[BUG] Return the Orion's .75 ADS or give it SPA

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by SpeedFreakPS1, Aug 3, 2016.

  1. SpeedFreakPS1

    You have essentially taken the one good lmg the VS had and turned it into a poor man's MSW-R seeing the MSW-R can equip SPA

    The Gauss Saw has access to HVA so there is no argument against giving the Orion SPA because it is a starter weapon

    You fail devs. with your Point and Click Republic favoritism!
  2. Sergio Lima

    This guy again?
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  3. ColonelChingles

    The Orion continues to have the best KPH of all the starter LMGs. Whereas the Gauss SAW and CARV hover at ~21, the Orion can boast of a ~24 KPH.

    If anything the Gauss SAW and CARV need buffs or the Orion still needs more nerfs.
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  4. Scr1nRusher


    And for **** sakes stop spamming the forums with this ******** stuff.

    Enough with the VS victim complex.
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  5. FateJH

    The SVA is also good and the Flare has uses.
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  6. SpeedFreakPS1

    I will keep posting these threads until the PaCR have their well deserved *adjustments* so unless I am banned there will be more
  7. Scr1nRusher

    So you are a SJW of balance.

    Holy ****
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  8. SpeedFreakPS1

    This is because *more* people use the Orion since it is the best of the Vanu LMGs, both the PaCR and NC have better alternatives being the MSW and GDS
  9. SpeedFreakPS1

    Yes the SVA is good at range, the flare .. no
  10. LaughingDead

    GD is a sub for the starter, the orion equivalent would be the anchor and the orion is probably most used because it's also the default? If your bestis what you start with, why buy anything else?
    Also I don't see why the orion needs softpoint if it's a midrange lmg.
  11. Pat22

    Isn't the Pulsar LSW better than the SVA nowadays?
  12. OldMaster80

    Have you ever considered you're not good enough and you should train more?
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  13. FateJH

    I referenced the SVA because it was good even back before the Orion's adjustments.
  14. ColonelChingles

    Not true.

    Unique Users
    Gauss SAW- 3,832
    CARV- 3,716
    Orion- 3,568
    MSW-R- 1,089
    GD-22S- 823

    The Orion is actually used the least out of the starter LMGs. The MSW-R and GD-22S aren't as popular as the starter LMGs.

    Furthermore the average BR of the Orion user is pretty close to the CARV or SAW user, meaning that it isn't even a matter of player experience or skill. The Orion is simply a better weapon than the CARV or SAW, despite the nerfs.
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  15. SpeedFreakPS1

    Where are you getting these stats from?
  16. ColonelChingles

    Oracle of Death, which in turn gets them from the PS2 API.
  17. SpeedFreakPS1

    Ok well I don't see how the stats can be accurate given that since the nerfs the ability for the MSW-R to equip the SPA without a doubt makes it a better gun.
  18. SpeedFreakPS1

    Um, why when
    Well when I go here http://ps2oraclestats.com/monthlystats/ to look at the monthly given that is the most recent then sort by avg KPH lists the Orion as the third worst

    Betelgeuse 54-A1894All BRs1768746837.7282.360.840.2990. GODSAW1879All BRs607927322.27125.647.780.2520. "Butcher"1924All BRs712028424.88149.745.660.2550. Anchor7236All BRs1280256022.77271.944.870.2760. BRs5882226.0812.641.440.2850. CARV-S7253All BRs504224420.63137.535.510.2450. BRs738838718.98200.734.730.2540. LSW7275All BRs1052158617.75283.634.20.2490. BRs17811108916.19508.633.160.2490. BRs860852916.23251.232.790.2420. NS-15M301001All BRs1222570517.2364.331.810.2470. Gauss SAW S7234All BRs283314619.3889.231.730.2370. Bull7257All BRs640736917.32194.231.530.2370. Polaris7274All BRs434922719.0413430.540.2240. VE67277All BRs696645815.13222.630.450.2440. NS-15M301003All BRs1026365315.58317.630.10.2410. BRs1111382313.46373.928.580.2390. NS-15M301002All BRs1025569114.78340.228.470.2350. BRs611647112.81196.428.360.2160. Rhino7255All BRs624745913.62218.427.870.2280. BRs967070513.58323.527.70.2380. BRs344025013.61123.526.560.2470. VS5480All BRs36085356810.071466.523.90.2510. Gauss SAW78All BRs3393738328.83149221.350. CARV79All BRs3431437169.181559.320.990.2240.
  19. SpeedFreakPS1

    And if you look at the average playtime for the Orion it is the third highest !!
    So my original points stand and appears to be supported by the stats
  20. DrakeFang

    Mate, with the level your victim complex is reaching, I'm starting to draw comparisons between you and FriendlyPS4.

    That's not a connection you want people making.

    As for the Orion, it's closer to the GD-22S than the LA-1 Anchor. It is designed for mid-range use without sacrificing close range competency. As such, there's no reason for it to have a .75 ADS, or SPA. Those are not traits of the role it was made for.
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