Response to Anti-Air bundle mistake.

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  1. RazerKilll

    thank you SOE <3!!!! (dident fill in a ticket and got both guns)
  2. Frosty The Pyro

    And besides lets be serious about this, in the curent build the G2G launcher is just as good at anti air as the G2A launcher is, and its is better vs tanks. Frankly you got the better end of the bargan geting the wrong item than you did with the right one, and now you got the right one too. Freaking score dudes.

    to be fair when you clicked on the bundle, it said it had the crow when you moused over the launcher. you got what it said you would get. It was a definate non-sequitor for an anti air bundle true (but its not like the walkers actualy do anti air either) but is not like they listed the hawk and gave you the crow, they listed the crow and gave you the crow.
  3. Liquid23

    true... people did get exactly what was listed as being in the bundle so SOE didn't really HAVE to fix it... it is a very nice deal that they did and on top of it let you keep the (more useful) G2G launcher too
  4. sustainedfire

    When I logged in again, I did receive the unlock for the anti air launcher.

    Thank you to whomever it may concern, for addressing the error.
  5. SarahM

    I wouldn't expect support to write individual messages/replies for every little issue (precompiled text blocks ftw!), but I would at least expect them to have the decency to say something along the lines of "If you reported other/additional issues with your ticket, theese will be looked into shortly." and then go through the tickets (which they have to do anyway) and resolve thoose already reported issues than to tell the p(l)aying customer to go resubmit an issue they might not remember or might no longer have detailed information about.

    Still, it's nice to see that issues are getting resolved in a timely manner.
  6. Abyll

    Thank you, SOE! I wasn't terribly bothered with the bundle in the first place, since I wanted the crow anyways to deal with magriders, and I was torn between not caring about the under-effective hawk, and getting it myself just because. But with both, I'm a happy customer. :)
  7. DemoEvolved

    I should write a ticket that I didnt get the free ground launcher.

    And a ticket that the Air launcher does not actually hit anything.
  8. QuantumMechanic

    I have had nothing but good experiences with SOE's customer support. They've already handled 3 issues of mine in a satisfactory manner.
  9. MiZrY

    She did say this in the mass ticket response:

    "I sent this same ticket to thousands of you because writing it out one by one with different wording seemed rather silly as you can imagine when I just have the same message to tell you all, but it might mean there was something else in your ticket I missed. If I did - just reply and tell me the other issue of concern you had that I missed and I'll be glad to look into it!"

    So, tickets that had more issues involved and a reply sent will get priority instead of having to go through all the tickets to figure it all out. This also negates the need to create another ticket.
  10. Karragos

    It is posts like this that makes me feel bad I even said I was going to quit because of a lot of the technical issues/gameplay. SoE, despite releasing this a bit early in my opinion, is building trust, and I think it will pay off in the long run.
  11. Atador

    Well, I didn't put a ticket in, got the G2A launcher and promptly went and tried to use it to shoot something I have fired 10 rockets and can say honestly the thing sucks, it can't turn worth a darn, it moves slower than I can believe such that a fighter traveling across your line of sight will be out of range before the projectile hits it and is so slow to lock on that if you think you will be able to use it on a rocket pod ESF you will be so disappointed I cannot express it in words since I came out of a spawn point as one was firing and he managed to reload the rockets and fire in the time it took to lock on and fire. On the 2 hits that I managed to make with it neither did enough damage to be worthy of note. If the idea behind giving us the launcher is to give us a chance to test it then please improve the lock on time and speed of projectile, after all if the rockets from the aircraft can move as fast as they do there is no reason our rockets fired back at them shouldn't be the same speed. As it is the best use for it is to give the lock signal but not actually fire it ever. Frankly I'm glad I got the original G2G guided at this point since this thing would have been a huge disappointment based on it's performance.

    None-the-less I am thankful that this correction and response has been made, it helps to give me the feeling that in the future with any similar issues that it will be corrected in a manner that shouldn't cause any bad feelings.
  12. Atador

    Having now had the G2A launcher for a little while longer I also think the G2A launcher needs to be able to lock on from a greater distance. I have had several instances now where I have been pointing the G2A launcher at a liberator sitting high in the sky over my comrades raining death down on them while I am looking through my viewfinder feeling impotent since the weapon will not even give me a sign it wants to lock on, something that might at least cause the Lib to try and take evasive action if not immediately maybe after the second or third shot.