Returning after over a year away.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Mojo_man, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Mojo_man

    So I've not played the game since the end of February in 2017 and I've just come back. So far I've noticed a few big changes:

    1) Infantry gain XP for damaging ground vehicles. A very good thing in my opinion.
    2) Constructions is still a long way from perfect, but it's much improved over its previous incarnation.
    3) Alerts are now much better.
    4) Implant system has been massively improved
    5) The Prowler got a big buff. This one I have no idea why it was necessary. It was already pretty lethal.
    6) The Vanguard got a nerf. THis one I don't understand either since the last I played the Vanguard was solidly at the bottom of the food chain for MBTs. But maybe that changed since I've been gone.
    7) There's a new deployable spawn pad that's a huge game changer.
    8) Some new weapons that seem to be very popular. The Promise LMG and the Gladius SMG are both seen very frequently in my experience.

    Is there anything else I've missed?
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  2. T.A.94

    1. True
    2. Cant argue with that
    3. I agree
    4. I personally agree others have concernes about the RNGnes
    5. Compared to the OG Lockdown with less then 1 sec reload the barrage ability is a direct nerf to DPS BUT it increases the DPS while mobile. So it is quite ballanced in my oppinion
    6. To be fair, the 'I win shield' was OP in 1 vs 1 also the Vanguard has 1000 HP more then a Prowler or Magrider
    7. Not only that, they are also underrated as heck. I rarely see one delpoyed
    8. Jup those are made by a member of the community called d0ku. He also designed Battlerifles (Bishop) and a Carbine and Assaultrifle are yet to be released

    Things you have missed:
    - Introduction of a 5th continent called Oshur, it is work in progress
    - Introduction of a 4th faction called the Nanite System Operatives (NSO). Those will be mercinary robots who are always assigned to the faction with the lowest population. To prevent Robotside they are locked behind membership and currently on the Testserver
    - Also Prototype vehicles will get introduced to the game
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  3. Halo572

    A fourth faction of bots?

    Yes, the true sign of a failing game when they have to artificially bolster the player numbers.

    They used to do that with Soldier of Fortune 2 and Battlefield 2 multiplayer servers, the server browser would show players and you would join to find there were hardly any humans if at all.

    In other games I can't remember you had to use public chat to try to find out if there was anyone else playing. - Hello, am I the only human here? Hello?

    The difference is they were legacy games kept alive by the fans, not an ongoing concern.

    Has it really been 6 years and this is as far as they got?
  4. Ge0mancer

    The Robot faction is player controlled, they just look like droids.
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  5. Mojo_man

    Ooooooookay, that makes a lot more sense about the Prowler. I was under the misguided impression that it now had BOTH the benefits of Anchor-mode and it's new barrage. I was really scratching my head as to how anyone could have thought that would have been a good idea.
  6. Skraggz

    Please do go on, let me go grab a bowl of popcorn first, but please do elaborate. I seriously want to hear how you interpreted this.
  7. Atorum

    SWTOR implemented same faction battlegrounds when population started declining, they didnt want to address the lack of balance between factions so instead went with PvP population balance, in the end it died, while not the only cause it was one of the major ones.
    One thing that keeps saving PS2 is that its free and lot of people still haven't played it, second part is what is keeping it alive, that influx of one monthers that give up in the end.
    It is a sign of dying game (not dead yet).
  8. Skraggz

    I read his post and gather that he thinks there will be computer controlled NPC's. Pretty sure that is what he meant and not what you are attempting to touch on but oh well.
  9. Atorum

    Still makes no sense, AI controlled bots? Why would anyone think of implementing them in a MMOFPS? If they did headshots they would be op, if they did only bodyshots they would be up.
  10. adamts01

    If they did body shots, they'd probably beat half the players in this game. I don't really pay attention to Auraxium stuff, and when I checked the other day, my rarely used spitfire was tearing **** up.
  11. Twin Suns

    Welcome Back.

    Here's some baby powder, now go slap the shizzit out of the enemy. ;)

    Happy Hunting.


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