Resource changes - Nanite costs from test

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  1. Dain Shan

    If that will go through as it is on test, i expect much less fights. Zerging is King then.
    Even more, if the reward for locking esamir stays at it is.

    Well, bye bye MAX ..
    Seems it will be HA only from then on. Without the conussion nades.
    Somehow i have feel that PS2 just got a lot more boring .......
  2. Morchai

    Sunderer looks a little cheap, and the max and lightning look a little steep.

    Is the whole system active on the test server? If so, how much of your nanite pool is reserved for the various vehicles?

    I would certainly like to see them restore invulnerability at warpgates before these changes go live. The thought of having to put up with the team killing idiots who enjoy gunning down friendlies there while you are waiting for your resource pool to fill back up isn't exactly pleasant.
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  3. Nitrobudyn

    Imo, the price of a vehicle (not counting MAX) should vary depending on its equipped weaponry, with a scale comparable to cert cost of Lightning cannons. Skyguard-Lightning should cost more or less the same as aircraft which it is supposed to counter (idk if it is an ESF or a LIb.)
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  4. Paragon Exile

    Grenades should be cheaper (50)

    C4's tier should be more expensive (100)

    Flash should be 50 resources.

    Sunderers should cost the same as a Lightning and MAX.

    Galaxy be as expensive as a sunderer.

    I want to love the resource revamp, but these prices are wonky
  5. Kerempooh

    Hmm... I do not welcome these changes.

    They'll have one, possibly unintended, consequence in that they will motivate the players to stay within their arm of choice even more than before...

    With the old system you expended your, say, infantry resources on C4 and maxes until you ran out. Then you when saw you can't pull that AA max anymore and instead pulled a skyguard or an ESF. It was a kind of a soft nudge to players to rotate their combat arms and so experience the game in much more depth.

    Also, since there is no more inventory, this will mean more fiidly micromanagement before each respawn, especally for infantry players. And if there is an "auto purchase" button for C4, mines and such than it will mean locking infantryside players even more into their arm of choice.

    Imo these changes will have a subtle but very real and detrimental impact on the game as a whole. I expect to see much less vehicles in game and much greater specialization and thus "cry nerf" rivalry between arms. And as we all know which arm is the golden boy of the game this will further translate into making this game an infantry only shooter with some tanks and airplanes tacked on for cosmetic purposes.
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  6. Nubm

    P2W does not mean buying god mode and aim bot. Its more when you win an engagement thanks to the cash shop. Double resources income allows you to pull more effective stuff more often over non-paying players. Camo might prevent you from getting spotted where standart camo won't. Getting early access to equipment that you have to play/farm for however is a different story.

    You cannot deny that membership, camo, resource boosts can make you more effective in certain situations. Even if it isn't much of an advantage, if you change the game flow or kill just a single soldier with that additional c4, nade, tank than that is p2w.

    However, i agree with you, Planetside 2 isn't (much) p2w. And you can play quite effective without resources or matching camos, with optional non-resource cost alternatives (free AV capabilitys like rockets and turrets for example). But again, less effective than a AV max or tank.

    Im just a bit concerned about AA, but lets wait and see how it turns out when this goes live.
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  7. Taemien

    I'm a bit wary about how this might work, but I'm willing to wait to see how it works. This might just be the way to get people to focus. I mean you can't get C4, Grenades, an ESF, and a MBT all in the same 10 minute timeframe, you gotta choose. Your choice may or maynot have consequences. In addition if vehicles start to become more rare.. they could be buffed to compensate. Tanks could be tanks for once.

    Also MBTs don't have a 9 minute reuse. You get 900 max. 900-540=360. Meaning you only need to wait 3 minutes to get back to 540 IF you blow up right outside of the vehicle terminal. If you last at least 3 minutes you can pull another MBT right away. That's an average of 2 tanks per 12 minutes. Of course if you keep pulling MBT after MBT after MBT then yeah you'll end up with minutes long cooldowns.

    Like I said, if MBTs seem too squishy for their 'cooldowns', then they could see a survivability buff. The only thing keeping them back from doing that now is their ability to be spammed.

    This change could very well be the one where it makes vehicles useful in the long run. Which is why I'll wait to see how this works.
  8. FieldMarshall

    Removing more value of capturing bases. Seems like a step in the right direction for the game.
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  9. Goretzu

    C4 seems excessively cheap - ridculously cheap in fact.

    Sunderers seem a bit cheap.

    MAXs seem excessively expensive (unless they are made more "tank"-like i.e. 1/2 damage, double hitpoints) - AA MAXs just won't be seen with this cost.

    Lightnings seem a bit expensive too, certainly Skyguard varients.
  10. Mrasap

    I thought nanites would be awarded on a variable way, taking into account the amount of friendly players at your nearest base.

    In other words: if there are few defenders you would be able to spawn vehicles or MAXes indefinitely, while you would have a lot less nanites if you are zerging (unless you pull ANTs).
  11. Phyr

    Looks like battle sundies will be the next dominate species.
  12. Bankrotas

    Why can't we have some other nice round number, like 1200? Well, hell knows what's gonna happen, but I simply fear, that I won't be able to pull my vehicles anymore to counter farmers and will have to redeploy more :/
  13. Casterbridge

    So still no talk about making vehicles/max units of different levels (stock vs. fully upgraded) cost different amount of nanites?
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  14. Dornez

    Currently everyone has to wait on acquisition timers, member or no. With these changes the only timer is resources and members timers will be dramatically lower. A member will be able to spam vehicles / MAXs while a non member will be locked down by an artificial 4-5 min timer.

    Members will have a very clear advantage over non members
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  15. Sulsa

    But you pay for the extras with certs already. Isn't that double dipping? Do you work for the government??? :p
  16. DrPapaPenguin

    That's because not everyone has been asking for it.
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  17. HadesR

    Sundy is to cheap ... It should be the same price as a ESF / MAX / Lightning ... Especially if they are going to make it more durable in the future as is hinted at ..
  18. Gisgo

    The flash is too expensive :(
  19. Dead soldier

    Can those vehicles get inside a biolab or hold down a point against even the best infantry players if the user knows how to use the unit?
  20. current1y

    Will certs be refunded for the acquisition timer purchases since they are removing them completely?