    If you're going to disregard all my suggestions, so be it, but right now if anything the certifications TRULY need a revamp - they're EXTREMELY lack luster and are for people with more certs than sense.
    Thank you for reading.
  2. Akrasjel

    Some changes to it would be good
  3. siiix

    AV or grenade turret should be a separate turret

    and yes they definitely need upgrade they not very useful... they devs should look how 2142 the turrets worked, they where very good
  4. Cyridius

  5. DarkestMan

    There does need to be a turret revamp...Something can prevent them from being too OP in CQC defensive actions, but actually useful in non confined areas.
  6. Cyridius

  7. Cyridius

  8. Monnor

    Yeah beware we need teamplay, thats no fun.
  9. Athessu

    I would like to mention that it's possible to have both the turret ammo box and the turret itself out at the same time. Means you can cover point 4 while doing 1-3 :).
  10. Cyridius

    Yup, I believe I said that in the OP :) Good that that is highlighted though, it's quite an important enough point to the whole situation with turrets.
  11. Yeo-Yin

    defense SHOULD be OP. The cont should have SLOW changements in it, not like now a full reverse every night.

    People won't stuck to def if no one attack, so the risk that no one attack and everybody def is very low. However, people can stuck in attack, and it what we have now : a lot of attack and no defense.

    Did the devs realized that ? Yes.
    What did they do ? Make the defense of tech plants weaker.

    We can bet that the next step is remove the shields of biolabs. And buf air. And nerf AA.
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    Wrong thread?
  13. Cyridius

  14. PresidentFreeman

    I had no idea the turret counted as an ammo box, so it actually functions the same as the ammo box in that it gives ammo in a radius around it?
  15. SenEvason

    Press 'b' when holding it, and you can drop it like an ammo box.
  16. PresidentFreeman

    Ok, thanks for the tip.
  17. Teod

    I think the main problem of turret now is the fact that only the one who placed it can use it. Engineer is a support class and placing turrets should work as reinforcing defense in certain points. But as long as you have to operate it too, you are separated from your main work - fixing stuff and deploying ammo. And once you're dead, or decided to do something else, the turret is useless, no matter how well placed it is.
  18. Cyridius

    It performs equivelent to a rank 3 ammo box.

    That's actually quite a good point aswell. I think it should work the same as a vehicle in that you can lock it, unlock it, set it to squad/platoon, and ofcourse get xp when someone gets kills with it.
  19. Cyridius