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  1. TatharNuar

    Before it went inactive and I quit, I was a captain of NWI. I'd like to get back into the game, so I'm looking for an outfit to join. I have squad and platoon leader experience, and I have a mic. I mostly specialize in Light Assault, and I prefer objective-based teamwork over joining the zerg. Before I left, I obtained a Thanatos shotgun, and I'm saving up for my first C4 (got it). As Light Assault, I am skilled in both indoor and rooftop-to-ground assaults.

    EDIT: I now have a set of questions for recruiters here: Questions

    EDIT 2: If anyone's interested in my certs/weapons as of 5/16, here you go. Not sure if there's a website for that, but if there is, you can look me up as Tathar on Mattherson.

    Infantry: Restoration Kit 1
    Infiltrator: Hacking 1, VA39 Spectre (no certs), V10 w/ 12x zoom (considering Nyx or Artemis scout rifles for recon/hacking)
    LA: Jump Jets 3 (getting 4 soon), Adrenaline Pump, Adv. Shield 3, C-4 1, Solstice VE3 w/ 3.4x, 4x, HS/NV, and Reflex 2x zooms, Pulsar C (no certs), and Thanatos VE70 w/ Reflex 2x zoom and Extended Mag (working on slug ammo)
    Medic: Med Applicator 2, Nano-Regen 3, Pulsar VS1 (no certs), H-V45 (no certs), Thanatos VE70 (see above)
    Engi: Nano-Armor 4, Adv. Shield 3, weapons same as LA
    HA: NMG 2, Munitions Pouch 1, Orion VS54 (no certs), SVA-88 w/ Reflex 2x zoom, Thanatos VE70 (see above)
    MAX: Acquire 3, Dual Burster, otherwise stock

    Flash: "Penny certs" only. Basilisk purchased. (I hardly ever use this because of the noise.)
    Sundy: Acquire 2, Gate Shield 1, AMS, Blockade Armor 1, Vehicle Ammo 1, Mine Guard 1, Dual Bulldogs w/ penny certs (I've got some good situational builds for this one, but they could be improved.)
    Lightning: Acquire 2, C75 Viper w/ penny certs, L100 Python HE w/ penny certs
    Magrider: Acquire 2, Supernova PC w/ Max Ammo 2, 1.25x Zoom, Supernova VPC w/ penny certs, Basilisk w/ penny certs, Saron HRB w/ penny certs
    Scythe: Acquire 2, Flares 1, Saron Laser w/ penny certs, Dual Photon Pods w/ Max Ammo 2, 1.25x Zoom, and NV optics, A2A Missiles w/ penny certs (I am not a pilot, and I can't pretend to be one either. Seriously, I should not be flying, ever.)
    Lib: Acquire 2, L30R Vektor w/ penny certs, AP30 Shredder w/ penny certs, L105 Zepher w/ penny certs, Drake w/ penny certs. (Again, I'm no pilot. I only have the Zepher so I can let someone else pilot for me while I gun. I prefer the Dalton though, since I'm not bad at landing A2A shots with it.)
    Gal: Acquire 1, primary Walker w/ penny certs, others Drake w/ penny certs.
    Harasser: stock w/ penny certs (I have no idea how I should cert this, but I like how it drives.)

    Squad Leader: Command Channel, Squad Objectives, Spawn Beacon 1.
  2. TatharNuar

    I'd like to join a mid to large outfit so that I don't have to worry about any more inactivity issues. An opportunity for advancement into leadership positions is also important. I've never used Teamspeak before, so if your outfit requires that, I'll need help setting it up. I also want to participate in a few public squad/platoon ops with your outfit before I decide whether to join.
  3. Rycon

    If you are VS. Look at NNG or AT
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  4. TatharNuar

    I haven't looked into NNG yet, but it appears AT doesn't allow members to join platoons that aren't run by AT. I don't like that because I'd prefer to try other platoons from time to time to learn new strategies and tactics that my outfit hasn't adopted yet.

    After joining a few public platoon ops, I'm noticing that tactics have really evolved since I stopped playing. I wouldn't know that if I didn't have the opportunity to try platoon ops with different groups and different leadership styles.

    Maybe if someone from AT responded, I could get a better understanding of what that rule is about.
  5. Jaxxx

    Hi Tathar, Im an officer in NNG, yes we do run open platoons for you to run with to "try us out" so to speak. They are open nightly, as long as you can follow direction and waypoints we don't expect much more out of the public player that may wish to join us.
    The NNG site is currently down (server failed) and hopefully will be up again sometime soon.
    Feel free to look me up in game or an NNG open squad to see what you think of us. -- While it is down it will currently say "Account Suspended" please bear with it until our Admin gets it back up and running.

    Also Thank Your Rycon for recommending us
  6. TatharNuar

    Haven't had a chance to meet with some NNG guys in a platoon yet. Anyone else I should look at while I'm at it?
  7. Ender

    VS Mattherson's outfits as sorted by total accumulated XP. This should give you an idea of size and xp per outfit. Use to find any outfit you're interested in and click them, should show you two different activity ratings. I'd suggest using the 96 members + sort for medium to large outfits. Default is 12
  8. TatharNuar

    Thanks for pointing me to those resources. I'm perfectly fine with a medium-size outfit as long as it's active and has potential to become larger, but I wouldn't want to go with one with more than 500 members. The last thing I want is to be so lost in the crowd that I never get a chance to lead squads like I used to.
  9. TatharNuar

    What I really want to know is what you expect of outfit members. I've had experiences where clans/guilds/whatever would appear to be pretty cool to public players they play with, but once you joined, it was like you joined the wrong clan/guild/whatever because of how differently they run things with members-only stuff.

    Actually, that's another thing I want to know from outfits if they post here. Do you run public squads/platoons differently than outfit-only ops? If so, in what ways?

    (I'll have to come up with a set of questions for the outfits I'm looking at right now. I have a pretty decent-sized list and I'd like to get more information on them.)
  10. TatharNuar

    Here are some questions I've come up with for recruiters. These questions are meant for outfits I know nothing about, so please try to give me some information about your outfit so we can both save time and effort. Please don't answer these questions right away if you're on my short list (see below) or can link to your outfit's website and/or a video of your organized ops. I'll let you know whether I like what I see, and if I still have questions, I'll ask those instead.

    Outfit Operations
    When and how often do you run organized squad/platoon ops? Please include time zone if not Eastern Time.
    Of these organized ops, which ones are open to the public?
    Do you run public ops differently than outfit-only ops? If so, what are the differences?
    What do you use for voice chat?
    I tend to stutter if I talk too fast, so I tend to talk slowly to speak more clearly. Will this be a problem in your voice chat?
    What opportunities are there for an outfit member to lead a squad or platoon in organized ops?

    What do you expect from each member? Please summarize.
    Specifically, what expectations do you have for members' and leaders' time commitments?
    How large is your outfit, in terms of peak online members on a typical day? If you're not sure, just tell me how many outfit members typically participate in organized ops.
    Do you have an outfit website or forum? If so, do you require all members to use it?
    What sort of advancement opportunities do you offer to members?
    What sort of in-game training do you offer to members? How is the training program offered?

    Outfit Health
    If the outfit leader were to quit, what would happen to your outfit?
    What plans do you have for the future of your outfit?
    What does your outfit need most that it currently doesn't have?
    Why should I join your outfit instead of another one?

    Outfits on my short list: NNG, RGQT, V, BBRO, KOS, VR, XTAR, HAYA, DA
    If you're on this list, I already know a bit about you, but I have a smaller set of questions about things I couldn't figure out from my research on your outfit. I need to know who to direct my questions to, though, so please have a representative reply to this thread.

    EDIT: Polished this post a bit and removed some questions I don't need to ask anymore, thanks to the resources people pointed me to.
  11. Jaxxx


    This is a game, I am not interviewing for a job here, I simply extended the opportunity to check out NNG and see if you like it.
    The choice ultimately is yours, but I am definitely not filling out an application for the chance you may or may not join. Sorry I have better things to do.
  12. TatharNuar

    I'm afraid I don't have any other option but to ask these questions. I need to know the answers one way or another, but your website's down so I can't find out the answers myself.

    EDIT: I do have a few questions on there that could probably be removed though. I can find out the total member count elsewhere, at least. Give me a sec.

    EDIT 2: There. Is that more acceptable?
  13. Dzire

    I'll humor you on this one....

    Outfit Operations
    Every night around 730 EST. We have scheduled optional trainings some of these nights, but we run platoon operations at the completion of the trainings.

    We generally have one squad in the full platoon that is that is public, so people who are curious can join in, hop in our TS, and experience how we operate.

    Without going into great detail., I can tell you one of the first things you will notice is our speed. No waiting around at the warp for 5 minutes, no PFing at a base you just capped. We are GO GO GO with very little downtime. We accomplish this with capable and reliable leadership, as well as trained and disciplined members.

    Teamspeak 3. We do not use in-game chat because of its lack of reliability and quality.

    As along as you communicate accurately, briefly, and clearly, I will have no problems with that.

    There is opportunity for any that show initiative. Every Monday we have what is called Open Leadership Night, where normal members step up to lead under the guidance of our Officers/NCOs .

    A working mic, Maturity, and Respect. An ability to LISTEN and LEARN. Our officers can teach you the ins and outs of this game at the highest level of play, but you must have a willing attitude first.

    The only requirement we have for members is that when you're online, you're in TS and working with an outfit squad/platoon.

    We generally run a full platoon (4 squads) of all outfit members nightly. More for our scheduled operations (around 7-8 squads)

    That we do, and all members are required to register on the forum for out of game planning and communication.

    We have advancement opportunities in the form of our Cohorts, which are our version of what others call Divisions. These are areas within the outfit that specialized individuals can share their skill with others, and operate in game with those people. (Think Air, Armor, Specialized Infantry, etc).

    Basic Training is required for every member. Advanced is optional but highly recommended. Both are held on a weekly basis. After that, Cohort Trainings are available for those that wish the specialize in a certain playstyle, or skillset.

    Outfit Health

    If the outfit leader were to quit, there are several Officers, or Centurions as we call them, that have been hand picked because of their ability to lead and organize both in-game and out of game. The outfit leader has been playing almost daily since Tech Test beta, and has no intention of quitting :)

    Our continued growth and pursuit to be the most effective outfit on our server.

    More members like you!

    We are the fastest moving outfit on our server - guaranteed. Our combined arms effect on a battle is absolutely undeniable. We are never afraid to try new things and continue to ADAPT and LEARN. A stagnant force, both physically and tactically, is a dying force - so we take our mobility and flexibility to heart.

    But when you join my outfit, you aren't just joining us for Planetside.. you're joining a gaming community, full of like-minded members that enjoy many games where you will find that same maturity and respect you see in our PS2 operations.

    So, TatharNuar, I hope I have answered your questions sufficiently....But there is one caveat!

    My outfit is a New Conglomerate outfit by the name of Clan Magnus Legio [CML]

    I you would be willing to create a new NC character, I would be happy to have you in our platoon and Teamspeak to try us out for a few nights. Trust me, you won't regret it.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    Clan Magnus Legio [CML]
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  14. TatharNuar

    Thank you for answering my questions, Dzire. I have to say, you put together some excellent responses. I was preparing to apply right away until I found out that you're NC. Unfortunately, I'm too SC-invested into VS to switch factions, and I don't have the money right now to similarly invest in NC. However, it really speaks to your leadership when you already have 350 members and you'd still put that much effort into recruiting someone from another faction.

    I particularly like your Open Leadership Night. It sounds like a good way to incorporate different leadership styles and tactics into your regular ops. Am I right about that?

    Even though I won't be able to join, I'd love to see unedited video of your outfit in action. I'm always interested in seeing how different outfits run their organized ops, and I'd like to see your fast-paced style. I consider myself a student of the game, so training is very important to me, and I can tell that it takes a good training program to get 350 people to work quickly and effectively. NWI never had a training program, despite my efforts to create one, and it led to the outfit leader getting bored and quitting.

    (For Ender: I just looked at DasAnfall and I'm also impressed by your outfit ops videos. I noticed how you would use a Galaxy only to drop an entire squad into a position, then leave the Galaxy to crash when it was no longer useful. That's rather efficient, and I wouldn't have thought of that myself. I'm afraid I don't know much else about your outfit though. I passed you over on my list earlier because I assumed from the name that you were a German-language outfit, but I'd like to know more. I hope my BR 21 isn't too low for you though.)
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  15. Goblinhunter

    If you have a shortlist, I've recently added the outfit comparison function into, so you can add your shortlist and compare their stats on a single page, may be useful to you -
  16. TatharNuar

    Oh cool. I wish PSU had more sorting and filter options, but your website is much more friendly to people like me who care more about indicators of outfit health and other factors that a Total XP leaderboard can't tell you. Your website answers a lot of questions I have about the outfits I look at, but of course there are some things that you can only find out from talking with the outfit leadership. I can tell that you're trying to make your website a resource for interested players to decide what is the right outfit for them, and I really appreciate that.

    Ajax, I just noticed your website is back up, so I'll take a look there to see what I can find answers for there. I didn't intend to overwhelm anyone with my questions, but when I typed them up late last night, I didn't realize how many questions I had. If I like what I see on your website, I'll still have questions, but I'll do my best to accommodate your needs and trim them down to bare essentials. Will that be acceptable?

    EDIT for Ajax/NNG: I'm looking through your website, but I'm having a very hard time finding any information useful to prospective recruits. I did find Jaamaw's Twitch, and he seems to appreciate moments like one-shotting an enemy ESF with a Dalton Liberator (which is cool) but I simply can't find any video footage of one of your past organized ops. I need to see an unedited video of one of your platoon ops so I can see how your ops are run and compare your tactics to the tactics I'm more familiar with. Could you link one for me, please?
  17. Valiant Viet

    Dzire is actually our outfit leader lol :]. He shows a great deal of discipline and involvement and it rubs off on to our members. We're relatively small compared to large outfits like TE, AT, TAS; but a couple hundred members is nothing to brush off. Yet, the best part is that our community is very friendly and we engage in close discussions and gameplay every day. Whichever outfit you finally choose, I hope you enjoy your time there and I will expect to see you on the battlefield!
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  18. TatharNuar

    Yeah, I noticed that after I had already written that post. I hope that my bump/thanks post on your recruiting thread helps.
  19. Jaxxx

    Again I am not going to go crazy trying to dazzle you with NNG, or answer a full blown questionare on NNG everything just for 1 potential recruit who may not even join us.
    I will tell you this.
    We run open squads nightly, always NNG officer or Platoon leader (a rank of NNG member) leading the platoon.
    Our outfit ops are closed to the public, although Jaamaw usually streams them.
    Our open ops are a loose version of what we do on a regular basis although a lot of it depends on who is leading as well.
    Its up to you now, if you like what you see great, if not, I wish you the best in your search.
  20. Infinn

    I smell troll
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