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  1. Halkesh

    Actually, HA have choice between :
    -Oh **** button (stock)
    -Oh **** button (upgraded)
    -Unload your clip wasn't enough

    I'm not here to discuss about if HA shield are OP or not, but they should have a larger choice.

    Ultra Shield Capacitor
    It work like the medic self heal but it regenerate the HA shield and isn't an AoE.
    The shield replenish by +~250 shield / sec. Duration and CD change with rank.
    Unlike the other HA shield, it won't save him from alpha strike damage, but he can fight with almost no downtime.

    Tower shield
    A large energy shield rise in front of the HA. Every projectile that hit the shield deal damage to the HA (same hitbox as a MAX) but the HA get 80% resistance from these damage.
    Projectile that hit directly the HA, knife and explosion aren't reduced. (if a decimator hit the shiled, it will deal [1335x0,2 + 650 damage])
    The HA's can only use his sidearm while the shield is active. The HA can't use his RL during 1 sec after the end of his shield.
  2. Rovertoo

    If you want to talk about giving a class more ability choices, I think the HA isn't the one to focus on.
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  3. LynoocsNC

    and why exactly would i want to equip a shield that doubles my hitbox, but does nothing against body hits? to give infantry cover? might as well write "stickies here" on it
  4. Halkesh

    Because that shield give you 80% resistance to every damage that come from front direction.
    You take full damage only if you are flanked.

    About stiky nade... I just realize I had forget something. :mad:
  5. NCstandsforNukaCola

    Tower shield failed.
    You may know why it is broken if you see the aegis shield.
  6. Halkesh

    More details please ?
    Are my idea that crap or HA don't like new stuff ?
  7. KnightCole

    Its cuz the shield isnt the issue...its hit detect...true story....
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