[Suggestion] Rethinking spawn solutions

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AlCohonez, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. AlCohonez

    It would be fun to try a system where you CAN'T spawn in bases at the periphery territories (i.e. adjacent to enemy) and would be either allowed to use the base adjacent to it or sunderer/galaxy/valk/beacon.

    - no spawning from adjacent base
    - you would still have lattice lanes
    - still be able to redeploy
    - zergs would be possible but logistically harder to achieve (yes, zergs would require tactics!)
    - there would be no spawn camping
    - vehicles would play a bigger role
    - instant action would be actually worth considering
    - base defense would be more meaningful

    Please? Maybe an event like that on a test server?
  2. Goretzu

    To be honest this would be rather like PS1 after your base ran out of nanites, most often it just meant you lost the base (with the occasional epic battle where you didn't - but I don't think that would be frequent enough to offset the general losingness of it).

    I suppose it would be slightly different in that all sides would have the issue though, but I think the end result would likely be a big buff/increase in gal drop and hold stuff rather than massive vehicle battles.
  3. Alarox

    Forcing me to drive 200m in a flash doesn't make the game more tactical.

    However, this has the potential to increase the number of fights between bases. That makes this idea worth considering.
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  4. AlCohonez

    Why would you take a flash? Why not a sundy (so you don't have to drive that 200 m all the time) or a Galaxies? Even valk would be a better solution. You do remember its a team game right?
  5. AlCohonez

    If having a sundy in place is the only way to have a semi-permanent spawn point I would expect much more vehicles all over the place, to either counter it or defend it.
  6. Alarox

    The flash was an exaggeration. In situations that require transportation I usually take a blockade Sunderer or Valkyrie.

    Point being, just having to drive to a base from the last one doesn't make the game more tactical. It makes it more tedious.
  7. AlCohonez

    It would kill redeploy zergs and spawn camp fights, thus it wouldn't necessarily give more tools for the game to be more tactical, but would kill the main offenders that killed the tactics in PS2. Plus, base fights are just a part of the game, mixed outdoor vehicle/infantry guerrilla fights can be immensely fun as well (but we don't see any of those anymore).

    I would agree with you that each new fight would need to be kickstarted adding to the tediousness, but for every lone wolf that just want to frag there's a player in a sundy that loves the logistics farm (aka tactics). So yea, there would be situations where you would have to hop in to a vehicle and drive up to the fight but most of the time team players would set up the fight for the ones that want to play PS2 like any other FPS.
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  8. ElastaPlast

    I've been thinking on the redeploy issue for almost minutes now and I think I have an easy solution. If you die then there is no restriction to where you can deploy (or current restrictions apply). If you hit the U (default) key to REdeploy, then you can only spawn at a warp gate.
  9. AlCohonez

    Interesting idea, but that would make people suicide or do mass team kills :D
  10. FieldMarshall

    I find it kind of funny that SoE already came up with a near-perfect spawn system, that still exists 11 years later in PS1.
    But refuse to use it, and insists on using the spawnroom warrior/spawncamp mbt spam waiting game model.

    Why? Is 30 tanks shelling a small shielded building, while people shoot out of a 1 way shield really something they desperately want to hold on to?...
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  11. ElastaPlast

    I think it would depend on how precious they are about their K/D. If they are part of the spawn room warrior outfit (anyone used that name yet?) then suicide or getting team killed would be an issue to them. Maybe a suicide would only let you spawn in the sector you died in (if owned) or the warp gate too?
  12. AlCohonez

    What was the spawn system in PS1?