Response to Anti-Air bundle mistake.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Metsuro, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Metsuro

    So I put in a trouble ticket as I bought the Anti-Air bundle when it had the ground launcher. Heres the response I received via email.
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  2. Sowahka

    This team is gloriously amazing ♡
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  3. MarlboroMan-E

    Nice. GG SOE.
  4. Soylent

    Now I regret waiting for the bundle to get fixed before buying it instead of grabbing it when it was bugged and filling a ticket.
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  5. Lucanesti

    I sent this same ticket to thousands of you because writing it out one by one with different wording seemed rather silly as you can imagine when I just have the same message to tell you all, but it might mean there was something else in your ticket I missed. If I did - just reply and tell me the other issue of concern you had that I missed and I'll be glad to look into it!

    Please fire this woman.
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  6. sustainedfire

    I received this email also, and it stated that the mistake should be fixed. I just checked in game, and the proper anti air launcher still has not been added.

    Anyone else actually receive the proper item yet?
  7. Liquid23

    eh not bad... they made a mistake and took a tiny while to fix it but you got a free G2G launcher out of the deal
  8. Legendary Teeth

    Awesome, this is some good customer service. I hadn't even submitted a ticket and I got the unlock message when I logged in to check.

    Good job SoE.
  9. Lucanesti

    Ok so this lets you know next time PS2 messes up a bundle buy it and put in a ticket
  10. Liquid23

  11. Ronaldspiers

    Please tell us all you are joking.
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  12. Lucanesti

    How am is it coming off as a joke, they didn't read the tickets.
  13. MiZrY

    Because they got THOUSANDS of tickets regarding the matter, LIKE SHE STATED. It would have taken WEEKS to go through all the tickets, LIKE SHE STATED. So they did a mass mail/fix and solved the issue. She ALSO STATED, if there was any other issues send a reply to the current ticket.
  14. Metsuro

    I did soon as I logged in, I got the "Item unlocked:" thing
  15. sustainedfire

    It seemed like you were trying to either make a bad joke, or did not understand the email.

    Would you really expect her to respond by hand typing thousands of emails, addressing the same issue? That would be an incredibly horrible waste of time.
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  16. Ronaldspiers

    And she then went on to say "if an issue wasnt adressed please reply to me and I will look at it."

    And you want her FIRED for this? I pity anyone that has to work for you now or in the future.
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  17. Liquid23

    they fixed my problem and I got something additional for free... FIRE THEM ALL!!!!
  18. Hobo Jack

    i got the wrong item as well and was dissapointed did not make a ticket but i would really like the hawk launcher i paid for!
  19. Liquid23

    make a ticket now? I'm sure they can back check and see that you bought it and what items you got
  20. Malacca

    I came in here just to give thanks to SOE for doing the right thing. They resolved this exactly the way I felt would be best, and I applaud them for it.

    BTW Lucanesti, learn to read breh.