[Suggestion] Restore the Stone Arch at Ti Alloys Inc and The Crown

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  1. JarredGalaxy

    As title is suggesting, bring back the iconic stone bridge that use to go over the ravine between the 2 facilities, it was known for the fun intense bridge battles that went on across it and being a route to assault either The Crown especially in low pop times and to try taking Ti Alloys Inc.

    images of the stone arch
    it's actually still visible on the map but no longer there for real

    Recently held a poll on Reddit where over 500 voted. to which an overwhelming majority voted in favor of putting it back showing how much the community hated seeing it removed from Indar

    Course in addition to putting it back I think there should be some minor adjustments made mainly to The Crown such as put a 4th capture point near the stone arch at The Crown to give attackers more reason to try assaulting from Ti Alloys by going over it or put a second vehicle capture point directly on the stone arch close to The Crown, either one would convert The Crown into a 4 point facility and that in itself would resolve some of the massive stalemates and 1 hour+ long times to cap the facility as now 1 of the 3 factions will always have control of 2 terminals. Putting the arch back would also give attackers more advantage as now they wont have to worry about the defenders at The Crown or attackers from the other side camping the bridge directly to the south and making it difficult to push to The Crown as infantry can still push from Ti Alloys by going over the stone arch.
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  2. shoguncawwill

    Yes this is a wish for a lot of people but we have to find the file for it. The same as esimer for the ps sides
  3. Liewec123

    We've been after this for years,
    but for whatever reason wrel really doesn't like giving the players what WE want.
    The way up to TI from Ceres also needs to move to the west, and the TI spawn room should move to the south of the base,
    That way there would be more even 3 ways.
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  4. JarredGalaxy

    Seems odd that the file for it would be hard to find, I don't like the sound of rebuilding it from scratch as they'd likely screw it up and not look as good.
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  5. Demigan

    Yes but then people might go there and have FUN *shudders*. Planetside 2 isn’t about fun! They should be forced to join the tacticool bois who make movement happen on the map and win alerts (by avoiding combat, Zerging and cheesing it as much as possible)!

    No to the archway of fun! No one should be pulled away from the tacticool stuff because they are ENJOYING themselves! That makes it so much harder for the tacticool guys to enjoy screaming at people in their platoons to all zerg one way or another!
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  6. AuricStarSand

    Rock bridge rock bridge rock bridge! lol wobble wobble * tuskan raider noises * yes pls
  7. JarredGalaxy

    Honestly I think that not all alerts should lock the continents, some should just grant rewards like certs and XP and other stuff instead of lock the continent
  8. melioa

    i would say..99% of the players in the game do not like Wrel, and wish he had never become a Dev.
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  9. AuricStarSand

    I find Wrel fine, I suppose. Well he sounds pleasant when talking many years ago of PS2 for some vids. I even found the Wrel storm funny honestly.

    I mean when they reworked to take the fight away from TI, at that time people were burned out of TI. So that's why. Yet now they are burned out of the Crown and want TI to return.

    & for 2023 the devs aren't taking PS2 as serious seeing as it's just maintaining vets and it's too tough to get 1,000's of new players. Since people follow trends and SOE failed at setting the trend when it mattered most.

    Oshur was a gamble, yet if Oshur was better, they'd still have a tough time. However when Oshur was first released it seemed promising for them to get a ton of new players, not sure if 2023 is a good year for that hype to return, regardless of if Oshur is or was good enough.

    Even WoW with the new Dragonflight expansion which was perceived better than some of the other previous expansion, is having a tough time keeping player numbers and is losing players. Some blame the expansions before Dragonflight still. Yet I just see 2023 as a year for many people to take games less seriously and touch grass, so obviously 10 year old games aren't going to survive as well.

    As for Daybreak, they've done 100% better with their amount of funds, than SOE ever did with theirs.

    Yet yes for future reference for PS3 or the devs go on to other games. Ye I'd suggest for them to explore " nature fights " and how nature impacts infantry play. The best example of this that worked well would be " Pommel Gardens " or the inside glass ring of " Sage Labs ". Pommel has boulder path mazes, if only Mirror Bay didn't make players ignore the better region that Pommel is. Sage has stones and 2nd floor windows near a ringed grass yard. Esp if you were able to break the 2nd floor windows, to shoot the grass boulder yard.

    I was going to make a separate thread suggesting shattered warpgate style tree jungles for a mid region of a map, some other day. 4 football fields of shattered warpgate jungles, mid of Indars grass field south of TI with a new A point mini region there? or rid Mirror Bay for this. Even better, put a new outside mini A point region between Eisa & Watersons that has Shattered Warpgate jungles the size of 4 football fields. With tons of trees and trenches and glowing plants. Jungle spawn room possibly & link from Echo Valley for 3 way forest battles.

    & if they return the rock bridge with boulders, how about 2 or 3 rock bridges overlapping the first? So a harasser is able to jump from one to the other to the third row. 100 feet to 80 feet to 60 feet, 3 stone bridges. With a few tweaks. If you're going to give the people what they want, may as well make it legendary. More reason to fight at the road below the stone bridges too. Some better patios and leveled ground 20 feet north of TI for hydro to TI hillside sieges. Lastly more reason to fight at the grass fields 40 feet south of TI.
  10. Aris12

    The complaints that led Wrel to eliminate the bridge were about the initial fights on Indar (as in, right after it unlocks) being always between TI Alloys and Crown. Those complaints were a symptom of the real problem: The dumb@$$ lattice system and the dumb@$$ "unstable warpgates" which quite obviously funneled players to those bases via Redeployside. What could possibly be the rationale for such a mechanic? That, I like to refer to as few players for soo big a map.

    Right on!

    This dev team's approach to solving problems is to ignore them and sweep them under the rug.
    Instead of reworking the lattice system, Wrel deleted the arch.
    Similarly, instead of fixing the debris physics, Wrel had debris deleted.
    Instead of balancing the cloak ANTs, well, Wrel deleted the cloaking ability altogether (also, why haven't you done the same to flashes you griefer?).
    Instead of balancing MAXes, Wrel deleted their revivability.
    Instead of deleting Oshur and Hossin, Wrel deleted..., well..., our hopes?

    As evidence in favor of the claim that this dev team is inept, look back at Battlefield 2 (2005) AKA BF2, Battlefield 3 (2011) AKA BF3 and Battlefield 4 (2014) AKA BF4. All three of these games were released before the current dev team was incorporated and the latter could have copied their game mechanics.
    These games address the issue of "few players for soo big a map" by creating subsets of the larger map. Good old BF2 offered maps that were nominally designed for 64 players but that also featured subset versions to accommodate lobbies of 32 and 16 players. When too few players joined a lobby, they played on either the 32-player, or 16-player version of the map.
    In BF3 and BF4 they did the same but with 32-player and 64-player maps, with some PC-mods allowing 128-player maps somehow. Irrespective of the BF game, neither implemented something as asinine as Planetside 2's lattice system.

    So, for example, in the Conquest game mode for the BF games, the control points there play a similar role to the capturable facilities in Planetside 2. In the below image, the blue team can go for any of red's "E", "A" or "F" control points (i.e., no lattice).
    Granted, a single Conquest game is more akin to a single, prolonged, Planetside 2 facility capture than say an entire Planetside 2 continent, but the point being made is that the absence of lattices makes the BF games better than Planetside 2 in many respects. Simply put, why the F%&& should blue first have to take "F" before sending the armor by "A" towards "E" to cut-off red's forces at "F"? Right now, with the unstable warpgates and lattice, Planetside 2 feels like multiple versions of the BF games' Rush mode (without the CS:GO-style bomb plant, oh, and its 2-way).

    Unfortunately, neither of the BF games that I mentioned implemented dynamic re-scaling of the maps (to my memory at least, definitely fact-check me here). By that I mean, that when the 17th or 33rd player joined (if that was an option), the map wouldn't re-scale its boundaries to match those of the 32-player and 64-player versions of the map. Yo Wrel, do this to Planetside 2's continents and give me all the credit once you're done (since you wouldn't have come up with it yourself). This would require that some bases towards the middle effectively become warpgates in the interim when population count is low. You could brand them as FOBs. When population is high enough to open more of the continent, pass warpgate functionality to bases further towards the outskirts progressively until the task is relegated to the actual warpgates. This transfer of warpgate functionality could be done in a spiral path (I discourage a linear pathway, say from Indar's warpgates directly to the center because I suspect that would make the gameplay prevalent around the center which is a player complaint).

    Oh, and delete the lattice system and the unstable warpgates. And if you don't want to delete Hossin and/or Oshur, can you please shorten the alert durations there to like..., 1 second? Daybreak owes us this for the time in 2017-2018 when Indar for months auto-locked for TR and we were all immediately relegated to Hossin after the Esamir or Amerish lock happened.
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  11. JarredGalaxy

    Can't say I disagree, Wrel has unfortunately made a lot of PS2 worse in the long run to a point I think a new dev team should go about a "de-wrel" the game. Their attempt at reworking Esamir just screwed it up more and ruined it, Oshur has been a failure and nearly every map or facility related update just ruins something else, most recent being like the new Conduit CTF
    system at some facilities. Several good bases were ruined by this must-remove feature.
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  12. AuricStarSand

    It's a sandbox game, you don't really findout what player enjoy till after the fact.

    As for Oshur, their were probably spending funds on how to implement the water feature to begin with, than they wanted some empty plots of land for ants. They didn't realize how everyone was going to flame them over not enough well designed infantry bases or enough land size for vehicle fights, till after the fact. & the players didn't know till they tested the map.

    Mixed with underwater fight questionmarks, boat & trident questionmarks, & too narrow door fights for Impact sites. & not knowing how the battle flow of swimming from one island to another would go till the first day.

    The only way they would have known for sure, is how Shattered Warpgate went, with empty plots of snow NE land for ants getting ignored after awhile by the players. Yet seeing those dots isn't so obvious. While before Oshur everyone may have wanted a new map entirely & after Oshur everyone wanted better designed Infantry bases.

    Still I admit if the feature that went well with Shattered Warpgate was that the people enjoyed the jungles the most & for Oshur they made zero jungles and just went with empty plots of land for Ant's, which didn't work for Shattered Warpgate. Then yes their was something to learn. That Oshur should have been multiple jungles for infantry and not empty plots of land for ant's. As the main feature.

    CTF, I enjoy CTF. Everyone taking a shot at CTF, is just doing so since it's a ez target. Yet to say without CTF is better is yawn. Also most players play CTF more strategic since. Sure empty bases are a task to solo cap them, yet solo taking a base was never entertaining. The only base I didn't agree with CTF was Elli tower and they reverted Elli to point holds. As for Indar Ex Site, yes I enjoy CTF at Indar Ex more than point holds. CTF is okay.

    Esamir top right quests failed. Yet was a test. The players don't know what is going to work before the test happens. When some players ask for more mmo features and the devs implement season quests or missions. Without having to go full npc mode. Who knows how that's going to play out, till they try.

    Overall it seems the players want more Infantry features, which was given to them for Arsenal 2.0. Then another issue plagued the servers with lag. So to just say " add more items " isn't ness good for the server ping. Less they fixed.

    As for the Wrel Storm same theory. Who knows how that goes till they try. Yet they fixed what they wanted to get out of the Wrel storm with one of the latest patches. I just foundout lately. & I've found this new Esamir feature brilliant tbh. The new " Esamir Fog " Adding fog to Easmir lately is super sweet.

    Containment sites. Those just require some edits to the stairs, less running, more box fights, and some more interesting parking spots.

    Outfit Wars may have not be worth investing any more time into, since it doesn't last longterm wise. It still at the time hyped many outfits to have some sort of elite style game play. Even if many of the verses were landslide victories.

    Tho since the funds are questionable for the year 2023 & as I said it's a year to touch grass for gamer's. The next updates are simple and not hyped with trying to get new players. However new players is still always possible, as POE is still working toward expansions & PS2 & POE are both 10 year old games. Yet POE has a massive chinese company sponsoring them. Just depends who wants to sponsor ps2 or if ps2 wants to try to run toward another exciting trailer beyond the roadmap for fixing silos. That brings waves of new players the way Oshur release had.

    To say every update didn't go well is not true. Despite the server lag, Aresonal 2.0 was favored. The new player experience did bring some new players at first. & The update that brought Bastion vs Bastion gave YT some unofficial player vids with 100k to 400k views.
  13. Westphilly0

    I find it funny that most of the people who complained about the bridge and T.I alloys don’t even play the game anymore lol. After the bridge was moved, it continued a trend of stupid map rework design choices or removal that essentially did nothing but making zerging much EASIER, like removing biolabs and a lot of the harder bases that did a good job at stopping one to a degree

    Also legitimately who asked for construction? Why was so much time put into it?
  14. JarredGalaxy

    The removal of the bridge may have had some impact on the fighting around The Crown and TI Alloys but the impact was not a positive one for sure, even people that didn't really like fighting at The Crown still liked the stone bridge fights or found it nice to look at.
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