Resources, Continent Bonuses and Overpop

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  1. Kulantan

    Resources allow you to pull force multipliers like tanks and MAXs. If used by the smaller force these force multipliers offer an exiting chance to fight effectively against a large force. If used by the larger force then they just turn into the unstoppable steamroller which is no fun for anyone.

    This has always been a problem in Planetside 2. The faction with most pop often has most territory and therefore most resource income. They also used to have the possibility of 10% bonuses from the continents. This is why the update I most look forward to has been the "resource revamp" .

    With the introduction of the 50% bonuses for continent caps the feedback cycle of loosing has just gotten much worse. The fact that the overpop faction can not only have more resources coming in per tick but also 50% percent off MAXs is simply ridiculous.

    Ideally the resource revamp should be shunted to the top of the list and come out as soon as possible come out. Otherwise continent bonuses need to be changed so that they offer exp boosts (like Hossin) or other non-game balance benefits like temporary titles or camos. While in real life the side with the most territory has the most resources and the side that is winning just beats the looser ever harder, its bad game design. At the moment Planetside essentially has a reverse handicap system which harms everyone's fun.
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  2. Cinnamon

    From phase one resource revamp roadmap.

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  3. DQCraze

    I disagree, I've never been a fan of nerfing skill and what your suggesting does just that. Not all faction wins are achieved by overpop. The smaller skilled pop is using the resources to continue on because they don't have the numbers to be spread out everywhere. Using force multipliers allows them to extend.

    I'm really tired of having the game watered down because people can't learn or are to lazy to play hard. They don't have the patience to stick it out and be tough. Then come to forumside to cry for nerfs. You probably have no idea what it's like to practice for hours on something, finally master it, only to have it nerfed because it was to hard for someone. Winners should be rewarded, losers go home. End of story.
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  4. Kulantan

    Yes there are some other factors than population, for instance: which warp-gate people have, server politics, current balance, whether its a Tuesday and, yes, skill. But just because skill is a factor in something doesn't make it immune from balancing. Sure, very occasionally smaller skilled groups may make great use of the current resource mechanics, that doesn't stop the resource mechanics working against fun 95% of the time.

    I'm sure that personal attacks with no basis in fact will make your argument seem reasonable.
  5. Scr1nRusher

    what is going on with you forumside????

    now your complaining about the resource revamp???

    I'm at a loss for words right now.
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  6. OldCuban

    Sorry OP, but I disagree with your point of view as well.

    You may not think DQCraze's comment was factual, but sadly it is. Whinerside usually gets what they want. The average player comes onto these forums to complain about X thing on X faction being OP, simply because they don't want to make the effort to counter it in game.

    Just look at all the whiners complaining about Libs, Tanks, etc....spawn camping them. This can be remedied by spawning either at another local friendly base or warpgate, and pulling a vehicle to counter said threat. But do they? Nope! They'd rather come on here, and cry a river that they can't run out of their spawn without being killed.
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  7. Tacom

    Perfect. You won. Here is your gold medal and now you can go home because there is nobody to play with.

    Seriously, if you dont think that in a game without tiers a handicap system is needed there is not a lot that can be discussed.
  8. Kulantan

    Well I don't know about anyone else, but I'm complaining that the resource revamp isn't coming soon enough and that these new/increased continent bonus are a move in the wrong direction.

    How does one counter overpop in game? Get more players somehow? Make your players twice as good using magic potions*?

    Having a positive feedback loop that makes it much, much harder for lower pop factions (or just loosing factions) to fight back effectively isn't with little to no recourse isn't a way to make a fun game. This isn't about wanting stuff on a silver platter.

    *Magic potions cost 450 infantry resources per potion
  9. Champagon

    If only more of forumside thought like this. We are currently trapped in the vortex of skill being nerfed and it is not only hurting PS2 it is hurting the community.
  10. DQCraze

    Exactly what I'm talking about. Even handicapping has its limits, we can only do so much to help people and if we are going to prop the game up with mechanics that punish good play then you can have your gaming experience with the people that take to aim bots, ohks and bad play styles. I don't need this garbage.
  11. Tuco

    The psychological value a player places on capturing bases is directly proportional to the amount of effort players on your team spent defending it.

    translation: If most bases fall to ghost caps then nobody gives a crap about the map. 50% bonus to XYZ, still nobody gives a crap about the map.
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