Returning player with some questions.

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  1. Elsewhere

    Hi, I played 200+ hours in the beta, and took a long break from the game, and have been playing again for a week or so. I have tried looking at in-game tool-tips or online wiki's and cannot seem to get the answer to some of these. Some I suspect I know, but would like a 100% yes/no.

    1) Being rezzed reduces your death count by 1.
    In the little bit of testing I have done, this seems true. Get killed while on 1/0 brought me to 1/1, then rez took me back to 1/0 again. Can anyone confirm?

    2) Once a player dies, is there a time limit in which they can get a rez?
    I died while attacking an outpost, and the phone rang just after I died. There were several medics around once we took the facility and I could see lots of Medics were around my corpse on the deployment map, yet not a single one rezzed. Does it time-out? (assuming they don't re-deploy)

    3) Do AP Mines cause Friendly Fire?
    I know they are not triggered by members of the same team, but if a hostile treads on one, will the blast damage hit any friendly stood close enough?

    4) Do mines I place have an unlimited duration?
    Do they disappear if I move XX meters away (or into another territory)
    Can I pick them up again once placed?

    5) Cloak colours
    Most of the time, I see friendly Infiltrators cloaking and it gives them a glow of their respective team's colour. Yet today while playing, all friendly cloaks are that transparent colour. is this dependent on the type of cloak they are using? Hunter vs NCS?

    Many thanks
    (Play a 80% Medic/20% Engineer hybrid if that makes any difference)
  2. Chipay

    1) Yes, there was a bug that didn't reduce it on your total score (only session based) but it shoud work now.

    2) There is a time limit, it's around 60 seconds, after that time you can't be ressed and if you were ressed but didn't press the respawn button, the respawn button won't work. (this was here since the beginning of the game to counter dead enemies waiting untill everyone was gone to cap the base)

    3) Eyup

    4) You can't pick them up, nor will placed mines despawn when the placer is far away.

    5) Might want to double check if that wasn't an enemy cloaker, normally all your friendly cloaked infiltrators, no matter the cloack type is, shine their faction color. This could also be a bug introduced during the new GU where things like bullets, the streams on the elevator and other effects aren't there/ are invisible.
  3. Sledgecrushr

    1-rezzes do reduce your death count by 1
    2-there is a rezz time limit, I believe it is 30 seconds
    4-mines will last until you put down more mines or you log off
    5-cloak colors are seen by fiendlies only, put in to stem the tide of accidental infiltrator shootings
    Good luck out there brother.
  4. Elsewhere

    Thanks for the info.

    As for the cloak colours, I checked the transparents were 100% friendly by their names, then put a single shot into them and getting a FF warning every time. Some of our cloakers were colours and some were transparent, and this was for multiple cloakers this morning.
    Never had the issue yesterday, just this morning.
    Oh well, no biggie, was just confused by it.

    Also, one more to ask, back when I played first, no one knew what the base HP of the classes were. IIRC Is it now 500 straight with the infiltrator on less? (and HA on more?)

  5. haldolium

    The new cloak color style is bugged and doesn't render your factions infiltrators correct, especially in close range.
  6. Jkar

    As a lot has been said already I want to extend on those a bit:

    3) Yes if an enemy steps on your mine and a friendly is nearby it can damage and kill them, giving you grief. But if someone triggers the mine with explosive damage or by shooting it, the mine is considered an extension of the shooters action and you won't get any credit even if it kills someone.

    A lot of people are having problems with this when they place C4 for example on an enemy vehicle and a rocket hits it, triggering the C4 and blowing up the vehicle but giving you no credit although it was destroyed from your explosives. Some may even try to exploit your explosives to kill someone (usually C4 or tank mines).

    4) As far as I know mines stay as long as you don't log out of the game or place more mines than you are allowed to place. For example if you have only one mine unlocked you can only place one. If you drop down another the first one will disappear. You can't pick them up again either so better be sure you put them in the right place.

    Base HP for every class is 500, base shield energy for everyone but infiltrator is 500, infiltrator itself only has 400 shield energy.
  7. Thrull

    This. I have had mines (both kinds) I laid down and completely forgot about kill people over an hour later when I am many regions away.

    Edit - oh and in my (apparently) quest to die in ever feasible way possible I have found that you can have the misfortune of committing suicide if you drop an AP mine that triggers while you are too close to it. So yeah if you are going to toss it through a doorway back up. :p
  8. GhostAvatar

    1. Yes
    2. Yes, 30 seconds
    3. Yes, if triggered by an enemy in the trigger zone or shot by friendly/enemy fire and they are in the blast radius.
    4. No, they will despawn when you log out or if you place more than your carrying capacity. Otherwise there is no limitation on them.
    5. Friendly cloak color only displays within a certain range.