Restart Miller

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Agnt, Aug 13, 2014.

  1. Agnt

    As the topic says

    Thank you
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  2. Bullborn

    Miller appears to have trouble connecting to the billing server (or something along those lines). After login, I can only see 1 continent, the store is broken (everything says unavailable). Game claims im BR0, and shortly after I get disconnected.

    Logged into Emerald and everything works fine.
  3. M1kst3r1

    Same symptoms as Bullborn on Miller for me. I don't get disconnected though. I was planning on buying a few things, but guess that'll have to wait.
  4. Ziogatto89

    I'm having the same issues. Can't see the outfit or squads, hits don't seem to register at all.... basically unplayable. It's been like this for at least an hour but i thought it was just my connection being weird due to a local storm.
  5. SShocK

    Logged in and could not see my outfit, friendslist or any squad listings. All stats, membership info and continents were missing as well.
    Everything came back after 5 minutes of waiting.
    Latency seems ok with 50ms.
    new hamsters plz

    The Miller and Woodman hamsters just don't work together so well.
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  6. LemonySniket

    I just cannot warp anywere. But 30 minutes later, after I go to fight, I suddenly warp in another continent.
    This happens all the time after server merge.