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Discussion in 'Engineer' started by Muppeman, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. Muppeman

    I have the problem that when I'm in combat as an engineer, I hit F because when you play heavy you do that. And then I die because I place ammunition! Please remove that shortcut!
    P.S. This is my first post on the PS2 forums D.S.
  2. Brenold

    go to keybindings and change "use ability" for infantry
    your heavy will probably die more though

    you should play infiltrator and then you'll cloak in combat making you unable to shoot
    if you were a medic with the shield regen tool, same thing
    or better yet, play zoe max

    keybindings are tricky when shuffling several classes and vehicle controls, I still accidentally bail when piloting a lib even though I've rebound the key away from E.

    My favorite story is hopping out to repair the burning sundy I was riding in and looking forward to saving the day and I Instead pull out a rocket launcher and blow it up.

    the engineer one is annoying at times, but I've adjusted. now I've become so used to using f to drop an ammo pack that ive removed the keybinding for the ammo pack from 6, because occasionally I end up dtopping an ammo pack instead of a turret (meant to press 5) but the animations are similar so it messes me up.
  3. NMDanny

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  4. Kulso

    It kills me when I play Engi too. Rofl.
  5. Asageh

    Funny little story I had today.

    I was playing Bubble Medic, for the directives and easy certs.
    I got a drop on a LA, I proceed to light him up.
    He looks at me.
    I Press Q (my Ability Key).
    I swap my weapon out for my Bubble device.
    LA lights me up in 1 sec flat (it wouldn't have mattered for I would still have to swap out for a weapon).
    I sit there staring at the screen. :oops:

    Waste of a thread.
    Just change the key bindings.

    I guess I don't have that issue since all I play is engi...
  7. Doc Jim

    I would honestly like the opposite to happen: remove the ammo pack from the equipment selection and retain ONLY the option to drop it with the ability key. Having two ways to drop it is redundant and, as can be seen, confusing.
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  8. VargTwo

    I must say i love Engineers that panic ammo pack me when i get the drop on them as a Inflitrator. Makes my job so much easier as i often find myself running out of SMG ammo after longer sprees.

    So for the love of Vanu please dont rebind your ability key.
  9. Klinkin

    I have a problem that when I'm in a group with people that need ammo as a heavy, I hit F because when you play engineer you do that. And then I die because I wasted a solid chuck of my nanite mesh. Please remove that shortcut for nanite mesh.

    In all seriousness, knowing how to play a class, keeping constant track of which class you are, and being able to switch muscle memory modes on the fly is an important skill in a game like this.
  10. pnkdth

    I want to be able to hurt people by throwing my ammo pack at them.

    Also, no, the shortcut saves so much time when playing engineer. Just because someone stops playing on easy mode, errrr, HA, for awhile does not mean we need to remove a feature which makes thing better for engineers.
  11. qquqq

    this happens to me i posted a similar thread asking the engi ammo button be a separate key bind or toggle to be the same button. but that was when it came out,