Resource system is broken and the revamp can't come soon enough - here's why...

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  1. Regpuppy

    Weeeeell, I won't get into the ZOE issue for fear of dragging this topic down a bad road of forumside
  2. Cab00se187

    Chances are if the Alerts is already on the continent that the other faction owns you've already lost :confused:
  3. Marinealver

    Instead of having boosts for lower population why not have penalities for gross population. (sort of like Warcraft 3 upkeep)

    If over 100 players are on a cont then the upkeep system will start based on empire percentage. 1-29% will be no up keep so 100% of resources collected will be given out to the players. 30-49% will be low upkeep so all players will have a 20% tax on their resources only getting 80% of the territory value. 50% or higher will result in High Upkeep reducing all resource gain by 50%.
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  4. CaptainYamerica

    Thus the root of the issue with pretty much all the servers.
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  5. zaspacer

    Easy: Switch Factions to whichever Faction is providing sufficient resources.

    When I played Non-Max Infantry with an occasional spawned Sunderer for AMS, resources weren't a problem for me and I mostly ignored resources. I played on the Faction I wanted, in the battles I wanted, with the units I wanted, and on the Continents I wanted. I just had to make sure and cap off Grenades/Mines/MedKits before I got too low on them.

    Now that I have picked up the ESF, everything changed. In order to keep myself able to fly, I have alts with each Faction. When I run too low in resources for the faction I am playing, I check the map to see which Faction is Resource King. Logout, then login as the Resource King faction. I do the same thing when Alerts start, except I check to see which has the most World/Continent Population as appropriate in order to join them.

    I know we would all *prefer* to play the faction we want, the unit we want, and on the Continent we want. But PS2 is not designed for that: SOE designers either don't want it or don't know how to support that (I think it's both), and now with the layoffs and PS4 game they don't have the time to tinker with it either. So you can either bash your head into the wall in front of what you want, or you can settle for the only viable option and open the door that is "4th Faction".

    I know having to build Certed-Up Loadouts for each Faction is a pain and stinks, but once you get started and get some Certs into it, things get better. Usually you only need 2 Factions in order to find one that has a Continent where they are Resource King. Though to get in on the Alert XP, you will want chars on all 3 Factions. (unless you are one of the Continents where the same Faction always wins)
  6. NovaAustralis

    Mate, none of what you just described is 'easy'. LOL
    If players are resorting to this because of resource drain, then I rest my case...
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  7. zaspacer

    Oh, I agree with you completely that the Resource System is FUBAR for the average player. I hate it with a passion.

    But knowing SOE, I don't foresee any "fix" anytime soon. So I just figured out a workaround.

    AND, when they do eventually "fix" it, I expect it to be just as bad (or worse), though likely in a different way. SOE is really, really good at coming up with new stuff and new ideas, but they are very bad at comprehending how to tune these things to make them work well. (similar to Game Workshop)
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  8. NovaAustralis

  9. Riku

    I think the current resource system hits those really hard who play only infantry, only tank or only air. I play all 3, so I rarely get any resource issues - but yes, if I played only infantry, I would constantly run out of resources for my consumables. The system needs a revamp.
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  10. PastalavistaBB

    TR Miller is experiencing the same thing these days, and no only on Indar but all Continents. So the "Snowballing Effect" has to stop and there should come a new Resource System that doesn't rely only on territory control.
  11. Peebuddy

    Resource system that isn't based off territory control?!?

    I've had enough of your Communist Auraxis ********!
  12. PastalavistaBB

    Connery TR has it even worse, so what's your problem? And I said "doesn't rely only on territory control" which implies that there should be other factors included in the equation, but Territory Control should still be important. In the games current state, whoever has the most resources gets the most population, whoever has the most population gets the most territory, whoever gets the most territory gets the most resources. Then whoever gets the most resources gets the most 4th Factioners(Population). And so on...
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  13. soeguud

    Because SOE. Do you really think things will change? Given that new all access plan, it seems that the business, and by extension this title, will go further down the crapper.
  14. Peebuddy

    I came in here for an argument not abuse!!

    But I actually like what you're sayin'

    Just be careful that the rules don't end up like the end of the domination series. They were so complicated not even SOE understood them.
  15. PastalavistaBB

    TBH I think they "bended" the rules of the WDS in the favor of VS mid-game, just to make sure the "TR is OP!" $hitstorm which was at it's height at that time, didn't got out of control. Every TR Soldier is prone to abuse by his Commanders. How did you even make it out of Boot Camp, Soldier? (Not that I "abused" you in my post before.)
  16. Redemer

    And dont forget how the amazingly screwed it up even more with the early versions of the alerts
  17. Redemer

    The Resource system need a MAJOR revamp since (In my opinion atleast) it doesnt really reward fighting to defend a base it rewards 4th faction like zaspacer said when 1 faction gets owned their pop drops and one of the other 2 rises its the same issue with alerts punishing those who stay and fight making have to fight even more outnummberedand just for the lolz without veicles or air support since u dont have the resources anymore and yes I know it will make it hard as hell to balance but plz instead of rewarding zergs and punish the smaller squads how about making the total pop on a continent or base (just an idea) share the total ammount or resources that faction draws in (its not a perfect idea far from it but its a start) because I for one am sick and tired at the end of alerts and somedays fight 4/1 odds without and resource gain just 2 get a foothold. Like I said its far from a perfect but instead of rewarding the small groups try punishing the zerg I atleast think it will make it less fun for those massive contlock zergs when they have 50% cont pop and will share the resources from that cont (and yes I am aware this will punish the WGed factions aswell but they pretty much have no re gain at all anyway
  18. DQCraze

    Join the faction with all the res?
  19. NovaAustralis

    STILL waiting...
    (it's been 10 months since this thread was made...)