Returning player: WTF happened to the Gatekeeper?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Endlave, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. Endlave

    I came back after about half a year of not (or barely) playing and find myself logging into my VS character to do some vehicle combat. All is fun and dandy until I notice prowlers shooting weird red peas at us from time to time. Doesn't take me long to realize that that's supposed to be the GK I remember from before. Shocked about how weak it actually felt to me at the receiving end, I logged into my TR character to check it out for myself. Took me long enough to actually find a prowler running with a GK, but once I did, I hopped into his gunner seat ad tried it out for myself.

    What. The. Actual. ****.

    The hell is that abomination? I read in the patch notes that it's supposed to be long range AV? In what parallel universe? The damage output is seriously a joke and barely even noticeable at all. I feel like I couldn't even kill a lightning with it, let alone an enemy MBT. The drop is abysmal, making long range precision harder than landing shots with the vulcan at similar ranges. I used to be surprised prowlers keep equipping the halbert all the time, but now I understand because they would have had to be mad to actually mount a GK on top of their MBT. It feels like it's actually removing the second seat because of how insignificant the damage is.

    What a joke. I feel sorry for TR. VS has Saron and NC has the enforcer which are both fun to use. And then there is the GK which effectively feels as if it was shooting wet noodles at enemies. It can't even kill an infantry unit after hitting every shot at close range as to where Saron can at least down one after unloading a full clip on them. Sure, killing infantry is not its job, but I wonder what its job actually is at this point when even rival weapons outperform it by far in every aspect.

    I have 200 kills left for the GK until aurax. I doubt I will ever actually get those the way the GK is now. Feels bad man. :(
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  2. JobiWan

    It's been nerfed, buffed, nerfed and now it's just some silly burst fire gun that is pretty close range if you time it well, but as for long range, no way. It's a completely different weapon that it was on release.
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  3. The Shady Engineer

    It got nerfed. Lets not kid ourselves, GK was an overperforming point-and-click adventure at launch. As it happens in PS2 though, the devs over nerfed it. They added in projectile acceleration, one of the biggest anti skill mechanics in the game. Hurts long range weapons especially bad as it makes leading targets at range difficult.

    Then it got a tiny buff iirc. Something like an extra 75m/s starting velocity. Projectile acceleration remained a thing. Buff didn't change anything.

    Finally it was reworked into the burst fire variant it is nowadays. Strange top gun. Allegedly our long-range top gun but it is terrible at range. Go figure.
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  4. Kristan

    Yep, Halberd performs way better than current Gatekeeper. Oh, and it takes 3 direct hits from Saron to kill an infantry, half a mag.
  5. typnct

    yep, ive tried to raise a post about it but most people feared it would be op again and went against it...
    the current gatekeepers replacement is the mjolnir with the dps if a deployed prowler with ap rounds

    no spin up high dps high dpm and great accuracy up to 200 meters

    there really is no use of the current gatekeeper as an infantry can deal much more damage behind the harraser than the gatekeeper(**** accuracy+low dps+low dpm+long reload+low dmg against inf,buildings,vehicles,air and basically ill take the kobalt every day over it)
    its only use is kiting in which its terrible

    using it on a prolwer basically means a sucide at long medium and close range

    i know it sounds exaggerated but its pretty much true(1-3 mags to kill 1 inf, unable to kill any repairing vehicle, unable to kill a turret with lvl 2 engineer repairing it air - just no, mbt - nope, harrasers 95% death, solo - nope)
    id give the current gatekeeper 1/10 as it is the worst secondary that currently exists!

    i once killed a vanguard when i was solo with the gatekeeper as an harraser and got reported by 5 people for cheating... so yeah people dont even see it as a threat(shooting at a lightning from the back and he didnt give a f*ck when he turned around and saw me and continued killing our sundy)
  6. LtBomber

    Long story short: There is no long range AV in the game anymore...
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  7. OldMaster80

    DBG marketing gurus said long range AV weapons are bad for players retention. Fights have to last longer to make the game fun.
  8. typnct

    so how does this even connect to this subject? nerf the ability of the nc and vs to shoot from afar?

    the issue is that the gatekeeper is **** and has no purpose in the gate
    id take every other variant of weapon to any kind of situation and not the gatekeeper

    i had more ram kills with the harraser than kills with the gatekeeper

    the saron is good the nc's weird propelled dart gun is good
    but the gatekeeper? what is it good for? absolutely nothing
  9. adamts01

    Don't be ridiculous. How about I meet your Vanguard with my Prowler undeployed at 50m and we'll see if that top gun beats my main guns. Or my prowler undeployed at 200m and I'll laugh when half your shots connect.

    The Mj finally matches the Vulcan, so have a taste of your own medicine. The Gatekeeper on the other hand.... There's zero reason to take it over the Bassi.
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  10. DobryiPupok

    I think, there are some ppl, who constantly sitting and crying, asking to nerf this, nerf that. They want to make 3 factions absolutely similar (and of course without infils, those dirty cowards). They praying to make factions only different in logo and icons color. And nerf coming down from the sky.
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  11. raffa2

    DBG thought that CQC meta had to be a thing, so they removed ranged combat and harassers have become the new MBT, and actual MBTs are basically bullet magnets to tank damage in favor of allied harassers
  12. UberNoob1337101

    If they made it just like the pre-nerf Gatekeeper with slower reload and higher recoil, the thing would be great. No gimmicks, no ********, just an effective long-range weapon.

    IDK what purpose it serves now tho. Even Basilisk seems better.
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  13. adamts01

    So you'd trade the Saron or Enforcer for the Gatekeeper? I'm all for faction specific weapons, but this particular gun needs some help.
  14. raffa2

    Without doubt i'd trade it for anything, really, the current gatekeeper really has no place in any fight, it has reached the level of meme weapon right now, like an H-flaregun.
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  15. Halkesh

    I think CAI have made the CQC topgun (vulcan, aphelion and mjolnir) too strong. Meanwhile, enforcer, saron and especially gatekeeper aren't competitive choice.
    The only non-CQC weapon that is competitive is the halberd, because devs buffed it 3-4 time since the CAI from april PTS. (remember when halberd-H dealt 400 damage and couldn't OHK infantry ?)

    IMO, it's not a problem that is specific to the gatekeeper (even if it's much more visible on it as it's the worst top gun currently). Something must be done to make medium range and long range top gun competitive choice when compared to CQC topgun.
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  16. typnct

    too true...

    last update i hoped it will change but now idk why did they just ignore them...
    (ive got more roadkills in my harraser and prowler than gatekeeper kills)
  17. typnct

    dont believe us? ok come to miller TYPNCTNK send me an invite to play as a prowler with the gatekeeper or an harraser lets see what will happen!
    i tried this weapon more than you can imagine at long range medium close range
    and nope its a sucide

    come on go to miller add me and show me how much of a great and useful this weapon is!
    see what a kill streak you will have! 15 deaths in a row while trying to take down something
    we will get more roadkills in 10 minutes than kills with the gatekeeper in an hour
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  18. adamts01

    CAI made sense at its core, it just needs tuning, which is perfectly acceptable after such a large change. Look at the key changes.
    • No long range infantry weapons: Great. We shouldn't have units dominating other units with zero ability to retaliate due to render range limitations.
    • Top gun nerf: Also a good change. Tank main guns should be more of a threat than the secondary weapon up top, especially when considering that that secondary weapon gets mounted on a dune buggy.
    • Simplified resistances: It's pretty hard to argue against this one. But this is what needs tuning the most. With all these resistance changes we get problems like our current Harasser hit points against main guns, C4 and Decimators. But damage is slowly getting there patch by patch.
    Also, Daybreak didn't decide CQC had to be a thing, they were faced with the harsh reality that this many players drastically reduces render ranges. We just can't have reliable long range combat when no one reliably renders at long range.
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  19. DobryiPupok

    Man, you misunderstood me. I already have on Miller fully certified prowler with: GK, AV rocket, and A-A walker. And i'm so sad about what they did to prowler and GK. Actually i use my prowler less and less time. May be they want us to forget prowler, that's why they nerfing it.

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