[BUG] Return the Orion's .75 ADS or give it SPA

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  1. Scr1nRusher

    The Orion is a great CQC LMG, but due to it being a starter weapon people phase it out overtime for different options.

    Also 0.75 ADS doesn't belong on any LMG, and if you ask all the good players "0.75 ADS doesn't matter.....but I will attack anyone if they want to remove it from the game......"
  2. asmodraxus

    Simple solution

    Limit the attachments to the Anchor and the MSW-R to that which the Orion can use
  3. SpeedFreakPS1

    That won't happen though because they are not free weapons, the solution then is to either give the Orion access to SPA which is not that unreasonable given the Gauss has access to HVA or a new VS CQC LMG alternative
  4. JKomm

    Implying that High Velocity Ammo is on equal grounds of effectiveness as Soft Point Ammo... there is no reason whatsoever that the Orion, or any Vanu weapon should ever be buffed... as stated before the Orion is already superior to the other default LMGs. Here is what you're doing... you found a weapon you like, you love using it... and you just want it buffed further so you can kill more easily.

    Pull all the hard stats you want, problem here is you're just bad with the weapon, stop trying to buff it to suit your specific needs.
  5. SpeedFreakPS1

    Interesting how people say 'your just bad' or some other random quote and ask for the stats, I produce the stats proving what I stated is supported by factual data.

    The point still stands the Orion is the worst performing CQC LMG in the game
  6. JKomm

    Your stats also show Orion being the best performing starter LMG, why do you constantly ignore this fact?
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  7. SpeedFreakPS1

    I'm not ignoring the fact it is the best starter in the game but that doesn't matter when it is the worst performing CQC available to the VS and that is all that counts in competitive play
  8. Scr1nRusher

    Because it doesn't fit his narrative & facts hurt his Feelz
  9. Gundem

    I love how nobody has even bothered to compare the weapon stats like not-morons.
  10. ridicOne

    Yap, very interesting depending on what aspect you look at from your earlier post.
  11. Scr1nRusher

    Welcome to forumside.

    Where **** hits the fan and we call it the weather.
  12. PasitheeVS

    It is the best starter LMG, because it's the only CQC LMG among the starter LMGs and this game (balancing, base design and client detection) favors CQC weapons.

    However it is also the worst CQC LMG (Anchor, MSW-R, Orion) and therefore deserves a buff. SPA is enough I think, it is the only CQC LMG without SPA, so it makes sense to give it SPA as well. And technically SPA isn't even a buff, it is a sidegrade.

    For example: NC has the best starter sniper. So should it be nerfed? No, it is not the faction equivalent to the other starter snipers.

  13. JKomm

    Let's be quite honest, some starter weapons need to change. TR starters are a good example of what to have, the Trac-5, T1 Cycler, and T9 Carv are all 750 RPM at 143 damage weapons, they are quite similar weapons to be honest, but with touches to make them viable in different areas. If we followed this formula of keeping these stats in line on starter weapons, the VS' starter LMG would be the Pulsar LSW and NC's would be the EM6. But for some reason they didn't go that route and quite frankly cannot now because it would require some changes to the weapons(Namely attachments, for instance the EM6 can equip extended magazines for a 200 round drum, as well as a compensator, no other starter has these options for the most part).

    In response to NC having the best starter sniper... they should just make both a bolt action and semi-auto sniper default, ones identical to each faction, so no one is left with a better option from the start.
  14. 0fly0

    So the gauss saw is not a starter weapon now?
  15. ColonelChingles

    That's funny, because the best LMG by KPH is of course the Betelgeuse.

    BR100 KPH
    Betelgeuse- 60.14
    Anchor- 55.67
    MSW-R- 48.73
    Butcher- 46.75
    GODSAW- 45.37

    And the Betelgeuse is pretty much a clone of the Orion, except it can't take attachments and has the infinite ammunition thing.

    Buffing the best performing starting LMG would be a terrible mistake and make the game even less balanced than it is now. The Orion needs nerfs to bring it in-line with the other starter LMGs. Then the VS can get one of their other LMGs turned into a CQC LMG.
  16. JKomm

    The developers sort of ruined game balanced for new players immediately... they had a great system picked out for TR, you make the assault rifle, then tweak it's stats for the carbine and the LMG... viola you get the T1 Cycler, Trac-5, and T9 Carv... all are arguably amazing and versatile weapons. They sort of did this on NC and VS but skipped the LMG part... for instance the NC1 Gauss Rifle and AF-19 Mercenary are also close in stats, but then they went and made the Gauss SAW into a long ranged weapon. Vanu get the Pulsar VS1 and Pulsar C, yet then they make the Pulsar LSW a different weapon and the Orion the starter.

    There is so much irreparable damage done to balance in this game that has been sitting here from Alpha and Beta stages... one such: the addition of Vanu as a faction.
  17. D4rk50ul

    The only solution that seems to work is to make a different VS Lmg the default so the Orion can be the purchased CQC one that can get attachments.
  18. Gundem

    You need to take a step back and recognize that raw statistical performance is not an honest explanation of a weapon's actual performance.

    The Betelgeuse performs as it does because highly skilled veteran players tend to flock towards it, as it's infinite ammo, lack of downtime or reload and great DPS are all highly sought after traits for a player who wants to farm as many bads as they can as quickly as they can.

    But in a 1v1 with equally skilled players, the Betelgeuse falls short of a weapon like the MSW-R which is a dedicated CQC LMG.

    In the same regard, the Orion is generally the go-to LMG for these same elites because it's the only weapon in the entire VS LMG arsenal that can match the DPS of any of the NC or TR CQC LMG's.

    And once again, in a direct comparison of the stats of the MSW-R and the Orion, the MSW-R is a superior weapon. This is what matters most.
  19. D4rk50ul

    Only because the Orion has no attachments and it's a starter versus a paid weapon. The ONLY fair solution is to make a different VS LMG the starter and make the Orion a paid weapon. You will have to bring its recoil and clip size into line with all other CQC LMGs though if it's getting attachments.
  20. CNR4806

    Standard Vanu defense before 0.75 change: 0.75 ADS doesn't give the weapons any edge
    Standard Vanu argument after 0.75 change: Removing 0.75 ADS from Vanu LMGs made them crap

    I'll just agree with the pre-patch Vanu who obviously knew the best.
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