[Suggestion] Ressurrection kits.

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  1. xLluisett

    I just had this idea to improve the game,maybe someone will be negative or positive to this idea but my idea of the title says is that you can buy a ress kit like med kits in your equipment. The idea is to use It to ress yourself after you die,but this ress kit can only be 1 per soldat and cost the black market resources for unlock just like the other black market weapons,but this gonna be equipment tool,on the C4 place.

    What do you think? Is a good idea or bad? I accept all answers with respect. Ty. I wait your thoughts.
  2. Demigan

    Not the worst idea I guess? The biggest pain points would he:

    - activation. You don’t want enemy players to immediately see you get ready for a revive and just wait it out. Maybe let players activate it when they are down, or choose not to activate it within the normal medic revival time. That way you do have some control.
    - it needs to be seen if its fun for players to kill someone and potentially need to babysit a corpse just in case they revive themselves. Needs to be monitored to see how fun this is for everyone involved.
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  3. xLluisett

    Well,not everyone knows if you have the ress kit,maybe the enemy just think you have medkits or mines or C4 in this slot. That can be an advantage. But yes should be a pain if the enemy know you have ress kit. I appreciate your comment.