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  1. absolofdoom

    I like the resist shield better than the normal one, been using it since beta. I may get adrenaline at some point but I'm holding off until I'm done with the "omg I need certs for this" phase, because it's just so expensive.

    Also I maxed out Advanced Shield Capacitor, so when they eat through my shield I just duck back and let it restore then continue about my business. This works really well with Resist Shield.
  2. strychzilla

    When I used the resist shield I noticed a dramatic decline in my durability. I didn't test it for long because it really felt like I was dying way faster than with the default shield. I will level it up last and test afterwards. I am interested in the adrenaline shield though. Sounds good if you can mow down a lot of people.
  3. Megawatt

    I actually tested Adrenaline Shield 4 vs Resist Shield 5 on the last day of beta. Adrenaline Shield 5 vs 4 doesn't add anything to the reduction over NMG. Also, for the tests below note that NMG and Adrenaline absorb the same amount of damage per active unit--they just regen differently. As someone posted already, all the shields have a movement penalty. As of the last day of beta, the movement penalty of Resist Shield did not feel significantly greater than the penalty from other shields.

    I do know these tests have potential for error for at least these reasons (sure there's more):
    1) Shield and Health may not deplete 1:1.
    2) I read somewhere that Resist Shield does not work when your base shields have been depleted (hence RS2, which is a calculation and not an observation).
    3) Testing only with the TX1 Repeater is a narrow scope of all types of damage existing in game.

    Regen Differences
    NMG - Passive; guessing this to be almost as fast or just as fast as the Resist Shield's regen at NMG 5.
    Resist Shield - Passive; regens significantly faster than NMG at base level.
    Adrenaline - Both; regens by a % after a kill, and also passively slower than base NMG 1.

    Damage Source
    - Each row represents one burst from a TX1 Repeater fired at the chest.
    - For these tests, I actually had 2 bursts from a TX1 Repeater hit me, I then divided by 2 for the single burst damage. I had to do this because it took two bursts to eat past Adrenaline Shield. Specifically:
    Dmg/Two Bursts: None - 68%, RS - 38%, AS - 3% (tested)
    Dmg/One Burst None - 34%, RS - 19%, AS - 0% (calculated)
    - Presumed "total health" is 40 (20 Shield bars + 20 Health bars). Sorry, I found out later that base shield/health is something like 1000 or 1200.
    - I used no suit, i.e. no Nanoweave, Capacitor, etc.

    Damage Results (sorry, table lost formatting; copy/paste elsewhere or import with space delimiters)
    Note: Tests done last day of Beta.
    None RS1 RS2 AS1 AS2 AS2 Regen
    34% 19% 19% 0% 0% --
    68% 38% 38% 3% 3% --
    101% 56% 56% 37% 37% 25%
    RIP 75% 94% 71% 54% --
    -- 94% RIP RIP 87% --
    -- RIP -- -- RIP 25%
    RS1: Resist Shield persists after base shield is depleted.
    RS2: Resist Shield does not persist after base shield is depleted.
    AS1: No kill during fight, therefore no mid-combat regen.
    AS2: Kill during fight (3 bursts kills naked), therefore mid-combat regen.

    As this was done in beta, take it with a grain of salt. I'd appreciate it if people test their shields as they upgrade them and post findings here. Technically, all anyone really needs to test is Adrenaline Shield 1 vs Resist Shield 5, if you're looking to save on certs, from a uniform damage source and that'll give you the data to fill in for NMG and any assumptions on your kills and active regen for Adrenaline. Do not use rockets; damage/resistance wise they act differently than infantry arms fire.

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