Response Jacket

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  1. KupoRU


    Receiving damage from a standard explosive, light anti-vehicle,C4, or infantry launcher will trigger a shield that reduces damage from all of those resistance types by 50% for 20 seconds.

    Response Jacket - analogue flak armor?
    Or does he turn on his shield - only after you were killed?

    standard explosive - What it is?
    light anti-vehicle - What it is? (rocklet rifle? )
    C4 - It's clear
    infantry launcher - It's clear

  2. JDS999

    yeah might be helpfull for ppa or lasher but most of the time u get hit with this u almost dead anywho. wheres the xl size to put on my max

    Does it stack with flak amor? If so it was a pretty decent anti explosive combo. - 20%=80%/50%=40% left.
  4. FateJH

    Check the damage resistance table. Hover over the row for "Explosive Splash" for examples.
    Check the damage resistance table. Hover over the row for "Light Anti-Vehicle" for examples.

    By the way, the Rocklet Rifle does "Infantry Rocket Launchers" and "Flak Explosion" when conidering all ammo types.
  5. Blam320

    Standard Explosives are frag grenades and the like. Light Anti-Vehicle is the dedicated AV top guns on MBTs and Harassers.
  6. KupoRU

    I did not notice what his work is.
    I dressed this implant, got under a shot from the bulldog, -500 hp of the shield flew off, as it should be. The implant did not reduce the damage, the trigger did not start, nothing.